Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Conspiracy theory - LKY against Anwar Ibrahim

The swell of anger against former Singapore PM LKY for his comments, revealed through Wikileaks, that Anwar Ibrahim walked knowingly into a trap to commit sodomy has ballooned into a tsunami of conspiracy theories.

Malaysia's acrimonious relationship with Singapore, fuelled in many ways by a combination of our jealousy at their economic prowess and Singaporeans’ arrogance and selfishness, has given this topic much fertile grounds for conspiracy theories against our closest yet most despised neighbour.

Even sweetie Mariam Mokhtar, a columnist in Malaysiakini, was driven to write
Is S'pore's future in Anwar's hands? where the conclusion, or if you like, the essence of her piece was:

Just as Umno can only triumph if the 'rakyat' is kept weak, poor, corrupt and bickering over race, religion, schools and ketuanan Melayu, Singapore can only triumph if Malaysia is kept weak, poor, corrupt and bickering over race, religion, schools and ketuanan Melayu.

Both have a common goal: To keep Anwar down.

This perception of Singapore's duplicity and kaypohchnee-ness in Malaysian affairs, specifically the Anwar Ibrahim's sodomy trial, is fairly commongrounds for most Malaysians right now, but kaytee must counsel caution in making such a leap of conclusion. Let’s examine the case with more clinical and dispassionate eyes instead of outraged emotions. Admittedly this is a lot easier for me because unlike many Pakatan supporters I don’t idolize Anwar Ibrahim wakakaka.

Mind you, having said that, I did defend Anwar against those LKY’s comments in my post
Anwar Ibrahim’s Wikileaks. I am also known to be NOT an admirer to LKY as a person, though (OK) I acknowledge his brilliance as (former) Singapore PM.

Now, the circumstances (LKY stating this and that about Anwar Ibrahim) would have been indisputable grounds that Singapore’s LKY indeed has directly meddled in Malaysia’s political affairs and leadership issues, by deliberately blackening Anwar Ibrahim’s name to support Najib ….. EXCEPT for one fact and one logical deduction.

The fact is that it was a renegade Wikileaks which revealed the conversation between LKY and the Australian ONA (Office of National Assessment), not Singapore or Australia or USA or for that matter, Malaysia.

The logical deduction, from the above fact that it was Wikileaks which revealed LKY as having passed comment (and judgement) on Anwar, is that surely no one in Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, or the USA could have anticipated and thus prepared for, or 'situated' (exploited) Wikileaks’ revelation of that salacious conversation about Anwar Ibrahim.

That’s right, it’s not as if LKY had anticipated the exact (future) specifics of Wikileaks exposures, namely, that it would reveal his take on Anwar walking knowingly into a honey trap, which then led LKY to prepare for the smearing of Anwar’s name so as to enhance Najib’s position.

This would be drawing a mighty long bow. OK, but then why did LKY do it? Let me speculate.

There is much common grounds between the leaders of Singapore and Australia vis-à-vis their respective relationship with the USA. Both are small fart nations wanting to be accepted by the USA as equals, as global giants so to speak, if not in size, then in knowledge, strategies and regional intelligence, sound and reliable friends for the Yanks to consult.

Australian PMs like Bob Hawke, John Howard and Kevin Rudd (but not Paul Keating) fancied themselves as confidantes of American presidents.

As an example, examine Wikileaks’ revelation of what Kevin Rudd told Hilary Clinton (US Secretary of State), as reported by Sydney Morning Herald:

… described himself as 'a brutal realist on China' and said Australian intelligence agencies closely watched its military expansion.

… the goal must be to integrate China into the international community, 'while also preparing to deploy force if everything goes wrong’.

… characterised Chinese leaders as 'sub-rational and deeply emotional' about Taiwan.

… aid the planned build-up of Australia's navy was 'a response to China's growing ability to project force'.

Imagine Australia responding to China's growing ability to project force or preparing to deploy force if everything goes wrong wakakaka.

Of course Rudd was playing lil’ Napoleon, way above his international 'pay grade', but secretly egging the USA to do the nasty bully boy bit. But it’s a reflection of Rudd’s wannabe global leader mania. And it’s not a characteristic unique to Rudd. Some leaders of small countries closely allied to the USA have a secret wish to be seen as on par with the American president or his secretary of state.

I believe LKY was such when he ‘showed off’ his so-called intimate knowledge of Anwar Ibrahim’s sexual activities and the trap set for him, presumably by the BN. Basically I put it down as nothing more than an attempt to impress the Australians and indirectly the Americans.

Now tell me this, did this happen, the Singaporeans’ advice to the Yanks in 2008 that racial conflict was likely to break out in Malaysia, with consequential floods of Chinese Malaysian refugees swamping into Singapore?

No? Well, doesn’t that tell you the worth of those Singapore briefing to their American friends?

Trust Wikileaks to screw all of them up kau kau wakakaka.


  1. Ktemoc,
    It's also LKY who has commented on the wastedness of Anwar edged out of the successorship.
    Frankly, perhaps, we might have overlooked the fact if LKY was the one who make the comment or is it one of LKY's advisors......
    Have you noticed closely that a platoon of advisors moving around with LKY? Some of them are pretty "wood" type.
    I don't think LKY would have stooped so low to get rid of Anwar.....

    Hehehe......You know what if LKY has it his way, Anwar would have been dead by now....Why go through this trouble....
    You have forgotten the corresponding letters with Mahathir & Singapore was released after Mahathir has yelled "Cut! Cut! Cut!"

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  3. I believe the exchange of info between LKY and the Aussie ONA was meant to be a privileged/private discussion, not meant for public consumption. This cable was dated back in 2008, before anyone even had the notion of what the hell was Wikileaks. As such, it only reinforces the notion that it was a sincere piece of info exchange instead of the so-called "conspiracy" being played up by Anwar to deflect the real issue of why Anwar was so stupid/horny enough to walk into the sex trap.

    Regarding the prediction by Spore, yes that was an unreliable, syiok sendiri prediction (why would Msia Chinese want to run into the sardine can country anyway, HK or Taiwan, even Aussie might be better), yet regarding Anwar, this was not a prediction, but merely a confirmation of facts. As such, since even the Aussies concluded that Anwar did walk into the trap willingly, I can conclude that the info about Anwar is most probably genuine and based on their own confirmed "intelligence" and "facts"

    This is why Anwar and PKR is most worried, because the nature of the expose put it into circumstances of mostly likely being sincere information and not spin/propaganda.