Friday, July 26, 2013

Seri Pristana shame worsened by seditious lies & intimidation

The Malay Mail Online - Cop denies Utusan report on sedition probe over Seri Pristana photo

PETALING JAYA, July 26 ― Selangor acting police chief Datuk A. Thaiveegan today refuted a report claiming he said authorities will investigate for sedition the distribution of photographs showing students eating in a primary school bathroom.

According to Chinese-language newspaper Sin Chew Daily, Thaiveegan denied saying or inferring that the Sedition Act may be used in the case or related incidents.

Although he did not expressly name the offending newspaper, Umno-owned Utusan Malaysia had published an article yesterday that quoted him as issuing such a warning to users of social media.

Naughty naughty Utusan, though it's not the first time the UMNO media mouthpiece has indulged in creative news-making, with the emphasis on 'making' rather than responsibly reporting or analysing news.

We can only speculate that Utusan's aim seems to be to intimidate critics of the changing-room-canteen disgrace at Sekolah Seri Pristana into silence. Why go to such naughty extent?

one of Utusan's many 'achievements' 

Initially, we had lies that the school canteen was closed for renovation, the room had been used by the school students and not just the non-Muslims, etc which all sound so much alike the lies of the so-called indelible ink of the notorious EC, where subsequent lies made to cover (or substitute for) earlier lies made all the lies stand out worse.

Then we have a (staged?) photo where a raya makan was held for adults in the changing room, obviously to prove that the headmaster was not callous in consigning small kids to an inappropriate place for meals, yes, in the same way that so-called 'victimised' patients of alleged racist Chinese doctors were found (many days after the terrible racist lie) to narrate their recollections to mitigate the libellous, irresponsible and seditious naughtiness of an UMNO ADUN.

Instead of chastising the offenders the whole BTN-ized machinery went into full gear to defend at all cost the lamentable UMNO institutions. In Bolehland it seems, to paraphrase Erich Segal, "being UMNO means never having to say sorry."

And when the lies (supported by a lackey deputy minister) failed, the intimidation begins, even straying into the seditious placing of words into police mouth, when commonsense would tell us that those photos of the changing-room-canteen could never ever be considered 'seditious'.

It's so silly and brain-baffling bullshit to even imagine so, thus it was hardly surprising that Selangor Police Chief Thaiveegan repudiated the pathetic Utusan seditious bullshit.

The editors of Utusan should instead be charged for sedition for attempting to threaten critics of the headmaster of Sekolah Seri Pristana.

But the defence of these BTN-ized 'UMNO institutions' has been ratcheted up, with now a Facebook fan page set up not only to defend Mohamad Nasir Mohd Nor the headmaster of Seri Pristana, but also to urge 'the police and the authorities to take immediate action and to "arrest" the individual who reportedly first shared the pictures of the shower room in social media circles, inviting media attention.'

Instead of dealing in a mature manner with the headmaster's inconsiderate and uncaring callousness towards his pupils, the lies and now the intimidation against justified critics are piled on.

Not only has the parent of the report against the shameful meal-in-changing-room been threatened but her daughter has been bullied by both her teachers and fellow pupils into a terrible state of depression. 'Wonderful' teachers we have at that school to threat their pupil in such a manner.

Ironically, by such lies and intimidation, the situation has been moved more towards all too apparent racism. 

Lamentably or laughingly in a sort of way, some Chinese chi-kut-teh bullshit attempts to defend the Alvivi naughty but highly insensitive prank of buka puasa bah-kut-teh should be placed in the same category of lies, though I have to say, not of intimidation because they lacked the (backing of) barrels of guns.


  1. The Chinese and Indians are really becoming pests in Malaysia.

    Tanah Melayu would be so much more peaceful without this pestilence.

    1. Hello Anon 600... please lah.. Don't ever think our Qur'an is anti-Chinese or anti-Indians. Malays are not that evil, barbaric and uncivilized like Hitler and his Mein Kampf or the Marxist Das Capital. No Muslims will treat you like pest or take a gallery seat and watch the juggernaut roll on you.


  2. The Sedition Act is the law of the land.
    If the majority of the people do not want it , they can always vote into power a government which commits to repeal it.

    In fact, the person who posted the photographs on-line was likely committing sedition - per the law -
    acts with a tendency: (a) to bring into hatred or contempt or to excite disaffection against any Ruler or against any Government.

    1. If even the police do not see it as sedition in this case, apa pasal editors of a so-called newspaper sibuk sangat ni.......

      But the thing that takes the cake is putting words into the police's other words....bloody lying !

      Oooh never mind, tak is business as usual for these right wingers....we are like eggs knocking against the batu wall since they will go scot free again....who says there's no press freedom in this country. Some animals are more equal than other human beings.

  3. Some of the things we people say and do are so laughable. Some more can talk with a stone face and bo cheng kor (naked from waist down). Mo tak kau...tak boleh diselamatkan lagi!!

    1. Is this the best from you? Condescension i.e. voluntary descent from one's rank or dignity in relations with an inferior? Go then... Friday is waiting for you on his Island since Crusoe returns to civilization.

    2. You've missed the point. But it's ok, I'm happy with Friday here..bye bye!

  4. lackey deputy minister? ha2-give him your toe to kiss for a full minister post, he will even kiss your arse.

  5. It is unfortunate that you again approach this from a racial angle.

    Its patently clear by now that it cannot be discrimination when Muslims use it too. Remember the teachers and PTA support this too.

    Though I have issue on the shower room being a canteen, it is deplorable and highly irresponsible to turn this into a racial issue. A bare allegation that the HM, school, teachers, PTA lied based on unrecognized source and more so, published by left wing media, is an unfair unobjective and skewered assessment.

    Malaysians like to create shadows and then believe its true forgetting they created it. This siege mindset has created further racial polarization with deep seated hatred. We need to assess facts based on what's available. Be objective. Looking at this from the racist angle is not justifiable. In fact it reflects the their deplorable mindset.

    1. CBMF,

      1st, I dont hide my deepest contempt for u, bcoz u has desecrated the principle of the holy month of Ramadhan. Remember, this is the month that Prophet Mohd wants ALL his follower to contemplate & reflect the past deeds. & most of all, show remorse!!!!

      U has given BAD name to Islam!!!!!!!

      Ever since the misguided version of AlfBaTa by certain tongkat recipients surfaced in the mid 80s, everything in this country has to be seen & worked around race & religion.

      Everyone must kowtow to the master race preferences. Never mind the sensitivities, of any nature, big-&-small, of the minorities of M'sia.

      There were/are many sagas keep showing all over M'sia. Remember the ShahAlam cow head incidence? The balik TongSan/India rants? If u dont like it get out the country cries? The monopolization of semantic words like Allah etc? The 'pseudo-merit/truly quota' based university intakes? The forever threat to the right of mother-tongue education, as enshrined in the FedCon? The unfair distribution of govt grants to vernacular education institutions & other religious outfits?

      There r more than enough proofs to fill up yr troglodytic & insolent brain, if ever that piece of shit between yr ears can be designated as such.

      So this latest issue on the shower room being a canteen is just another lyric of the same song of "anak muda main api"

      Dont denial it by twisting that the left wing media, has an unfair, nonobjective and skewered assessment. What about the farce, of showing picture of breaking fast in that same place, after the incidence erupted? What about that manufactured news from thetrash utusan m'sia?

      BTW, a picture is better than a thousand words. Quick, pay a photoshop expert to manufacture a series of photos, showing both Muslim & non-Muslim pupils used that shower room for makan breaks before the Ramadhan starts. I'm very sure that r many of these experts out there waiting to make a kill!

      'Remember the teachers and PTA support this too'!!!! GGGrrrrrrrrr

      These teachers & PTA r nuts, if they ever support it. Even if we ever removed the tint of race/religion from their 'outlandish' thinking, consuming food in a shower room definitely raises hygienic issues. Unless those doing the makan r children of lesser Gods!!!! From their claimed support, one can easily conclude that these people r not fit to hold those positions. Other form of just filling the post with master race, non qualified included???

      'Malaysians like to create shadows and then believe its true forgetting they created it'

      Yahlo, u people r REALLY good at it. The forgetting part comes u r been caught with yr pant down!!!

    2. This is a typical racist siege mentality. Your foul writing does not add anything but to amplify the racist in you. If in the first place it was not driven by racism and more of logistical reasons, however way you want to argue, its still not racism. Muslims are still affected. But because of your racist mindset, you want to see it as racism and thus never be reasonable.

      Some of your other examples are also rubbish. Say on Allah issue, I've written for years. Now why should a preference of minority prevail over the majority. Why is preference being given over a new practice over a practice of hundred of years. And by the way I caught some of you guys amending Wikipedia falsely to support your argument. What a sick mindset to win an argument.

      So take a step back. Think and rationalize. A number of things can be resolved. Jumbling up unrelated issues to fortify your fslse perception wont help. And as you always say to the Malays, stop this siege mentality.

    3. And one more thing. If you're Malaysian first as propagated by DAP, you should not support an education policy of segregating our children by race and depriving them of friending other races. There is no mother tounge education right allowing you to propagate such racial discrimination. And the fact you support only selective race mother tounge and not 30/40 ++ other ethnic mother tounges in malaysia show your chauvinistic racist mindset. Don't practice selective racism like DAP and cloak it under a Malaysian concept. It only breeds contempt.

    4. CBMF,

      1st, 'Now why should a preference of minority prevail over the majority. Why is preference being given over a new practice over a practice of hundred of years.'

      Do u actually mean that the semantic Allah word is the sole monopoly of the Islam? Then what did the pre-Islam Arabs called their Gods? In fact, many non-Islam Arabs, now, call their God Allah, too!

      So, who's is arguing 'Why is preference being given over a new practice over a practice of hundred of years'?

      Perhaps, u ONLY want to put yr twisted piece of shit, only focusing in M'sia? More to that later.

      Yr chronic singsong put forward for 1Sekolah shows yr shallow tunnel-view of education. Hiding behind this push is nothing more than yr ketuanan mentality, nothing about 'an education policy of segregating our children by race and depriving them of befriending other races.'

      If u trulu hold fast to yr last 'argument', then let me put it to u that, since inter-racial student mix is so important, get all the Malay pupils/student to enroll in the vernacular schools, (primary/secondary).

      This single action would, instantly resolve many of the educational problems encountering by M'sian parents. The schools would be run by dedicated professionals/boards of governors. More discipline students & better learning environment. These vernacular schools would not, then, be run on tight budgets & facilities. More so, yr swan song of 'an education policy of segregating our children by race and depriving them of friending other races.' would then be played & u can retired back to yr tempurung for another topic to arose u out from ye 'melayuing' slumber.

      Now, back to my 1st part. Based on yr cherish 1Sekolah principle – cant u extend that argument to religions also? Granted there r different religions practicing in M’sia, why differentiate an all compassionate Higher-being with different title? Let all choose whatever, they want to call HIM, so that true inter-racial companionship can flourish intra-religions!


      Unless, of course u want to argue that Islam is ‘different’ from the other religions. Then yr 1Sekolah ‘reasoning’ is a twisted argument used to champion yr selected logic!

      To paraphrase – ‘a religious naming policy of segregating our people by religions and depriving them of befriending other religion followers’

      Get that, thick skull!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      BTW, since u keep insisting of naming me a DAP supporter, then let me arguing on this angle;

      ‘There is no mother tounge education right allowing you to propagate such racial discrimination. And the fact you support only selective race mother tounge and not 30/40 ++ other ethnic mother tounges in malaysia show your chauvinistic racist mindset. Don't practice selective racism like DAP and cloak it under a Malaysian concept. It only breeds contempt.’

      From my understanding of DAP educational policy, their stand on mother-tongue education in Malaysia, cut across all ethnic groups. Do show me yr takes of otherwise, with rigorous proof, & I shall forever hold my piece with u!!!!!!

    5. Then please read more. Go and check tony Phuas initial write. The reason why DAp is not supporting other mother tounge is because if they do so there would be 30/ 4o++ odd sekolah Jenis kebangsaan. How can a country support too many types of schools. It doesn't make sense. How are you to find teachers and public fund to do this all over the nation. This is pure dumb solution which dap knows it too. You are so in tune with your chauvinistic racist mindset that you can't even see an idiotic idea to justify your racist view.

      Shame on you. youre one of a kind a facist racist- thinking you own the world. And by the way don't show your ignorance of Islam and hold that it applies to all. Your argument to rely on Arabic language and culture are pure stupidity. We're in Malaysia. That's why we don't adopt say full hijab culture of the Arabs. To tell you the truth I've gone much deeper than your numbskull argument. Go read my blog. You may learn better argument than yours which you can use. But even then you can't reply to my retort. So jangan malas membaca.

    6. CBMF,

      So u r exercising yr mastercraftmanship of talking out of context, using Tony Phua(yes?) speech as a 'rigorous' example? Wasnt u people ALWAYS claim to read the FULL text before interpretation? want some examples?????

      Didnt I warn u about not isolating M'sia for yr Allah rant?

      'That's why we don't adopt say full hijab culture of the Arabs.' - judging the way some of u people behave & act, arabilization is the ONLY way for u, moron. & u called this deep????

      Now u r showing yr true piece of shit thinking.

      BTW, labeling me as a chauvinistic racist is just name calling. In Islam, it's known as FITNAH, understand????

      Then again, for someone, who can't reply, intelligently, to my multiple retorts & still yet acting high & mighty, yr implied actions mean more than what u could write.

      Come again, who is a chauvinistic racist????

      I tak marah sama seorang yang bodoh sombong, buang masa shja! Yang kena, u shja. Sila insaf, pada bulan yg mulia itu. Itu-lah, prinsip Ramandhan, yk kau terrupa!!!!

    7. Dear racist Anon,

      I justified my stand. All your argument are rubbish and arose out of one mindset-a racist mindset. You must consider all reasonable argument which you fail. You don't realise you're repeating shallow racial argument which I've dealt for years. Thus your reply and depth are certainly knee deep. And typical with many others who are unable to reply you resort to foul name calling. Now if you start with name calling don't complain about others doing the same with you. I reply in kind. When I categorize a person I put my reasons. I've even published so many comments telling why LGE and dap are racist. You are a nobody anon who parrots racial propaganda. Met too many of your unthinking kind.

      But if you seek a civil dialectic debate, I welcome that. But don't believe you're capable of one.

      Ok I stop now. Spent too much time on a racist already.

    8. Ellese A,

      Sorry I come in a little late but I need to put the record straight regarding your statement on the Allah issue that "... by the way I caught some of you guys amending Wikipedia falsely to support your argument." You have in fact wrongly accused the Christians of amending Wikipedia to support the use of the word Allah. You have in fact misread the Wiki article yourself.

      When Wikipedia makes a statement, they normally would highlight a few key words in the statement and link them to references at the end of the article. The reference you have picked up actually refers to one of the key words "Kadazans" and not on the overall statement relating to Christianity. Please go back to your article, recheck the links and correct your misconception on Christians.

      Thanks. Adam.

    9. I was in a heated debate referring to one of the source which is Wikipedia. They amended during such debate. I click their source and it was a bogus non historical source which conflict with Spain and English historical presence in Sabah. That's how rubbish the addition was. Please refer to my postings. BM bible was a recent push by SIB. They conveniently adopt indonesian bible. Should have asked our dewan bahasa for the right interpretation. Helen picked up my findings and blew it to the world. Its still for all to see. Go to my blog on the rebuttal. These lying Christians supporters are dishonest as far as I am concern. To date I have yet to encounter those who can articulate a reasonable argument. I know father Andrew but I believe his argument is fundamentally flawed.

    10. As I have stated before, it is not easy to amend Wikipedia articles without giving references. It is in your own blog posting that you have misread that particular article. And Helen picked it up and repeat it without checking the details. Anyway, thank you for keeping this Allah issue alive and as long as the government continues to appeal against the high court decision, Malaysians, especially Muslims will get the chance to learn more about Christianity and their differing doctrine that Jesus(Isa)was more than a prophet. How else could Christians get to talk about their religion in public and in open court too.

      Another good site to get clarification on the use of the Word is at

      To my hometown boy Kaytee, my apologies for going a little out of topic here. Cheers, Adam.

    11. Thanks for the humour. I think I remember you from nutgraph. At the end its not what you think it is. If I recall correctly you're the one who recited many irrelevant instances avoiding the question I asked. If it were you, I have to tell you that people still see the deceit in the argument and they begin not to trust you. Try to argue on point. Intellectual honesty is important. Be consistent and not apply principles when its in your favour. If its not you, thanks for the humour again. You don't realise this, the more you push the more entrenched the position of the other side. You can't get PAS to support you now. Stay grounded. Acknowledge our tradition history and struggle. Don't alter historical facts with false allegation to just support an argument. It will only be worse off for your cause.

  6. Enough Ramadan lies.
    Hypocrite !

  7. Utusan was not pissing lies in this case...though they have done plenty of that in the past.

    The PDRM really are going to throw the Sedition Act at the people who posted the photos....while the Ketuanan Headmaster gets away clean.

  8. Will the present form of rant and rave among adults help the pupils of SK Seri Pristana ? Please spare a thought for them.

  9. Like one of your commentators said, day-in-day-out it's race, religion... non-stop. Now the ongoing one at Penang hospitals, some kind of taichi is going on.

  10. The Sekolah Kebangsaan Seri Pristana fiasco reminds me of my experience while working in Saudi Arabia years ago.

    The project management and staff were truly international - a mix of people from various parts of Europe, North America and Asia. Muslims and non-Muslims.

    During Ramadan, the project cafeteria was not only non-operating, it was physically closed and locked. As a concession to the non-Muslim staff, less the management face a mutiny for "forced" fasting , a storage container was emptied, chairs and tables were put in, and that was where us Nons had our bring-your-own lunch during the fasting month.
    No air-conditioning, just fans - and that's in middle of the desert, mind you.
    Apparently that was (is ?) the law in Saudi Arabia - all food outlets had to be closed during the daytime fasting period, not just inoperative. The storage container thing was just a trick to get around the law.

    It sounds to me the SK Seri Pristana headmaster Mohamad Nasir Mohd Nor was taking a page right out of the Saudi Arabia standard procedure, only the changing room next to the toilet is even more unhealthy than the storage container we were forced to use in Saudi.

    Ktemoc made an astute observation once about many Malays trying to pretend to be Arabs

    It sounds like a portend of where Malaysia is heading.... and it is not pleasant.

  11. Say No to Ramadhan Liars.8:46 am, July 29, 2013

    The SK Sri Pristina incident may not have started as an overt racial issue, but you would have to be dumb or thoroughly insensitive not to understand the racial/religious overtones.

    No evidence has emerged (other than the HM's verbal explanation) that the changing room had been used since March. There is no evidence of any renovation being carried out in the canteen. The photos showed the tables and chairs neatly stacked up. The canteen had simply been closed.

    It sounds a lot like Saudi Arabia style, as the previous poster described.

    All the evidence points to the canteen being closed and the children being required to eat in the changing room since the beginning of the fasting month.

    The after-the-fact stories from the school and Deputy Education Minister is just spin .

    It may not have been deliberately racial to start with, but the whole episodes stinks of racial/ religious insensitivity and discrimination.

    1. "It may not have been deliberately racial to start with, but the whole episodes stinks of racial/ religious insensitivity and discrimination."

      Yes....absolutely spot on. If one care to do a survey, it is more likely than not that all national type schools run by Malay heads of school closed their canteens during the Ramadan month....and these practice started quite some years back. The reason all these came out in the open is the access to WWW....facebook, tweeter, alternative on line media etc. Previously when MSM rule the roost, all contrary views and all 'dirt' are effectively swept under the carpet and will not get to see the light of day, leading to only some pockets of discontented rumblings which are easily quashed by the ruling elite.

      This is the tyranny of the majority over the minority.....made worse in this country with this inexorable pervasive prevailing attitude of 'we are the true citizens, we have the natural 'rights', we are the master and you live here at our tolerance, our god is the true god and only sinners insist on being kaffirs, we are more holy than you, we are human and you are not quite human, we are more 'sensitive' than you, we have more feelings than you, our race is better than your race...."

      And if this ketuanan race continues to hold the guns and all the reign of power, then god help the minorities as they engineered to make this country 90% malay muslim in the next 2 decades.

    2. Anon 403,

      You said "If one care to do a survey, it is more likely than not that all national type schools run by Malay heads of school closed their canteens during the Ramadan month....and these practice started quite some years back".

      Since you are lazy to google, I cut paste this exclusively for you to read.



      Home > News > Nation

      Published: Friday July 26, 2013 MYT 12:00:00 AM
      Updated: Friday July 26, 2013 MYT 1:04:50 PM
      School canteens scale down operations for Ramadan

      By ROYCE T.G. TAN

      PETALING JAYA: Most primary and secondary schools have their canteens open but they operate at less than half the capacity for the fasting month.

      A check by The Star on several schools in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor showed that canteen meal options are reduced overall but pupils have enough food to eat during their break.

      Seating areas are temporarily sectioned off for cleaning and maintenance but smaller sections of the canteen are still designated for dining use.

      One school in Kuala Lumpur opens its canteen every day from 6am to 2pm.

      “We open daily, even during the fasting month, and I serve a menu preset by the Government in my contract,” said canteen operator Fauziawati Abdullah.

      She prepares enough food for the non-Muslim pupils because she says cooking too much would be wasteful and costly.

      She also sells kuih dadar (rolled green crepe with coconut filling), kuih keria (sweet potato doughnuts) and cucur udang (prawn fritters).

      Neighbouring stalls that sell rice and noodle dishes as well as one that sells beverages cease operation for the Ramadan period.

      “Until yesterday, they were only serving the green kuih every day since the beginning of the Ramadan month.

      “Yesterday, however, they went to each class asking the pupils what we would like for lunch, so we have more choices now,” said 12-year-old pupil Alrik Shen Praba.

      He added that he was glad for the change as he was getting bored of just having kuih every day.

      When asked about their solutions to limited food choices, the pupils said they had the better option of home-cooked food.

      “The food here is okay, but we get to bring food from home too, so we don’t always buy from the canteen,” said an 11-year-old pupil, Tan Jun Onn, on his appreciation for home-prepared meals.

      Another pupil, Avinaash Abraham, 12, said he usually brings sandwiches, biscuits or buns from home for break time and bought more food from the canteen if he was still hungry.

      While most pupils sat with friends, a parent who refused to be identified used his day off to spend time with his son, bringing him a takeaway meal.

      “His mummy would normally pack a lunch box for him to bring to school.

      “I don’t usually come every day but since I am on leave, I thought I’d bring my son something to eat,” he said.

      He added that he felt that the food provided by the canteen during the fasting period was inadequate for the number of pupils and needed to be increased.


    3. "A check by The Star on several schools in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor......"

      "Several Schools" only in the capital city of Kuala Lumpur and in the state of Selangor hardly constitute a nation-wide survey. How many schools were involved in this so-called survey ? 4 schools ? or maybe 6 ? But let's be generous...8 schools ?

      Even a decade some schools, the students were 'banned' from eating in the school canteens and even in the compounds....and in one particular case, the non Muslim students gathered to have their break meals under a tree just outside the school compound and they have come to label the tree (which incidentally is the flame of the forest ) as the Leper Tree.

      Btw...the recount of all such incidences is not to inflame the current situation but to bring attention to this unhealthy slippery slope we are now nip the bud ( a 'bud' which have since grown to an alarming size precisely because many fear to upset the apple cart ). The heartening thing out of all this is the many voices from the Malays too who came out to sound out their unhappiness affecting their fellow citizens who are non Muslims.