Sunday, July 28, 2013

Chinese - there's one behind every Mahathir's bush

A month ago I wrote The Chinaman's REAL dilemma in which I stated:

... I believe two principal reasons convince the Chinese Malaysians today to cease the strategy of 'making noise in the East while behaving with decorum in the West'.

The first came about during AAB's term as PM, when ironically due to his quite relaxed attitude towards the online media, the Chinese public saw with their own eyes on TV and read on both hardcopy and online media the vile vicious vitriolic ultra racism exhibited during the UMNO Party General Assembly as several wannnabe leaders showed off their credentials as defenders of bangsa, agama dan raja,and bloody f**k negara. They frightened the Chinese.

Yes, most Chinese were shocked at the unbelievable words and antics of those wannabe ethnic heroes. It was no longer the UMNO they had been comfortable with,
a politically dominant UMNO which no doubt favoured UMNO Malays excessively but which was also an UMNO that was reasonable, rational and reachable (accessible).

The second factor was/is the generational change among the Chinese, where the younger Chinese, born as 3rd, 4th or even 5th and 6th generation Malaysians have different values to their elders.

They believe in and would vocally assert their Malaysian rights, and sometimes in their western cultured democratic practices appear as biadap to conservative and elderly Malays who haven't been exposed to the more robust style of democracy seen in Western countries like UK, Australia and New Zealand.

Thus the dilemma, the real dilemma of the older Chinamen was whether to join the younger Chinese in being more vocal in their opposition to BN and its less than admirable behaviour and practices, or to lie low as before and continue their 'making noise in the East while behaving with decorum in the West'.

I suspect what might have tilted them over to the former (see above paragraph) has been their conviction that the UMNO (and thus MCA, Gerakan etc) today is not the UMNO they had been comfortable with in the past.

They fear that by remaining politically equivocal or worse, silent, they will suffer more from increasing racist marginalization than they would by being vocal and bringing themselves to UMNO's nasty attention.

And then of course the very epitome of all this new UMNO viciousness was tragically perceived by Chinese in the untimely unwarranted and (arrogantly) unexplained death of Teoh Beng Hock, a man who was killed on the eve of his wedding day. The tragedy and more importantly its aftermath encapsulate all the worries of the Chinamen.

I wonder whether naughty Dr Mahathir might have plagiarized my post title, wakakaka, and turned it into a different type of Chinese Dilemma where he stated:

"For more than half a century of independence, the Chinese have shared wealth and power with the Malays. The idea for a Singapore-like Malaysia seems tempting and Penang has shown the way."

"The dilemma for the Chinese is whether to make a grab for political power while dominating economic power or to adhere to the principle of sharing, which has made this country what it is today.

"This is the Chinese dilemma."

His take is sheer bullshit because how can 24% of the population grab political power?

And it's not just an ordinary 24% of the population, but a 24% without control of the armed services (military, police, secret service agencies) and civil services. Dr M has been scare-mongering, and shame on him.

Shame on him again for daring to even brazenly suggest there was a principle of sharing, well, definitely not under his latter terms when that so-called 'sharing' became one of 'handouts' (of crumbs).

Lim Kit Siang accused Dr M of pitting Malays against Chinese ahead of Umno polls, summarising his (Dr M's) reckless racist fulmination in the following words:

"Mahathir is again up to his mischief ... concocting the dangerous and false myth of the 'Chinese dilemma' of the Chinese making a grab to oust the political power of the Malays in Malaysia and trying to set the agenda for the coming Umno party elections."

At the risk of sounding naughty in this post I'm reminded of what RPK wrote in one of his recent post When this happened 35 years ago:

"... it has been reported as the Muslim (or Malay) headmaster asking the Hindu (or Indian) students to eat in the changing room. Hence it is no longer about the silly or inconsiderate act of the headmaster. It is now a racial and religious issue."

"The headmaster may have done something silly and should be punished for this silly act. But we have done even worse than what the headmaster did. We have turned this into a racial and religious issue. Hence our crime is worse than the headmaster’s by far."

"And now we have been forced to take sides."

Absolutely correct, but then when we have Dr Mahathir and his regular racist 'ketuanan Cina' bullshit, we are immediately reminded of one of his many insincere slogans, namely, 'kepimpinan melalui teladan'. So RPK, don't blame us, blame Dr M for his terrible example.

Anyway, let's get stuck back into the core of the issue, namely the most important political event in Malaysia, the UMNO election, one far far more important than any general or state elections.

I believe Najib and Muhyiddin are safe. It's the VP elections that have captured observers' rapt attention. 

Shafie Apdal as the sole UMNO representative from East Malaysia should be safe. Hishamuddin is the most stupid and hopeless of the 3 current UMNO VPs and on merit should be chucked out, but alas, he is Najib's cousin and I suspect will somehow be kowtim-ishly retained.

That leaves the remaining VP Ahmad Zahid Hamidi on tenterhooks. But why when Ali Rustam has already been sabotaged kau kau by his UMNO mateys, though the bloke (Ali Rustam) blamed it on the bloody Chinese, wakakaka?

Ahmad Zahid is like a 'cacing kena abu' because young Muhkriz Mahathir will, I suspect, be making a bid for a VP post if he (or rather his dad) dreams of (him) becoming PM.

And there are only 3 VP positions.

As we are all aware, Ahmad Zahid as Home Minister has recently been jumping up and down the 'ultra' ladder like a kera kena belacan because he knows he is the unfortunate VP in the way of Muhkriz's ascendancy.

Muhkriz must go for it this year while daddy is still in his (dad's) king-maker prime. He is a nice boy but without daddy, he will be like a babe in the woods to feral creatures like Ahmad Zahid, Ali Rustam, and of course KJ. He must become VP before daddy loses his powers.

Thus the f**king Chinese must do their loyal duty and allow themselves to be bashed for darling Muhkriz. Daddy is doing it now, but Muhkriz will take over as the UMNO elections approach.

Now who says the f**king Chinese are useless when it's obvious they are of great use, wakakaka.



  1. Too many points. Would like to comment on the first two points .

    One Mahathir got it spot on. His position is the same in his book and not based on your write. He's consistent in his world view for a long while already.

    Umno under Pak lah is very very dissappointing. But the statement Umno now then was worse than in the past is baffling. The Chinese supported Umno dr M in the past. They like the Umno then. But now full of hate for the sane consistent stand of dr Mahathir?

    What dr m said is true. The dap propaganda push a no compromise position for Chinese cloak under the guise of Malaysian first. Malays see this hypocritical stand. For example calling for Malaysian first on one hand and protect policy of dividing our youngs by race and denying children of various races to meet. This hypocritical approach has pushed more and more Malays to Umno as evidence by election. It will make PAS more and more vulnerable. Point is the more Chinese take this dap approach of confrontational no compromise stand, the more polarized we become as Malays will react again. The Sri pristina case is an example. Its not racial but these people make it racial. Malays see this unreasonable and against anything Malay just like TITAS. No more the spirit of compromise.

    1. Once Dr Mahathir promoted Wawasan 2020. He has obviously abandoned or even rejected that. He is now spewing anti Chinese diatribe. He has changed, we too must change to address his bigoted airings.

  2. By the way, if anyone agrees with RPK article, then you must necessarily agree with what I said we shouldn't take a racial approach to this Sri pristina case. To disagree with me but agree with RPK is contradictory.

    1. Unfortunately Utusan, Perkasa etc have taken reins of the runaway racist wagon.

  3. It is statistically true that the 24% Chinese alone cannot seize power through the ballot box. But the 90% voting bloc of these 24% Chinese can be enormously powerful.

    The silver-tounged Malay traitor Anwar Ibrahim is still hard at work attempting to swing over some 40% of the Bumiputra vote.
    I never underestimate his capacity and skill to sway large numbers of voters, especially those who are already dissatisfied with UMNO's performance in some way or another.

    With additional Indian votes - which thanks to a moribund MIC, the DAP has more Indian MPs than MIC.

    The danger to the Malays in GE14, if UMNO does not toughen up its act , will be a government superficially with a Malay leadership in front, but with DAP Chinese holding the real power in closed-door meetings.
    Anwar Ibrahim or one of his clan may well get to be Prime Minister, but DAP Chinese will call the shots in a Pakatan government.

    The Ali Baba Perak Pakatan government is exactly the model DAP Chinese are attempting to engineer - a Malay majority state effectively ruled by the Chinese. Fortunately, that experiment proved short-lived.

    1. @TM. They say that there is nothing permanent in politics. If say UMNO invites DAP to join them in replacement of MCA, then how will your views change?

    2. How racist can you be? May I know what is wrong for a chinese to be politically powerful anyway? If he is powerful or prove to be a capable leader it can only move the country forward. I don't see any wrong in an Indian or any other non-malay being a PM. I also have no problems with a Malay being a PM. Point is, being a PM or leader of the country is to help govern and move the country forward in terms of economy and other stuff.

      So what if it's a malay as a ruler but chinese behind or vice versa as long as the country is fair and prosperous?

      So pray tell what sort of thinking do you have here? Let me answer for you, the mindset of a racist.

    3. Chinese or Indian PM? Don't even think about it. Not with all the current hysteria about Chinese usurping Malay power.

      In some ways, India do not seems to have this kind of phobia; at one time the President of India is a Muslim nuclear scientist, and the Prime Minister a Sikh (and still is). Despite the history of Muslim and Sikh conflict in India and that a previous Prime Minister (Indira Gandhi) was assassinated by two Sikhs.

  4. It is obvious from Mahathir's repeated rantings that he is one with deep, deep psychological demons regarding the Chinese in Malaysia.
    The kind of mental trauma which typically occurs either in childhood or early adulthood that can scar a person's outlook for life.

    This kind of mental damage needs medical attention, but at his age, he may not be receptive of any need for help.

    Does anybody know what may have occurred ? This could go back 50, 60 years, unfortunately its not likely anyone who witnessed it is still alive today.

  5. I'm one of the older Chinamen.

    The main concern is for the sake of our children's future.
    There's no dilemma. The choice is very simple.

    Are we to 'sit still' doing nothing when our basic rights are taken away unfairly, or,

    by putting up a fight to prevent or slow down the erosion of those rights ?

    1. I can feel you Anon 1148...

      Yes, generally the Malays are reluctant to oppose political leaders who use words or version of racism that have been put on offer by the political leaders. I know it is very disappointing.

      If we were to really analyse it, it is only the political leaders’ expression of wish fulfilment rather than an insight into the complexities of what we all are actually facing now.

      Racism begets racism. But to you being the minority the final denouement is always seen as disintegration or perhaps to accept dictatorships and new dictatorships. Islam will never want you to feel that way or being treated that way. Personally, I do not think it would end the way as you would see it.

      Of course you have every right to fight for your right and for the sake of your childrens' future in a peaceful way.


    2. Hasan,
      You're reasonable and fair.

      But why the need to use religion to justify your argument ?

      In any society, it's wrong to treat another unfairly. That has nothing to do with religion.

      "All, too, will bear in mind this sacred principle,
      that through the will of the majority is in all cases to prevail, that will to be rightful must be reasonable;
      that the minority posseses their equal rights,
      which equal law must protect, and to voilate would be oppression." by Thomas Jefferson

    3. Dear KT,

      I have posted the first paragraph of this write elsewhere but please allow me to post it here because I think it has relevancy to Anon 931 question.

      From Auf bin Malik, he said, Muhammad the Messenger, said: “The Jews were divided into seventy-one sects, then only one group of people who go to heaven and that seventy more will go to hell. The Christians were divided into groups of seventy-two sects, then seventy-one groups in hell and only one group of people who go to heaven. In the name of God, myself in his power, my Ummah will be divided into seventy-three sects, only one group of people who enter Paradise and seventy-two others will go to hell. The companions asked Muhammad, “Who are safe”? The Prophet, replied, “They are the Ummah of The Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jumaah”. [Hadis Riwayat (narrated by) Ibnu Majah]

      Anon 931, from the above Hadis, you would see that Islam recognizes Jews and Christians and who would also be going to heaven. So, heaven is not only for Muslims eh.. Jews, Christians and Muslims will be living together in peace and harmony However, it is interesting to note that the Muslims (73) are more divided than the Jews (71) and the Christians (72).

      Perhaps, you have already known the meaning of ‘The Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jumaah’ who is those who remain steadfast to the Qur’an and Sunnah and also with the stance of the companions of Muhammaad. Apart from this group of Muslims, the others are misguided and will end up in hell.

      Now, let us go to your Thomas Jefferson. He also wrote this: “Is religious uniformity attainable? Millions of innocent men, women and children, since the introduction of Christianity, have been burnt, tortured, fined, imprisoned; yet we have not advanced on inch toward uniformity. What has been the effect of coercion? To make one-half of the world fools, and the other hypocrites.”

      Thus, Jefferson gave the logic and the spirit of the U.S. Constitution and the U.S. became the first secular state in the world. Likewise, as I have already mentioned, in view of our multi-racial society, I am for balanced secularism but not dogmatic secularism from the west. If not, as what had happened to the Christians, I would think torrents of blood may be spilled amongst Muslims and also Non-Muslims here at home.

      We need to get rid all the layers of our unintelligenibility and emotions, and then we sit down together and discuss what we want for our country. As food for thought, perhaps those in skull-cap, loose-white, and peppered-beard should not be in politics. As I said it is just a food for thought, ok.

      Anon 931... in order for me to be balanced you must always allow me to mention religion in my write.


    4. Isn't it an illusion to expect a level playing field in anything when one has relegated all other religions as inferior ?

  6. Kind of sad to be a Chinese in Malaysia. Kiri kena, kanan pun kena........

  7. Latest incident HM tells students to "Balik Cina"

  8. Very well put, KT. When these so-called super patriotic Umno people stridently ratchet up their 'Hantam Cina', even the most forgetful will know that the Umno election is round the corner.

    Heheheh....these Chinese must feel very sore and bruised....after all, they just had had a walloping in the aftermath of the GE13...and now they have to heave another long sigh of "here we go again.....will these Malays just stop already, enough is enough lah ?!"

    Here's another equally well written article titled Dr Mahathir's Lies and Falsehoods with regards to claim of Chinese grab for power :

  9. What is there to be sad about the Chinese ?

    They own 80% of retail outlets in Malaysia, 80% of the Housing development business, provide 90% of the senior management of Multi-National companies operations, pay over 80% of the Income tax (according to Mahathir) - which means they are "loaded".

    As someone here commented before, the Chinese are First Class citizens in Malaysia.
    Its the poor kampung Malays who get the very short end of the economic deal.

  10. Kalau tak suka, sila keluar. Tak ada siapa yang menghalang.

  11. The run-up to the party polls is the silly season again with hopefuls trying to outdo each other to be the champions of the race/religion again.

    One have taken the cue from the the non-statement of the Selangor police regarding the allegedly seditious photos of the changing room.

    The Penang 'racist' doctors accusation have been deflated by the statement from the health minister. Oh, the accusation itself is not seditious at all!

  12. Extract from the article "Dr Mahathir's Lies & Falsehoods" :

    'One demon is that of the alleged Chinese control of the economy. As . Mahathir knows, it is the GLCs and Malays that control the commanding heights of the economy. There is no longer any Chinese control for the simple reason that much of Chinese capital and enterprise have been driven out of the country by the NEP.

    The most lucrative sector – oil and gas – is under Petronas which is controlled by the Malays.

    Similarly too, the banking, automobile, defence, agricultural and hi-tech sectors are all controlled by Malays and GLCs, leaving other Malaysians with scraps.

    Add to this the new Malay billionaires such as Daim Zainuddin, Syed Mokhtar Al Bhukery, Eleena Azlan Shah, Azman Hashim, his own son, Mokhzani Mahathir, and many others such as the Sarawak Chief Minister, Taib Mahmud, whose wealth abroad is not so easily quantifiable by Forbes, and it becomes clear that the spectre of Chinese economic dominance simply falls apart.

    Mahathir may have to rely on the Chinese tradesman to fix his computer, car or air-conditioning but this is different from Chinese control of the economy!'

  13. To digress a little, there is an issue highlighted by DPM Muhyiddin yesterday at Rumah Kasih Bestari. Putting the diferent news reports together, it seems that he was accusing nons of insulting Islam, mentioning a video of dogs near a mosque with the takbir raya, ablution etc.

    Latest reports turn out that the video as made by a Muslim lady.