Sunday, December 19, 2010

Why 1Malaysia = 1Israel

Anwar Ibrahim’s sneer at Najib’s 1Malaysia being based on 1Israel (both conceived by the same consultant APCO) must have hurt badly. But was such a political jibe sufficient reason to bar Anwar from Parliament for an absurd 6 months?

The harsh treatment was nothing more than vindictive punishment. And as if that was not enough harsh bullying, 3 other Pakatan MPs were similarly barred for trivial reasons for the same duration. The Parliamentary Speaker has a lot to answer for his abuse of powers.

Israel has always been a hated entity for Muslim Malaysians, because Muslim Malaysians feel an obligatory if not sympathetic requirement to do so, to stand in solidarity with their Muslim brothers and sisters in Palestine. In recent years I have come to share this dislike of Israel though my reasons are more specific than being obligatory or just sympathetic. I have been utterly appalled by Israel’s blatant, unmitigated and feral racism.

Yesterday I posted an article from the
Sydney Morning Herald which I titled Neo-Nazis' 1935 'Nuremberg Laws' in Israel to highlight the Israelis’ neo-Nazism. Isn't it just ironical that the so-called children of the Holocaust behave towards the Palestiniaans in exactly the same manner as the Nazi oppressors of their European forefathers! (You'll be reading this word 'ironical' one more time in this post, for a good reason)

But don’t be surprised by the Israeli* savage and racist barbarism being similar to those demonstrated by the Nazis or white Afrikaans. One only has to open the Old Testament to read about the proclivity of their Israeli-Hebraic forefathers to murder, massacre and commit genocide against non-Hebrew tribes, to seize the latter’s land and property and take their wives and daughters as slaves. The Hebrews-Israelites-Judeans-Israelis all shared/share the national characteristic of evil barbarism.

* note that not all Israelis or Jews are racist

Naturally the Judean (Israelis) authors creatively put all those acts of atrocity as approved by God, in the same way as our Biro Tatanegara indoctrinators have creatively written to justify ketuanan Melayu, and the other races as lesser beings, undesirable and unclean for Malaysia – thus we get the mata sepets and kaki botols, and sons of Chinese prostitutes and Indians leashed by their wrist like animals.

Ironically, for a government which tells the Muslim Malays that Israel is to be condemned for its persecutions and oppressions of Palestinians, it behaves in an almost similar manner to the Israelis – I've underlined the word ‘almost’ because to be fair, Malaysia is not yet as bad as the evil Israeli rightwing government. But we worry for the future.

Nonetheless it’s racist and plays on racist issues, to divide the people and conquer their support.

Maybe that’s why Anwar’s accusations of Najib’s 1Malaysia have struck at the very core of Najib’s (and UMNO's) heart, because it raises embarrassing questions about the parallel parochial policies of both 1Malaysia and 1Israel.

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