Sunday, September 14, 2008

2 fallen by the wayside

Everyone knows my Canto is really dodgy so I wonder whether I am right if I use the term ‘hoe ch’arm’ to mean ‘it’s pitiful’. In Penang Hokkien I would have said ‘cheen chnea ch’arm’ or even more Penang-ish 'cheen chnea kisian'*

* (I'm sure most of you would recognise the word 'kisian' even though it has been spelt to reflect Penang Hokkien pronunciation).

These words spring to mind when I read in the
Star Online of the way two brothers, 72-year old Foong Ah See and 63-year old Ah Man, struggle to live from day to day.

The two poor Ah Peh’s have been living in a dilapidated zinc shack for more than 20 years.

The Star reported: With each passing storm, their dwelling becomes more rundown. To top it off, Ah See and Ah Man, no longer have any surviving relatives to care for them and are both mentally handicapped. Ah See works in a factory making joss sticks while Ah Man is unemployed.

According to DAP ADUN Sum Cheok Leng, those brothers have been there for the last 50 years.

…. Since Merdeka?

Looks like the Indian Malaysians aren’t the only group left by the wayside as the nation progresses by leaps and bounds.

Sum revealed to us the hoe ch’arm status of the Foong brothers: “They do not earn much and usually just pack some economy rice from nearby shops.”

Sum said the years and weather have taken the toll on their zinc shack, but the two brothers valiantly persevere and make do with what little they could muster.

But alas, there is a limit to improvisation as finally the zinc roof has given way, with only a pitiful remnant of it left to shelter just two standing persons.

Sum added that the brothers sleep together on a tiny bed meant for one person. He wants to raise RM10,000 to rebuild their house. Hey, I wonder whether there may be some building material left over from that late railway gatekeeper who built and lived in a palace in Klang?

Anyway, Sum plans a small simple shelter for them, with two rooms, so each may have a bed for his own, and most important of all, a proper roof over their heads.

NOTE: Those willing to donate can write their cheques out to DAP Perak with Ah See’s full name written at the back and send it to Sum’s service centre at 3, Hala Bercham Timur 11, Taman Pakatan , 31400 Ipoh.

For details, call Sum at 017-578 2367 or local councillor Cheah Pou Hian at 016-555 8766.

Please help! They only have a few more years to go ... before they leave us, hopefully for a better kinder fairer world.


  1. bagi maybank ac number,
    boleh donate online.
    sikit2 ada lah

  2. mohon contact Sum di 017-578 2367 atau Cheah Pou Hian at 016-555 8766 - ribuan terimakasih - Bless you, kind hearted one.

    Little drops of water
    Little grains of sand
    Make the mighty ocean
    And the beauteous land

    Little deeds of kindness,
    Little words of love,
    Make our earth an Eden,
    Like the heaven above

    And the little moments,
    Humble though they be,
    Make the mighty ages.
    Of eternity.

    Mrs. J. A. Carney (1845)

  3. KT,
    Wah! you change lah! That 's more like it to show your sincerity! Much to offer than Anwar bashing!