Thursday, December 09, 2010

Hikayat Seri Rama in 5 scenes

Scene 1 - [Chua Soi Lek enters stage]

Seri Rama talks tough [also practise shooting an arrow at someone, so happens 'twas a DVD seller].

applause applause by Lagur-Katagina mob

Scene 2 - [Hishamuddin enters stage]

Hisham Rawana says Soi Lek Sri Rama has upset Umno Lankan leaders [tempted to wave his cakra but suppresses that urge]

boo’s by Lagur-Katagina mob

Scene 3 - [Lok Seng Kok enters stage]

MCA Lakshman fights back over ‘ketuanan Melayu Lankans’ and junior partner role

applause applause by Lagur-Katagina mob

Scene 4 - [Koh Tsu Koon enters stage]

Tsu Koon Siti Dewi backs Soi Lek Seri Rama in junior partner row
[keeps an eye on Rawana to see whether backing Seri Rama would be okay]

even Lagur-Katagina mob wakakaka

Scene 5 - [Ong Tee Keat enters stage]

Tee Keat Kumbakarna says Soi Lek Seri Rama backed ‘ketuanan Melayu Lankans’

50% Lagur-Katagina mob applause, another 50% boo

Meanwhile, Pak Haji Nik Aziz [in the audience] warns actors that Kelantan has banned the staging of the Hikayat Seri Rama.

PAS audience applause

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