Friday, July 19, 2013

Denial of rights for the 'nons'?

The Star Online - Sex bloggers denied bail

did their parents give them enough attention when they were kids? 

Why are Alvin Tan Jye Yee and Vivien Lee May Ling being referred to as 'sex bloggers' when they have been charged for their provocative bah-kut-teh antic and not any sex antic or anything to do with sex?

Has this been done with an aim to aggravate their wrong-doings or has it been a mere case of sleazy journalism, with a hope that the referred 'sex' would adds to the flavour of the bah-kut-teh article?

If I'm not incorrect about the law, as an example, a prosecutor cannot argue in court that a man who is charged with murder is likely to have committed the crime because he has a notorious record of stealing.

Thus the Star headlines has not been helpful at all.

Be that as it has been, let's move on to that "sparkling icon of darkness" that Malaysians know as the Attorney General, Abdul Gani Patail. The Star reported him saying the decision to pursue a case against sex bloggers Alvin Tan and Vivian Lee without offering bail is due to the couple’s tendency to incite the public.

How was your last trip to Mecca?
Did you fly 1st Class?

I wonder whether he blushed when he said that, or his skin is so thick that we couldn't detect his face being flushed with embarrassment for his double standards, or he has absolutely no sense of guilt or/and embarrassment?

Okay lah, f* him, let us know read what Vivegavalen Vadi Valu has written as guest columnist for Malaysia-Today in Race and the Ordinary Malaysian - relevant extracts follow:

The problem, contrary to what many think isn't in fact the special rights accorded to one class but the denial of rights of another.

Here we see a form of institutionalised oppression that has led us to not only mistrust but also dislike other races for reasons hitherto known. This should have been evident enough to the politicians then when even within a family, favouritism causes siblings to often be envious among each other, which then naturally leads up to a clash. [...]

The politics of the country is such that we have inadvertently taken the whole divide and rule concept to a whole new level. Malaysia has successfully managed to create literally a class within a class whereby the Malay elite continue to subjugate the rural workers and the Indian and Chinese upper class who benefit directly from government transactions ignore the plight of their community and serve to fool the very people who trusts them to protect their affairs. [...]

... in other words, the already known story of UMNO betraying the Malays.

Coming back to the present day, we are presented almost on monthly subscription, doses of racial bigotry and religious intolerance.

Who can forget the cow-head incident, or the threat to burn bibles and the ‘Apa Lagi Cina Mahu’ farce?

Recently of course is the whole ‘Alvivi’ fiasco which has caused rage among the muslim community. While I absolutely abhor and denounce their actions, I take issue with the reaction generated and subsequent punishments intended to be meted out. There can be no grey areas for where the Law is concerned and equality of standing in the course of justice has to be ensured if we are to attain consistency.

The problem of course isn't the reaction or lack of reaction from the ruling coalition but rather in which selective persecution is often the norm in particular where race is involved.

That a matter of blatant stupidity should be clamped down, denied bail and prosecuted with the full force of that a threat to national security is not only uncalled for but deeply troubling. 

It is even harder to swallow the AG’s reasoning of further provocation from the defendant when a simple silence order would have sufficed. Even as we speak, comparisons are made to the rape incident involving a grandfather who was allowed bail despite the severity of the allegations.

If we are to transcend this path, what then of Ibrahim Ali and Zulkifli Nordin? In what legal spheres are the slanders committed not an act against national security and racist in nature? How is it that the same act, nay a significantly lesser act committed by A is wrong whereas B is allowed full leeway without the fear of prosecution?

And then there was retired Court of Appeal judge Mohd Noor Abdullah who sowed hatred and discord at a forum on the GE13 results in May by warning (or threatening) a backlash from the Malay community after being 'betrayed' by Chinese Malaysians who voted against the BN.

He said: "For the Malays, the pantang larang(taboo) is to be betrayed, because when they are betrayed, they will react and when they react, their dendam kesumat tidak tersudah-sudah (wrath will be endless)."

What about Abdul Rahman Dahlan, the Urban Wellbeing, Housing and Local Government Minister, who voiced his racist support for Ibrahim Ali on the latter's Bible-burning remarks.

During this Holy Month UMNO and its apparatus have shown an utter lack of respect for the religion they brazenly claim to embrace and defend.

And thus I had asked in my previous post Siapa yang sebenarnya menghina Islam?

Only UMNO ...

... in the same way as it has insulted the rulers it hypocritically claim to defend, as I wrote in Insulting the Rulers, UMNO-style.


  1. You should add to your list Harussani/Sherina, Papagomo, communion-spatting-reporter ...

  2. KT,
    Selectice justice is good for the nation. Your argument makes no difference and a total waste of time.

  3. Sometimes we are unsure how far ministers are trying to test the inteligence of the public. Maybe they are unsure whether the education system is producing the require results.

    Dahlan's comments makes it an interesting IQ/EQ question - if there are mistakes in the Bible like other holy books, it should be destroyed. Yes, within the perusal of YOUR religion, do whatever you want. So, if there is a misprint in the Bible, let the Christians decide. And if there are offensive terms in the Bible, block its entry into the country.

    But let's not loose focus - the Frog wanted to have a public burning ceremony to show opposition to the Christians. That is the crux of the Alvivi-Frog connudrum. Throw the Frog into jail, then we can talk later. Wakakaka...

    PS. Alvivi are sex terrorist...that is why non-bailable offense. Get it? Wakakaka

  4. As I see it, this is just a case of image-mongering and religious bigotry. It is not to subjugate and humiliate the people of Islam. Neither is it a profanation of Islam or Muhammad or God.

    It is not like Geert Wilders, or Salman Rusdie whom Imam Khomeini sentenced to death without trial which is wrong in Islam. Many Muslims would agree it is very wrong in Islam to deem someone as guilty until he/she is proven guilty. Thus, the denying of bail shocks my Islamic notion of justice.

    To the Nons the decision to deny bail would appear to be institutionalized in hate and racism. Hence, we cannot blame the Nons if their hate and racism got the better of them too.

    From an angle, the bloghost is quite right to ask “Siapa yang sebenarnya menghina Islam”.


  5. Dammit, Andy Kaufmann would be turning in his grave today..look at what he's missing! And blimey, we're elevating these two nobodies to be in the batch of people like Ted Bundy, Bonnie&Clyde, Nelson Mandela... Bah!

  6. There is a strong sense among Malays that the Chinese in the country are increasingly "biadab" - rude, disrespectful, arrogant and contemptuous of the majority Malays.

    The two idiots antics during Ramadan were just the last straw,
    That is why the vast Majority of Malays approve of stern action being taken against them.
    No Compromise....

    Tanah Melayu

    1. So true....Chinese actions before the 'last straw Alvivi couple' are SOOOOO biadap berani to vote almost wholesale for the opposition ! The trouble started when UMNO forgot to put out the clause in the last GE....(ala Henry Ford's warning - you can choose any colour as long as it's black)....You Can Vote For Any Party As Long As It Is For BN/UMNO. Now padan muka lah, these Chinese....the kindness and fairness and the generosity of the Malays are stretched to breaking NO COMPROMISE...paham ?

      The Alvivi couple represent ALL the Chinese community.....what they did is actually what the Chinese as a whole have secretly approved of and in fact someone from UMNO have even pointed out that DAP have sponsored them for this vile act ? So it must be true lah.....if someone from UMNO have stated so, then it must be true, him being a muslim...muslims don't lie or cheat or anything of that sort, right ? Only the Chinese lie and cheat, even small children know this fact. Let's jail the Alvivi for life, and if that is not possible, at least lock them up for 15 years so that by the time they come out of the slammer,they would be too old to continue their sex orgies. And by then, Bak Kut Teh dish will also be taboo to them...lesson learned.

    2. To most nons, the Alvivi couple are a disgrace and most would support putting them away to spare us further embarrassment.

      And, of course it is not considered as "biadap" for the antics of Ibrahim Ali, Zulkifli Nordin, Harussani/Sherina, Ridhuan Tee, "Kong Kali Kong" Ann Wan Seng, Papagomo...

    3. Dear TM..

      From my training, I think Islam is more rational, forbearing and forgiving.

      Remember the incident where Muhammad was bleeding profusely from the stones thrown at Muhammad by the people of Taif, and God was ready to destroy their race at Muhammad’s request, and yet Muhammad said please forgive them, my Lord.


    4. Respect SHOULD be earned, not handed over like tongkat!

      So, what have u people done to earn THAT respect?

      Biadap is a 2-way traffic to most idiots!

  7. 1. antara dua darjat
    a. umnoputra (not all bumiputra are umnoputra but some nons are umnoputra aka inner circle) vs rakyat.
    b. muslims vs nons

    2. do judges report to ag?
    3. for the bak kut teh duo....their parents are partly responsible. mereka mungkin smart tapi unwise.

    1. I can agree with your observation which I think provides the crux of the argument.


  8. Cry foul of selective prosecution is almost unanimous. But this must not distract us from the two core issues: insulting religion and a hate crime has taken place. While most would agree to the former, it is hard for many to accept a connection between the two. Such denial may cause us to lower our guard and open to danger which can otherwise be avoided. The risk of a critical mass for more serious hate crime should not be dismissed. It's time to call a spade a apade!

    1. Correction:
      ...... a spade !

    2. Choo Gaik Yap's murder suspect was not extradicted from Australia to face trial. Special treament ?

  9. I am not defending Ibrahim Ali. His remark for burning bible is not acceptable. But I'm also asking for LGE to be persecuted for inflaming this issue the last time around. In fact the proponent of the use of Allah for the bible should be incarcerated. they must be persecuted and not only Ibrahim Ali, none of them have been able to argue their case. Rely on history but selectively forget the Muslims longer history. Then caught them amending Wikipedia to alter basic facts. Then argue based on indon language and not bm. weved never translated lord pf the ring as cincin Allah. All this are rubbish. AG should persecute Ibrahim Ali as well as LGE and their kuncus.

    1. "selectively forget the Muslims longer history"

      There is a long history among various Muslim people of accepting "Allah" being a wider use for God (not just among Muslims).

      Years ago, travelling in Syria (at a time when it was not at war) I overhead an animated conversation revolving around Allah this and Allah that. My Arabic is just rather basic, I only realised later these people were actually Christians discussing religious matters concerning Christianity.

      My point is there is enough historical and international precedence on the Allah issue to it to be a valid and proper point for discussion - and definitely not seditious and not a crime. People should be able to propose and discuss it.

      Are you the one who writes about Hak Bersuara, or is that just Bullshit ?

      Burning that is a different matter altogether...that's not Hak Bersuara...