Monday, December 27, 2010

Malaysian buses & ferries

Three years ago I posted Maritime tradition fell overboard from Tioman ferry following a Malaysiakini report that an unlicensed Malaysian ferry sailing from Pulau Tioman to Mersing suffered a fire breaking out on board the vessel yesterday. The incident left four dead and four injured. The terrified passengers said it was a horrendous scene as the ageing vessel filled with smoke, forcing them to hurl their children into the sea.

Yes, you read it correct, that ferry was unlicensed. A Marine Department official revealed the ferry's permit to transport passengers had expired a year before and which was not renewed. One blooming year of unlicensed sailing!

And the f*ing worst thing of all, our brave crew, the inheritors of Hang Tuah’s maritime prowess, abandoned the vessel even before the passengers. The f*ing cowards, which was why I titled that posting 'Maritime tradition fell overboard from Tioman ferry'.

In conjunction with that tragedy I also posted
Tioman ferry disaster - Ministerial criminal negligence, capturing a letter by Alice Au which was published by Malaysiakini.

She wrote about overloaded boat and illegal transfer of passengers from ferry to an already overloaded ferry in mid sea without any mandatory police supervision. Alice said: This operator shows a blatant disregard for passenger safety, their arrogance and the high-handed manner they deal with their clients has to be experienced to be believed.

The crews might have been cowards but they were arrogant cowards. F*ing typical of cowards.

It seems the responsible ministry that I accused of being criminally negligent in not clamping down on such dodgy operations have allowed another boat accident in the same region to occur again.

The Star Online reported that
three Singaporeans died and two more are missing after a boat carrying 29 people capsized while on its way back from a fishing trip near Sibu Island here.

DSP Mohd Nor said strong winds and choppy waves could have resulted in the boatman not being able to control the vessel. He added that the boat which was carrying 19 Singaporeans, nine Malaysians and one China national was overloaded.

“Initial investigations revealed that the boat could carry about 12 passengers but there were 29 people on board. All the victims were not wearing life jackets.”

Actually 4 Singaporeans have been confirmed dead, as I heard from
Channel News Asia. Unlike the Star Online and New Straits Times, the Channel News Asia report also explained why all the victims were not wearing life jackets …

because there were f*ing none on board!

Why didn't the Star and NST report this? Woi, Hartalmsm, lu olang tidur kah?

Bus & ferry disasters– the usual f*ing Malaysian ministerial negligence. Corruption is right at the root of all these.


  1. life is cheap as long as it is not yours .....the minister of transport must resign

  2. Stupid singaporeans--- over 200 countries in the world for them to visit, and they choose najibistan!