Sunday, December 12, 2010

Anwar Ibrahim's Wikileaks

I read the news yesterday, and it’s an aspect of Anwar Ibrahim I have never really been interested in, well, for a couple of reasons. One, so long as it was consensual between adults then it bothers me not; two, it’s news that came about from a series of “I was told by …, who was told by …, who heard it from …, “ so it’s technically not factual, hearsay evidence so to speak. So what’s the big deal?

But undoubtedly it’s humongous news in Malaysia, depressingly so for the PKR camp and maybe a joyful revelation for BN.

But let’s examine in more details where or who the source was. The Yanks heard it from the Aussies; the Aussies heard it from the Sings, in particular LKY; the Sings claimed they extracted it from ‘technical’ intelligence, meaning electronic interception or even land line eavesdropping.

[don’t think the Sings are above that; my Uncs told me that in earlier days, Malaysian military people on holidays in Sing had their briefcases, suitcases and bags covertly opened if these were left unattended in hotel rooms. How did they know? Some played James Bond wakakaka].

As Anwar himself said, the source could well be Special Branch (SB). Disinformation by the SB means they deliberately issued a transmission, knowing it would be intercepted (and wanting it to be intercepted), that carried the so-called 'intelligence'.

So that disinformation could have been one of the following:

(a) S: “Datuk, he shacked me liao” on a cell phone, or
(b) MH: “Dapat dia. Dia dah hentam S sehingga sai (sh*t) pun ta’ada lagi”
(c) etc.

But if that’s the case, and the act was penetrated perpetuated, then why have the court and government medical examiner been playing silly buggers in refusing to provide Anwar’s lawyers with access to the medical records, etc. Their unfair actions have lent the public the impression they don’t have a leg in their case to stand on.

Thus I am inclined to believe that more need to be investigated, that is, assuming you’re interested in that sort of stuff.

Mind you, the above arguments doesn't mean I support Anwar Ibrahim wakakaka. I just want to be fair.


  1. Arms are necessary for a country's security.
    Have ever thought about India's millitary power and spending for defence

  2. Wikileaks
    Information gathered true or false
    It shakes the governments
    And the personalities involved

    On Anwar Ibrahim
    Singapore is afraid
    Of a guy who could take
    The hard knocks throw at him

    It was merely a rumour
    Spread it out through enemies in the police
    Maybe directed by a group of vested interested officers
    To plug Anwar once again

    As the trials had shown
    Many silly blocks shackled
    The AG and the judge
    What game they play?

    Once I argued with my police brother in law
    He was confident Anwar sodomized Azizan Abu Bakar
    With all the evidence the police had then
    Why so stupid I say?

    Anwar could find so many in Chow Kit Road
    Along Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman for a fee
    He had the power he could just summon
    Somebody would come and be merry

    But with his wife driver?
    He couldn't have done it
    So I was right after so many years
    I felt good till today

    For the second sodomy
    It is on the same script
    Saiful got affairs with a woman DPP
    Like Azizan Saiful escaped charges

    Now the delayed tactics
    There is no case just to embarrassed Anwar
    As long as the case drags it on
    Ameeno wants it this way

  3. Hahaha. Now you see Anwar lovers saying Wilileaks is lying.
    But they are applauding it when it comes to Najib.
    Wow, double standard.
    I dont have to read Wikileaks to believe Anwar really did it.
    KTemoc, why are you now talking about fairness?
    Also biased like Anwar supporters?

  4. where's the proof? surely not just the words of singaporeans wakakaka

  5. KT

    I guess our Karpal will call that Minister Mentor to testify. Wakaka.
    Wonder who will have the last laugh.

  6. Hey, I just have an interesting thought - I wonder what Dr M thinks, to believe LKY (that Anwar did it) or to believe Anwar (who said he didn't) wakakaka. Pity I didn't put this on my post proper ;-)

  7. Ktemoc

    No prize for guessing.
    Mahathir knew it first.
    Don't have to rely on LKY or Anwar on it.

  8. Mahathir is having a field day proving he's right on Anwar.
    Anwar is leaking in his pants.
    Way togo Wikileaks.

  9. Ktemoc,
    Anyway, I hope that I am wrong though I don't mind being fried by the very man in Singapore. I don't think LKY who actually knows if Anwar did literally. When I say literally means with facts......Like DP Vijaydran sexual ineundoes....Karpal got the tape but somehow the Police lost.....Perhaps, buttercup too young to remember what happen.
    Worst come to the worst, LKY would do the "apology" trick just as he's done for calling JB a place where muggers thrive (Not exact words)

    I am pretty speechless over the incompetence of some Singapore officers. Honestly, they should be sacked....No more honest mistake....Just like the 5 Billion lost by Ho Ching over Micropolis closure (Sue me!)
    I do hope that Singapore government better act fast....Just bloody hell sack those top civil servants in Singapore.....Hehehe, of course, not Kausikan & Tommy....Their comment still ok....
    Come on! With such feeble response on Mat Selamat's escape from Whitney detention centre....Yaeek! It's near where I stay.....Either these heads must roll, else it should be Wong Kan Seng, the Minister of Home Affair in Singapore

    I have been very quiet over many issues so far....Latest news. Zaid joined Akim....I am right about Zaid Ibrahim.
    RPK predicted hung parliament in Malaysia GE 13.....Which extremely dangerous if such course is pursued by RPK, Harris Ibrahim & even Zaid Ibrahim

    Remember Perak! And perhaps I must reminded RPK that LibDem reneged on their promises on tuition fee
    Bigger crime than Anwar....LibDem signed solemn promise not increase the fee....And....So much for Third Force & Common sense

  10. Sample audio recordings made by the SB---

    Saifool: "Tuk, tuk, harder! Harder! Fill adinda with your DNA!"

    Anwar: "Adinda mau scholarship? Tuk bagi adinda pi Universiti of California belajar homo-seksologi..."

    Saifool: "Adinda janji tak mau pangsai untuk 2 hari supaya dapat simpan DNA Tuk dalam dubur adinda..."

    All these recordings will be produced during the Sod II trial

  11. fairness??..justice delayed...justice denied..who is dragging the case n delaying it..anwar or saiful...?

  12. Sejak sekian lama Singapura memang tidak berpuas hati dengan M'sia.
    Mengapa perlu tunduk kepada mereka? Sedangkan mereka juga banyak bergantung kepada kita..
    Ini berpunca dari sikap DSAI juga. Bukankah DSAI suka memburukkan Negara sendiri di mata dunia? Dengan itu negara2 luar mengambil kesempatan untuk campur tangan dalam urusan Negara kita!

  13. just as another idiot living in next door that he is afraid of telling the world that he fully support Be eNd. cha be liou