Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Monday quickies

... :( but alas, posted only on Tuesday - wakakaka (problems with my Internet)

(1) Muhyiddin: MPs need to up quality of debates.

OK, but debates (let alone quality ones) will only possible if the BN-appointed Speaker allows them to speak, or in Perak, doesn't switch off the Pakatan ADUNs' mikes

Azmin promises 'full autonomy' for Sarawak.

Autonomy aside, did he believe he's the PM designate?

WikiLeaks: Anwar walked into sex trap, says Kuan Yew.

I just wonder who Dr M will side - LKY who said Anwar did it, or Anwar Ibrahim who said he didn't? wakakaka

Update (with news on Monday night): Surprise surprise, Dr M believes LKY but corrected the latter by saying it was not a horny honey trap

CJ: Plea bargaining on the cards.

In the USA, plea bargaining has sometimes resulted in an innocent person going to jail for a few years so as to avoid the threat of life imprisonment or death sentence, so why import a terrible American system? Just to meet KPIs?

Ibrahim Ali: I'm back, alive and kicking.

Huh? Did you go away? How can we miss you if you don’t!


  1. //Ibrahim Ali: I'm back, alive and kicking//

    Actually the archangel Gabriel appeared to him in the hospital and commanded him to carry on God's fight against the pendatangs in his country.

  2. That sing diplomat "bilahari kausikan":
    Bilabila hari pun Kau-si-kuan? hahaha...

    OK, seriously, we have to ask this question before swallowing the Singaporean spy stories hook, line and sinkers: "Failure is the mother of success", so in the case of M'sia-S'pore, FAILURE of 1Malaysia is the mother of Singapore's SUCCESS!

    So what would LKY and his patriotic officers prefer? A useless/corrupt UMNO's PM or a competent PR's PM?

  3. Everything very bad now.

  4. Guess it all adds up to 'dangerous,confused and incompetent' then.....Ha!