Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The 'mandore' threat in Sungei Siput

Big-headed pompous hubristic Uthayakumar has demanded that Pakatan gives way to his HRP in 15 parliamentary and 38 state seats in the coming general election.

If he had only demanded seats held by PKR or his bĂȘte noire DAP (and those currently occupied by BN), one could even argue on his behalf that his threat has been directed at parties which he dislikes and accuses, debatable as this may be, of not doing enough for Indians.

Associated with his regular attacks on particularly the DAP, he in bully boy petulance has regularly described Indian members in DAP as ‘mandores’, demonstrating his bad manners and uncouth behavior.

But when he included the Sungei Siput parliamentary seat as part of his outrageous threat to Pakatan, he suddenly revealed his true agenda, something that’s not pretty to look at.

The Sungei Siput parliamentary seat is currently held by Dr D Jeyakumar of the PSM – note please, not of the DAP nor of PKR but PSM, a sovereign party beholden to no one but the rakyat of its constituencies.

For years Dr Jeya had invested blood, toil, tears and sweat in Sungei Siput for the betterment of the downtrodden Indians, in a constituency held for eons by Samy Vellu. The former MIC president was virtually the maharaja (with lower case ‘m’) of that parliamentary constituency, and like maharajas, cared not for the peasants.

Despite being on the outer for years, Dr Jeya plodded on, not for self aggrandizing nor promotion of his personal political ambition. Dr Jeya has been a true socialist, striving for years for the poor, downtrodden and marginalized.

Down came a rotten stinking wannabe parachutist who wasn’t seen in Sungei Siput when Dr Jeya was putting in the hard yards, and who now wants Dr Jeya to give up his seat for his HRP.

Now, the words to spring to mind at such a demand would be ‘outrageous’, ‘impertinent’, ‘f* extortion’ and ‘highway robbery’.

So why has the big-headed pompous, hubristic and now biadap Uthayakumar demanded Dr Jeya’s seat?

We must ask, in a 3-corner fight in Sungei Siput who would benefit?

Is this what Uthayakumar want? I’m afraid the ugly answer seems to be a disappointing ‘yes’.

I would not be surprised if Samy Vellu were to tell Palanivel “Dei tambi, I’ll be contesting in my old seat. This time I have plans to wrest the seat from that socialist.”

Then a worried Palanivel would riposte “But aneh, you’re now an ambassador. Why want to contest in an election?”

SV “Dei, that ambassador in Washington, he’s also an MP what. Don’t worry lah, you’re still the party president. I only want to regain my maruah and toupee which I lost in Sungei Siput on 08 March 2008. And I’m confident with a 3-corner flight" - nudge nudge wink wink!

Palanivel thinks silently [Well, I’m not so confident, and I’m not talking about winning the SS seat. Pundih]

Yes, Uthayakumar's demand for the seat of Sungei Siput is very telling of his 'agenda'. By splitting the votes in Sungei Siput, he will become the 'mandore' that he accuses others of being.

It is now encumbent on Pakatan supporters to provide 100% support for Dr Jeyakumar, to enable him to fend off the MIC and HRP plans to de-seat him.

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  1. Uthayakumar is demanding the seat of Sungei Siput. Can he explain why he is not willing to contest in Pekan? Or Pagoh? Or Putrajaya, Ipoh or Seremban or Melaka?

  2. I think you do not understand the issues. Uthaya has only attacked the states ruled by Pakatan and those leaders who are accountable for it; Guan Eng, Nizar, Khalid, Anwar, Hadi, Nik Aziz, etc. He has never attacked Kit Siang, Karpal, Jeff Ooi, etc, who are not directly responsible. And he has attacked BN as all know.

    Regarding Dr. Jeya, yes he is a good man. But who put him there? Did he have so much of grass root supporters suddenly? Did he manage to convince half the town into socialism? No! It was the Hindraf wave that put him there! Who put Gobala in his seat? Who put Nurul on her seat? Again, it was the Hindraf wave that put many of them on their seats. None of them could have garnered even 500 votes on their own. That is what Dr. Jeya used to get in his previous attempts. How many seats did PKR get before Hindraf? 3? Have your heard of Lip Lip Yong, Norman Fernandez, Janice Lee, Liz Wong, etc, before 2008? Who are all these unknown people who suddenly arose from nowhere? What wave brought them here?

    Why did we elect MPs? To check into clogged drains, solve peoples' summons, hand over hampers, or to raise issues in parliament? Just tell us one issue Dr Jeya raised in parliament!

    In fact we all like to know if Anthony Loke, Gobala or Nurul has raised, say, Indian hardcore poor issues, just in PKR central committee meetings, let alone in parliament. After all they are supposed to be multiracial and raise issues of all races, right!

    Dr. Jeya should stand as an Adun or city councillor in the next election, and avoid a three cornered fight. I think you get the drift. Non performing MPs should move out.

  3. D_Han, you've overexaggerated the Hindraf contribution to the Pakatan win on 08 March 2008. While Hindraf was certainly part of the wave that swept the electorates, it was not the only force. I need only to mention 10 May 1969 to remind us of a then Hindraf-less tsunami. So don't over dramatise Hindraf's role in the last election. Besides, Uthayakumar alone is not Hindraf, but it's typical of his supporters to present him as if he is the one and only Hindraf leader. Some leading members like Ganabatirau are in DAP, while some like Thanethiren has gone over to the BN. But for you to diminish the role and contributions of Dr Jeya in Sungei Siput where no one has heard of nor seen Uthayakumar before is the greatest perversion of historical fact for that constituency. And quite frankly what has Uthayakumar done thus far for Indians - buggerall, all talk only, and then in an ill mannered way; biadap

  4. Aiya ..wtf is this utayakama ?

  5. Hey Kaytee, the last election threw up a number of elected persons who never really expected to win. Many have said in private that till polling day they never expected in their wildest dreams to get elected! So I agree with D-Han that many MPs are not performing as expected by raising national issues. (We have not heard from Jeff Ooi for sometime and someone should file a missing persons report...wakaka) This needs to be addressed. I don't mind voting for HRP if they voice out national issues in parliament rather than being subdued by party discipline and blindly toeing the party line into servility to their party bosses.

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  7. Like this la. Uthaya contest against Palanivel.
    That will settle once and for all who the real leader of the Indians is.
    He can win because Vel is not sure of winning even if UMNO is generous enough to sacrifice their seat to him.
    They will even give Vel a safe seat to give face to him.
    To me, Vel should just be MIC boss without being MP or Minister like my once hero (now anti-hero) CSL.

  8. i have more respect for uthaya than listening to taikor guan eng and you mr mandore- for- the- dap. only in malaysia and singapore ,where chinese think very highly of themselves.next election,i will never vote for a chinese based party or a chinese individual.And that's the common feeling express by the indians on the ground, a hard fact!.

    so,come on !start tell everything is being hyperbole.

  9. It's Hollywood all over again. Loner comes to the rescue and is all sunshine again the day after.