Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Siapa yang sebenarnya menghina Islam?

The Malaysian Insider - My case has nothing to do with sex bloggers, says youth who was abducted

The youth who was abducted and assaulted by a group of men in Shah Alam and had the words “Saya hina Islam” written on his body said his case had nothing to do with the hot issue involving the controversial sex bloggers’ Ramadhan photograph.

Ng Mun Tatt, 21, said he was abducted for money and that the words ‘Saya hina Islam’ were a tactic by his assailants so that he would be beaten by the public if he tried to escape.

Ng said he is stunned how his photograph taken at a police station was leaked and went viral on Facebook even before his statement could be taken by the police.

“I was more shocked when the police said yesterday my case was triggered by the sex bloggers’ case,” he said at a Press conference in Klang today.

“I don't even know anything about them, nor have I offended anyone recently.”

It was the Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar who told reporters in Bukit Aman yesterday that Ng’s case could have been triggered by sex bloggers Alvin Tan and Vivian Lee's controversial Ramadhan greetings photograph of bak kut teh on Facebook.

Sooner or later this and more would have happened. The racial-religious-political climate in Malaysia is now so tinder dry which makes such event inevitable.

And I cannot help but wonder whether the campaign for GE-13 is really over, or has the campaign for GE-14 already started?

Recent events haven't help like the Vatican in undiplomatically raising the Allah word issue again when we have both the Home Minister and IGP under pressure, one from his party election campaign and the latter from strident public calls for his immediate resignation in the criminal case of a death-in-police-custody, and a Malaysian public on steroids through daily dosages of racial-religious incitation and blatant fabrications.

Then a couple of idiotic publicity hounds added to the simmering likely-conflagration by posting provocative photo and remarks in Facebook, though I have to say the proposal to invoke the Sedition Act in their provocation was way over the top and if processed, would be a gross abuse of the law.

Naturally the BN-government's and police's double standards in going after the idiots while ignoring their own provocative idiots have been breath-taking, but then this is BN's Malaysia Boleh.

Back to Ng Mun Tatt - Not only was he beaten up and accused of insulting Islam, his photo taken by police with the words "Saya hina Islam" scrawled on his chest was posted on the Net and which went viral.

I wasn't aware that police have this role of posting as-yet unsubstantiated accusations on the Net?

And a besieged IGP (besieged for his bull about a death-in-custody case) made some rather irresponsible as-yet unproven connections between Ng Mun Tatt's case and the idiotic Alvivi duo.

A TMI commentator by the moniker of MyNation stated: If this fella happened to have insulted the Muslim, I can says, Serve You Right!! To those who abducted, and beaten him, You also have to face the law as you have done something that shouldn't be done.

I would not be surprised that the mindset of commentator MyNation would be the mindset of a number of Muslims, in that Ng Mun Tatt has been 'found guilty' and shall remain guilty until proven innocent.

MyNation then hypocritically made some meaningless dispensational comments on justice by criticizing the attackers-kidnappers but obscenely only after delivering a padan muka to Ng Mun Tatt without even allowing the case to be first investigated to determine whether Ng had in fact 'hina Islam'.

I suppose it's a case of f**k that anyway presumably because MYNation must be thinking: why let inconvenient facts and evidence get in the way when non-Muslims are automatically guilty of insulting Islam.

But quite frankly and don't be surprised by my revelation, that what had happened to Ng Mun Tatt is not unusual or new.

Unless you have been sleeping for the last 30 years, you would know that this sort of duplicity in exploiting religion, one of offenders using religious incitation to mask their crimes have been going on in the BN government and party, where not only agama had been exploited to divert the attention of Muslims away from their corrupt and nefarious activities on to selected 'targets', but also of bangsa dan raja.

And these have been believed by people like MyNation.

You must be wondering "Siapa yang sebenarnya menghina Islam?" 


  1. In a space of 2 months+ post pru13,noticed the amount of hyberbole spewed from mainly one section,anything remotely to do with an ethnic group and what can be used to demonize them has been shamelessly and ruthlessly sensationalised and exploited.
    Seems to be a pattern emerging on where the screaming is coming from and where it is directed. A bashing fest to provoke and incite resentment.Using Royalty , religion and political parties as weapons,mainly the party more associated with an ethnic group coz they have become stronger as an opposition and trying to reach out to have a more diverse multi ethnic identity.
    Esp royalty and religion,most emotional topic that can rally the psyches of malays and by default muslims . as if they are running scared coz of the solidarity shown during PRU13. Making divide and rule irrelevant.

  2. What is the substance of the issues? Libertines bent on religious chaos? Are the Malays/Muslims satirizing the issue? Is it a reaction to/against religion/politics? Why the overzealous marshalling cry of heresy and charges of seditious libel? Is there any errant/abusive statement by clerics or those who have authority over religion?

    There is a large area of doubt and dispute and tranches of abusive argument to feed upon. The politicians and authorities must secularize their thoughts/actions and must not condone the dispute. Their basic responsibility is to prevent a social chaos and a breakdown of public order. If not they are guilty of dereliction of duty.


  3. Mr KTEMOC,
    In distancing yourself from the sex blogger's so-called "IDIOTIC" actions, you sounded so apologetic in your comments.

    Don't have to. The number of Alvin-Vivien cases to the UMNO-inspired cases is so disproportional to the action taken against them.

    This is just a simple case of giving them an inch and they want a yard. If you keep on being so apologetic, UMNO will just assume that one community can be bullied by another. SO TO THEM, NOTHING WRONG IN NON MUSLIM BASHING WHAT!!!

  4. To a lot of Muslims, ALL OVER THE Earth, anything that has the tiniest hint of insult, be it true or spurious, to Islam, has the verdict of guilty before proven. & serious punishment MUST be administrated to the implied propagator.

    The dirty trick that had been done on the abducted victim, to disguised off an attempted kidnapping, is part of the formulated psychic achievement via this inherent manipulation.

    Of course, many praises (no thanks) to our 'super-efficient' PDRM, when the tongkat race's AlifBaTa is seen to be 'stepped on'.

    But then, nowhere else in the world, Muslim Arabs areas included, would those Muslim followers 'down-graded' their morality to this level, by negative-postulating their religion & ethnic sensitivities to this extend!

    This is truly home-grown - just like the irrefutable 'amok' syndrome.

    Be proud of it. This is something that all u people can claim champion, out of the kampong norm!

  5. It's not due to GE13 or 14 but it is related to the coming UMNO elections. It's the season again, so brace yourselves for more of these.

    At least PAS said something fair and reasonable in Parliament yesterday about taking action also against those who offend non-Muslims. You don't hear such statements from BN-UMNO people.

    These actions reflect the state of the mentality of those in power, and one of the best examples is the ex-home minister siding with the perpetrators of the cow head incident.

    What about the past incidents - the reporters who spat out the holy communion, the near riot outside a church in Perak instigated by the then mufti ? No prosecution of the perpetrators despite clear evidence. (Was he rewarded with a Datukship?)

    See this website to jog your memory and see pictures of the near-riot incident:

  6. Suppose Khalid is right: that there is a connection between Ng’s case and sex bloggers Alvin Tan and Vivian Lee's Ramadham greetings photograph. Which means Ng may be a victim of a race hate crime. Ng paid the price for the couple's indiscretion because all three of them belong to the same race. Khalid's revelation, to view it positively, may have the effect of making people more conscious of the undesirable consequences of irresponsible doing.

  7. If Khalid is right ,why the need for ransom?

  8. What happened to the papagomo case? He was arrested recently for some highly seditious posting after GE13, but was not prosecuted. When will he be charged?

    Seems this guy (later a convict), have privileged access to UMNO people and even was on the Scorpene submarine tour by Lim Guan Eng. He posted this on his website which has since deleted this, but some have preserved it for posterity:

    And the youtube video:

  9. I just have to to rob a bank and spray the words that the bank has insulted my religion. I dont have to worry as even if i get caught there will be blogger who will call me hero and gather a group to "save " me....

  10. We always heard "As a muslim, we should be fair", "As a muslim, we should not take bribe", As a muslim, we should up-hold the law" etc. Most of them are doing the reverse thing, in my eyes, they are actually insulting Islam.
    Hello, the religion vigilantes, why not go after them since they are actually insulting Islam. Sigh.. I forgot they are many hypocrites

    1. If that be the standard, almost every person who has a religion is a hypocrite !

    2. By the way there are not many people who are truthful and straightforward and/or whose intellects are sound and well-balanced and/or whose decisions are dictated by wisdom and prudence. Thus, not many of us will go to heaven. Yours truly inclusive.

      - hasan

  11. Anon 1240:
    Kill two birds with one stone.

  12. Anon 8:11 - Old Chinese saying, "kill chicken to scare the monkey." A summary of arrest for Alvivi - "promoting enmity among the races and for sedition." This should include most Perkosa guys that insult Hindus and want to burn Christian Bibles and not forgetting the infamous half-past sick professor that is purer than snow white that hates Hindus, Chinese etc.

    So if Ellese is reading the comments here, yes we agree the duo should be prosecuted but what about the rest? This also includes Ms. Muffet who also stirs shit. Inact an anti-racism law immediately.

    And for the poor guy, if we were living in the States or UK, this is a hate crime (like the Malay boy attacked by whites in UK).

    1. Is equality applicable here ?

    2. Before the elections Ms Muffet actually blogged about "Chinese and Christians can expect payback after GE13". Looking at recent events, thing seems to be going the way she predicted?

    3. There is a difference between being prophetic and being part of the problem. On a daily basis Ms. Muffet/Muppet spews innuedos against The Star, Christians particularly against Subang churches, DAP - the conspracy between DAP, Christians and the Chinese. Reading the stuff is like going through the Illuminati & the dark sciences. She backs her arguments based on statistics, cut & paste comments, interpretation of photos...

      Last year leading to the election, she highlighted the etymology of "amok" and what it should mean to Chinese, then Malays in relation to Chinese and the word related to May 13.

      Therefore, prophetic or part of the problem? Even an idiot knows that there will be reprecussions after GE13. Alvivi made it worst. Therefore, we declare her to the prophetess of the temple of doom that requires sacrifices before the gods are appeased.

  13. So after this if i have a beef on somebody I can just whacked him and claims that he insulted me, which also mean insulted Islam. Hmmmm....very convenient. I like.

  14. Rtd Commander Thayaparan's write up best describes how I feel about this issue.

    Sick and Tired of the authorities using the police and legal system as just another political weapon.

  15. Meanwhile in Kuala Besut...BN says "must retain BN for continued development"

    It must be one of those "Forever Waiting Bride" things. I've been passing through Besut quite a few times over the years. There is...NO DEVELOPMENT THERE..... in spite of being in BN hands for years and years, usual fate of all "Fixed Deposits"...

    When are they ever going to wake up ?