Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Lim GE, Utusan Malaysia & Hartalmsm

When a non-BN leader becomes the subject of UMNO’s repetitive and concerted vilifications and a victim of its campaign of demonization, you can guess he is getting too popular for UMNO’s liking.

When that non-BN leader is a Chinese, you can bet he is getting too popular with the Malay electorate.

When that non-BN leader is a DAP man, hell’s bells, UMNO shits bricks because that just won’t do … no no no … it’ll be a disaster … for UMNO of course.

Not that the DAP leader’s breakthrough into hitherto UMNO (or PAS, PKR) territory is advance, but hey hey hey, better to nip the Cina Apek’s appeal in the bud.

DAP leaps into 'pseudo-M'sian' battle reported:

DAP publicity secretary Tony Pua was equally disdainful of the daily.

“Never before in history has the DAP, a party that Utusan Malaysia has previously regarded as irrelevant, become the object of obsession to an Umno-owned newspaper.”

“ It is most laughable when Utusan had to appeal to its readers not to boycott the paper due to 'political sentiments' and to blame Pakatan (when its) business (was affected). It appears that Utusan is attempting to rationalise its loss of readership (by blaming) external factors instead of looking inwards at their incessant racial posturing, outright lies and inflammatory headlines such as Bangkitlah Melayu as being the main causes.”

“The relentless attacks on the DAP only serve to prove that DAP and Pakatan are making major inroads in proving to the people that we are not only competent in governance, but that - despite having a DAP chief minister in Penang - Malays and Muslims enjoy greater rights and benefits than under a BN administration.”

Thus, Utusan Malaysia pours on Lim Guan Eng cauldron after cauldron of vile poison.

And what has Hartalmsm, the so-called mainstream media monitor, been doing? It turns itself into an anti-DAP and anti-Pakatan blog, ignoring Utusan's lies, disinformation and misinformation while attacking Lim Guan Eng.

Mainstream media monitor? As Balram Halwai, the hero in Aravind Adiga's Man Booker prize-winning book, The White Tiger, would say: "What a fucking joke". wakakaka


  1. hartalmsm is paid by UMNO and thieves.
    bullshit if its role is to monitor mainstream you said, its nothing but DAP bashing.
    hartal my arse, idiots. go eat shit, buffons. where are you buttercup?

  2. I am here, matey.
    I dont read Utusan. Only Star and the NST.
    Anyhow why is the father and son being so petty gunning down on Utusan only?
    Utusan is playing the same tune as the Chinese papers. And UMNO does not care a hoot about that.
    Why is DAP so jerky. Just ignore it.
    Double standard yeah. It's okay for the Chinese papers to be extra racist. Not okay for Malay papers.
    No wonder DAP is still the opposition.

  3. //Utusan is playing the same tune as the Chinese papers//--- buttercup

    ever read of the Chinese papers calling najib a pendatang and demanding he returns to sulawesi?

  4. Thaught DAP won't last in Penang but they proves me wrong and even doing better than expected. Not bad.

  5. Buttercup,
    Do you really read Chinese newspapers? Or those articles translated by MCA/GERAKAN clowns for Utusan? Read and understand the articles yourself than form your OWN opinion instead of being led by the nose! Incidentally, ALL Chinese newspapers are owned by MCA/GERAKAN/UMNO-friendly businessman like Tan Sri/Sir Tiong of Sarawak. To publish something that is not in tune with UMNO, you must be kidding!