Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Children of a lesser god

Malaysiakini - Non-Muslim students forced to eat in shower room

School canteen is closed for puasa so the above happened.

flame of forest
better to eat under such a tree than in a bathroom

In my days, during Puasa, Muslim students were given access to the library during meal recess; some of them gathered beneath the canopies of the several flame-of-the-forests (butea monosperma, parrot tree) that grew in my school to chit chat until class resumed. The non-Muslims continued their use of the school canteen as per non-Puasa times.

Today, the 'nons' are banished to the confines of a shower room, next to a smelly and filthy toilet.

One distressed mum said: "The bathroom is full of bacteria and smells ... and the toilet next door has a horrible smell."

Apparently, when parents complained to the school, the school administrators merely told the students to go to another bathroom or a store room.

Why couldn't they be allowed to use the canteen. Afterall that's what a canteen is for. No one was asking for the Muslim students to join in. Why must 'nons' be denied due access to the appropriate facility for meals?

From the Malay Mail Online, she was reported to asked:

“Is this fair? Can school treat like this. No food serve and no canteen. That bathroom is full of bacteria and smell because it's a bathroom and next door 
[to a] toilet with the horrible smell.”

“Is it fair for a Sekolah Kebangsaan Sri Pristana treatment our non Muslim children like this during puasa month?”

The mum continued (as reported by Malaysiakini):

"As a mother, I am in tears and sadness. How many times do they need to run ...? Dear Malay friends, is this fair to you? Does your Allah allow this?"

No Mum, Allah swt does NOT countenance such inequality. It's man who proposes and in Malaysia, also man who disposes (such callous injustice).


  1. And predictably, just like in your previous post on Alvivi, this time the apologists siding with the school have posted comments justified the principle's action by saying it's not a toilet, it's a washroom, the canteen is being upgraded etc. Despite photos showing the canteen is not being renovated.

    1. Will we be seeing RPK coming out now with his guns blazing at these 'mother fuckers' as he puts it for all hypocrites ?

      Err...not quite....now that the shoe is on the other foot. A visit to his site indeed revealed that not even his shadow can be detected....all's quiet on the western front, heheheh, so unlike his mad-dog frothing at the mouth re the idiotic alvivi case. But let's be charitable....may be he's truly tied up and is really busy with his kopitiam biz in his ang mo motherland. Or may be he's saving his bugis amok wind for another more worthy cause...like when the Chinese pigs dare to again hurt the sensitivities of the Malays.

  2. Hello those advocates of One-School system....where are you now ? Speak up lah.

    As for the guru besar of this school, he/she need not be overly worried about all this brouhaha...when everything quietens down, you will be rewarded...there are ample examples of past headmasters/headmistresses who 'dera' the step-students born of lesser god being well rewarded for their efforts to fight for Agama, Bangsa dan Negara.

    This is the kind of 'unfettered' liberties the non Muslims have enjoyed in this country....what more do they want...at least they still have a mouth to complain, right ? What's wrong with eating next to smelly toilets .....? It is only for one month per year only. If a non Muslim child finishes school after fifth form, that student only suffers for 11 months of his life so far....this is good for his soul, toughen him/her up for more discrimination later down the road of being a citizen of this country. This is called the hard knocks of life's experience to help one to overcome life's unfairness.

  3. A religion usually teaches its followers that theirs' is the one and only religion - matchless. Is this the reason why they view and treat others as children of a lesser god ?

    1. "The belief that there is only one truth and that oneself is in possession of it seems to me the deepest root of all evil that is in the world."...... Max Born

  4. I am upset and angry because the canteen should be opened to serve the Non-Muslim students during the month of Ramadhan. Can those who created this unpleasant polemic please invoke the Qur'an or the examples of the life of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) to support this position?


  5. This is the worst write I've read from you. Your race angle is wrong and inciting hatred. There is no discrimination here. The Malays used the shower room before puasa. Once puasa starts they' couldn't be there coz they cannot eat. How can this be discriminatory?

    The issue whether the shower room can be used as a toilet is a valid argument. But to focus on race and inciting hatred based on a discolored facts are totally a different matter. The latter is contemptuous.

    Never believe 100% pro pr news aggregator as the truth like kini and tmi and those spread on Internet. Just recheck the facts.

    If after checking you're satisfied that Muslims do use it before puasa, hope you have decency to withdraw the article and condemn the people spreading these racists propaganda.

    1. CBMF Ellese,

      Here is the latest report from the finding of the dept of Selangor education.

      'With immediate effect, the non muslim pupils r allowed to use the canteen space for meals.'

      So, what the f**k about canteen under renovation? Suddenly a Jjin comes along & complete the renovation works overnight? Or more likely thee was/is no renovation at all.

      One other thing only a kangkong product could ever thought of an excuse like that, thinking that everyone else r like him. Renovation done on school compound during schooling days? Couldn't it be done during the school holiday? Oop, could be bcoz school holiday is holiday & nobody, including that ass-brained principal!

      There was proof that the so called 'bilik bersalinan' was used purely by the muslim pupils for changing purposes, but definitely NOT for 'makan' intend.

      Dude, u r a desgrace to yr AlfBaTa. Better try, next time.

      Shove yr hypocrisy up yrs!

    2. Dear Ellese,

      I can consider your point. But first do we agree with these statements?

      1. The school said it “wanted to avoid a mess being made in the canteen”.
      2. Kamalanathan said “the school could have appointed a temporary canteen operator to run the operation during the Ramadhan”.

      Thus, I guess there is a full-time canteen operator appointed by the school. If so, both the aforesaid statements/reasons are not acceptable to me. I strongly disagree because the appointed/contracted full-time canteen operator should have and must run the school canteen even during the month of Ramadhan.

      I think the operator did not want to operate the canteen during Ramadhan because there will be few students and hence no volume and thus running at a loss. This should not be allowed by the school.

      Is there such a clause in the contract that permits the operator no to operate the canteen during Ramadhan? If there is such a clause then who prepared/signed the contract? However, If such a clause is not in the contract then who gave the permission to the canteen operator to not operate during the month of Ramadhan?

      To me the appointed/contracted full-time canteen operator must operate the canteen even it means incurring a loss. You can manage that loss. Make it a small loss which you have already factored in and buttressed it during the non fasting months.

      If I am wrong, may I ask the Headmaster: Is it logical to run a school without appointing a contracted full-time canteen operator?


    3. Bro, I can consider but I don't have that much facts. What I cannot accept is the racist angle created by those who condemn racism. Then worse people justifying their own racism.

  6. To anon 6:20

    The reason we support one school system is because we do not believe that Malaysia should practice an education policy which separates our children by race. This is racist. It denies children from different race to mix and grow up together and against the Malaysian first policy of LKS.

    Whatever defect with the one school system, we have to rectify it for our children's betterment. But the solution cannot be by separating them by race. Trust this explains loud and clear.

    1. The current situation in the national schools : ( as written by blogger Art Harun - an excerpt)

      "National schools would recite prayers before class begin in the morning.

      Quranic verses and hadith would adorn walls in the canteen, school office and even classes.

      Ustaz and ustazah would even ask school kids to raise their hands if their parents do not pray 5 times a day.

      In secondary schools, the tudung is not compulsory for girls - according to the Ministry of Education's circular, if I am not mistaken - but girls without tudung would be viewed askance by schoolmates and teachers alike.

      Due to the small number of non-Muslim/Malay kids in national schools, the Malay kids do not have the opportunity to mix around and integrate with non-Malays in their formative and impressionable years.

      The small number of non-Malay kids also gives a sense of false superiority complex to the Malay kids as well as teachers.

      Thus, my race and my religion are more important than you, your religion and everything else."

      And the islamization of national schools is not the only problem. The teaching standard, the current curriculum imposed down, the attitudes of the majority of the teachers and school heads, and a host of other student related issues are the reasons why non Muslim parents avoid sending their children there.

      Ellese....you said..."Whatever defect with the one school system, we have to rectify it for our children's betterment."

      Easier said than done. There is absolutely no political will to do any correction when these people refused to acknowledge that there is even a defect in the first place. Horror past events...like the Dep PM trying to force 'down the throats' of students the 'enlightening' literature book Interlok which insults the non Malay races, the true stories of headmasters and headmistresses telling the non Malay students to 'go back, balik tong san' and telling off the Indian students as 'dogs' etc.....all these are NOT recognised as defects. In fact, these wayward head of schools were let off and incredibly, were even promoted after the uproar quietened down.

      Now you see why the parents of non Malay students prefer to protect their children's young minds from such abuse before great damage is done as it might years to rectify the defects, if at all.

    2. Why are you justifying racism? We must put a stop to this.

      You can always play a role. I send my kids to national school. I get my self into PTA. Buffet once said of the deplorable condition of US education that if you don't have a stake no one will improve it. It makes sense.

      By supporting a policy of segregating our children by race you chicken out of the challenge and dishounring it by perpetuating a racist policy. Then you have no right to complain racism of others.

  7. Erratum: in my 5:24 it should be read as follows: The issue whether the shower room can be used as a canteen is a valid argument

  8. Ellese A, Hasan,

    The education ministry usually promotes senior assitants to become headmasters (HMs) based chiefly on seniority and yearly performance appraisals. Once appointed, the training of the HMs focuses on school finance, education acts, pedagogy, student assessment, and so on. No particular emphasis is given to handling diverse mutiracial and religious needs in school. HMs have to rely on their past experience and common sense to run the school when a situation arises. The repeat of similar mistakes in SK Seri Pristana can be avoided if the HMs are made aware of the many issues that are likely to cause offence to a race or religion and what approprite steps to take in their training.

    Come on, this case has nothing to do with race or religion. It's a case of an acute lack of training and absent of common sense in the part of the headmaster.

    1. Anon 1042,

      I can concur with you. Please refer to my reply to Ellese at 1115.

      I would agree with Ellese that the shower room is being used by both Nons and Muslims who did not fast for whatever reasons, especially the Muslim girls. Thus, I opine that it is not about children with a lesser God.

      I put the blame on the Headmaster/Administrator though who could have avoided this issue have they shifted their responsibilities to the appointed/contracted canteen operator to run the canteen even during the month of Ramadhan. Period.

    2. What training r u talking about?

      This is BASIC human courtesy, moron!

      It's transient in any educated human being, unless u r talking about kangkong product.

  9. Kaytee,

    While everyone in their right minds are condemning such dismay incident, your "sweetie fella blogger Helen Ang" is gallantly defending the school...............wakaka


    1. Yeah, and better not attempt to engage or argue with the commentators there. One regular here (HY) recently got mauled by here loyal disciples there.

  10. I think En. Hasan has a point here, as his remarks are similar to my experience in my workplace organisation. The HM is a manager or "captain" of his school, and is his responsibility to manage the resources for the best interest of all stakeholders, balancing costs with the interest of users and using his experience, skill, resourcefulness etc. Even if he has delegated to a deputy or to someone down the ranks, it's still his responsibility that comes with his rank and pay.

  11. I'm not sure which is worse - this case of pupils being forced to eat in the shower room, or the case last year near my place where the HM simply issued a blanket order - "bagi menghormati Bulan Ramadhan yang mulia" no pupil was allowed to eat any food in school premises.
    I heard the entire school only had an enrolment of 10 non-Muslims, but it still amounted to forced Puasa for the Nons.

    And you wonder why the Nons simply don't bother to enrol the children in Sekolah Kebangsaan @ Sekolah Melayu anymore ?

  12. This episode is common now especially in Government institutions, where the syndrome of "I am more Muslim than you" is deeply planted. The BTN, Biro Tata Negara has played a big role in this syndrome. Long time ago in Malaysia, during school recess time in the Ramadan month, Muslim student (there were fasting) can chit chat freely with non-Muslim students (there were having their meal together)without any issue. Nowadays it seems to the non-Muslim it's a crime or insult having meal within the vicinity of Muslim especially in government institution during the Ramadan.

    1. Its not a race issue unless those having a racist mindset make it out to be one.

  13. Dear anon 7:59

    Your reply is utterly rubbish. The fact that the shower room has been used by both Muslims and non Muslims show there's no discrimination. Its your siege mentality of creating a racial issue out of this. Shame of you. Don't be racist. You can argue on the appropriateness with me but approaching it from a racial angle is utterly despicable.

    1. Don't dear me. I don't need it from a MF hypocrite.

      The bull that the 'shower room' had been used by both Muslim & non-muslim pupils, since March is just a cover-up. There r reports, by the parents, that that shower room only double up as a makan place 2 days after Ramadan started.

      So, no discrimination? My foot!

      BTW, judging from the numbers of story changing from the school - from renovation, to canteen too small, to pupil messing up the canteen, to etc etc - why don't that Moroni hm just spills throw truth?

      Typically bully - will act infront of the weaks & ignorants. Once caught, then play dumb.

      U r just like that double-faced hm - trying to be rational up front & yet deep down u r full of whit.

      Don't u feel ashamed for acting bodoh sombong during Ramadan? Perhaps it's indeed u known zilch about fitnah. Where's yr family/religious teaching?

      Yr shit is showing!!!!!

    2. Ramadan liar.

    3. Stupid fool,

      Why are you selective? Who the heck says you're right? PTA is ok with it you dumb fool. Its not discriminatory but you have a racist mindset thinking everyone is as racist as you are.

      So Don't pick and select fact ikut suka hati.

      You are racist to the core. You are those who call for Malaysian first but have no qualm supporting an apartheid policy of segregating our children by race.

      What a racist hypocrite. If you dare come at hakbersuara to debate your numbskull intellect. You are the sort of person that if its a fact they used before puasa you will deny the truth. You will find some obscure reason to justify your racist mindset. Bloody racist hypocrite.

      Ps: KT you have allowed him to use foul four letter languages and seek to reply in a harsher manner in dealing with racist morons like this.

  14. So many crap comments everywhere in the past 24hrs *sigh* I feel so, so sorry for the innocent children who got this kind of downright methodical crap treatment early in life. Dammit, in a hallowed place called school where they should feel secure and happy to receive ilmu pengetahuan from the adults

  15. Damn the HM. Macam tinggal kat hospital pakar wad kelas 1 dgn toilet adjoining to the room. Kita kena makan dalam wad dgn toilet bersambung dgn bilik wad. Sungguh menjijikkan sekali. Imagine all the bacterias lingering around.
    Or if we go and eat at mamak shop or most kedai2 makan with toilet termasuklah McDonald & Pizza Hut at the back adjoining the eating area. Sungguh kotor dan menjijikkan dgn kuman2 berkeliaran. Juga kedai2 makan cina yg mejanya diletak diluar tempat parking dgn habuk2 dan kuman2 berterbangan. Sungguh enak sekali ketika makna. Saya rasa orang ramai sudah kebiasan makan ditempat2 spt ini.
    Melihat keadaan didalam bilik persalinan di sekolah itu dgn meja dialas dan lantai bermozek berkilat bersih, huhhh memang menjijikkan spt di tempat2 yg diatas. Semoga diambil teladan.
    Some Muslims also pray in ‘changing rooms’ or wards. To them, it is clean enough.

  16. I am not surprised given the poison that has been spewed by ultras like Ibrahim Ali and other UMNO "leaders" with the tacit approval of UMNO and its kutus like MCA, MIC, etc over so many years. These ultras have demonised non-Malays so much that even half rational Malays feel it their "duty" to belittle the Nons. It goes on in so many spheres of our life that I do not expect any change even with MIC's and MCA's new found sense of obligations to their members and families. This guy is a pure idiot poisoned by cries for Malay Unity and the like. Some others do it just to get a bribe (they are the brighter ones). Malaysia Habis! for me anyway.

  17. Ellese cannot get the point that eating in the toilet is like shitting in the kitchen. Try as you may but a twisted mind just cannot work this out more rationally.

    But try we must to make her see the light. In this particular case though she might need to have a good nose as a precondition - does she have one?

  18. Why are you justifying racism? We must put a stop to this.