Tuesday, December 07, 2010

UMNO booting out MCA?

Well-known UMNO blogger Sakmongkol AK 47 otherwise known as Dato' Mohd. Ariff Sabri bin Hj. Abdul Aziz, the former ADUN of Pulau Manis, Pekan ( 2004-2008) wrote an interesting proposal in his post Give MCA the boot.

In brief, he is annoyed with MCA for not behaving like Gerakan, PPP or the other BN component parties who were/are all happy to have handouts from Taiko. I love his description of those fawning non-UMNO leaders, for example, "Koh Tsu Koon will be eternally grateful if he can have a safe seat. His loss of Penang has exposed the emptiness of his rule over Penang those years. These are the people who get wet dreams during daytime" wakakaka.

But the MCA caused him some grief. He lamented: The MCA would have none of that. They don't want UMNO to big-brother them. They want to decide equally. Chua Soi Lek's MCA flails against anything UMNO these days. Decision making at UMNO Supreme Council, the 30% wealth owned by Malays, but never on who owns the 70% wealth. Indeed with everything UMNO has accomplished, does and will do.

So why do we keep MCA around anymore? Send it to pasture and let's see what those MCA ministers without office and governmental power can do. Let's see what Ng Yen Yen can do in Raub or Leow the unhealthy health minister can do.

He also excoriated Liow Tiong Lai for failing as a Health Minister. Well, I have no quarrel with that but Dato’ should know that Liow calls Najib “our beloved PM” wakakaka, and no doubt Najib has a soft spot for Raja Bodek.

Anyway, I see two items in his article worth discussing, namely:

(1) His criticism of Chua SL attempting to question the 30% wealth allocated for Malays, but never on who owns the 70% wealth, and

(2) Booting MCA out from BN. He stated: Since the MCA cannot deliver anything to the BN, it should be let loose. Probably its time for UMNO and BN to cultivate allegiance with other Chinese centric parties. Or from the Chinese directly. They are a practical and pragmatic lot. Just show and implement what they want and MCA is irrelevant.

On his first point, I agree with him, but strictly on a qualified basis that if a proper, fair and equitable distribution of national wealth had been implemented, the Malays rightfully should get 70% and the others 30%.

But note my qualifications, “…proper, fair and equitable distribution of national wealth had been implemented …”.

The point is the above has not been achieved in the last 52 years of UMNO rule (let's not pretend it wasn't UMNO which ruled and is still ruling the country, all by itself). In the latter stages of UMNO's half century of rule, the government's policies on, and implementation in the distribution of national wealth was horrendously fraught with corruption!

Some would argue that more than 70% of the national wealth had already passed into or through Malay UMNO hands, though which particular pair or pairs of hands, well, we certainly need to ask? Would Dato’ Ariff enlighten us? After all, he is not a person who is unfamiliar with the lie[ooops, excuse my error] lay of Boleh Land.

Be that as it may, assuming hypothetically that 70% of the national wealth is in non-Malay hands, say, as examples, Vincent Tan and that bloke Liew, a developer who said the Chinese have benefitted enormously from NEP, we must then ask about their amazing good fortune to come into such wealth-making opportunities and indeed whether their affiliations have anything to do with it. C’mon Dato’, we aren’t kids who were just born yesterday and are still sucking mummy’s toes. We all know there's no such thing as a freebie in this world, and that applies as well to Vincent Tan.

Dato’, I am not supporting Chua Soi Lek in the least, but look, when he was posturing by saying things he believes would appease the Chinese voters, he actually made a motherhood statement. But like all motherhood statements, he spoke a truth where the solution may not be so easy nor likely to be achieved. Mind you, not that he really cares because as mentioned, he was merely posturing.

But to be fair to Chua, he has no choice. He knows he has to do something, anything, to be seen as ... well ... doing something or anything wakakaka, even if he has to offend UMNO, because the MCA is currently a walking dead. What is there for him or MCA to lose anyway? For Chua and his MCA, it's a case of do or die.

The reason non-Malays question the 30% for Malays is not so much they begrudge Malays receiving a fair share of the national wealth, but that this 30% represents an open cheque-book by stealth for UMNO leaders (not Malays) to plunder the national coffers.

The magic 30% has been why someone in Selangor received millions for not doing anything in a hospital project. It is also the magic that transformed a former railway gate guard into a powerful man, when he was alive, who could even own a palace, building it with all sorts of council rules being ignored or broken, and who opened satay shops in places where others couldn’t. Guess why someone could receive a RM700 million commission in a submarine deal when the Malaysian government could have save that by dealing directly with the French manufacturer?

It also explains why Malays in some parts of Kelantan still live in shacks with no electricity and young kids perilously cross broken bridges on a daily basis while on their way to school - Related: Kelantan's Bridges of Death - and the central government talks about RM5 billion ringgit building or spending millions so that a bolehnaut can live in space.

On his second point, personally I like to see UMNO kick MCA out. Maybe some good will come out for MCA members. As for Dato's suggestion that UMNO cultivates “allegiance with other Chinese centric parties. Or from the Chinese directly” well, here's what I think!

“Cultivating allegiance with other Chinese centric parties”! Oh oh Dato', did you mean the DAP that UMNO members have been accusing of being a solely Chinese party? Puhleeeze lah, surely not a sneaky attempt to enervate DAP a la what Tun Razak did to Gerakan in 1972? It'll be a mere swap of MCA for the DAP. I remember you mentioning this before, for UMNO to drop MCA and court DAP instead. Why Dato', I didn't know you're such an unfaithful flirt wakakaka. I am sure DAP people would say thanks but no thanks.

As for appealing directly to the Chinese, I believe developer Liew and Vincent Tan will give their maximum support wakakaka, but I’m not sure about the rest of the Chinese, people like Foong Ah See and brother Ah Man, who unlike Mr Liew (or probably Datuk or Tan Sri Liew) haven't benefitted from the NEP like he has - Related: 2 fallen by the wayside.

But Dato’ Ariff, you should remember (as I was informed) that there are some 60 federal seats in Peninsula, with Malay majority (hence to be likely contested by UMNO against PAS/PKR) but with significant number of Chinese voters. Alas, I know you won't like it but their polling outcomes may depend on the crucial minority Chinese votes.

Go ahead, I wish UMNO all the best.


  1. The wealth diminishing
    The gravy train is running slowly
    The many greedy ones trying to undercut
    The best and fittest shall be the winner

    There are limited resources
    Dividing amongst the members
    So the nonperforming ones should go
    Leaving the pool for the few to share

    Ameeno has the dream of numbers
    It's leaders think they can go alone
    As one Malacca CM arrogantly said
    The minnows just kept quiet tails between the legs

    MCA wants to live
    It's leaders know the gambling pit
    The snakes hissing while they try
    Playing pokers chasing for a life

    Yet the gambling doesn't work out
    It falls flat as ameeno refuses to accept
    The game of the coalition only on paper
    It's best MCA quit stay out of politics

    It's leaders should sit back
    Counting the ways they have gone wrong
    Back to the board and think of a new plan
    With the coalition ameeno takes them for show

    Now ameeno feels the numbers growing
    Direct membership to its power ready plan
    Without MCA ameeno feels it can survive
    Will MCA recognize the lady Macbeth?

    The Gulliver's travels
    The giant will fall
    With little people united
    Nothing will stop them

    MCA look in the mirror
    What it is for you?
    Years of collaborations
    Ameeno treats you second best

  2. Gee..this Mohd. Ariff is a racist too, though not sure whether whether the bugger is an opportunist/rent seeker..

  3. Anyone from Amno is either a crook or a thief !

  4. KT,

    Superb response. This is a fair piece and I am sure Sakmongkol will take note.

    Whether he agrees or not is another matter.