Saturday, May 15, 2010

Sibu by-election - right down to the wire


Final Day - Najib to visit for third time tells us that tomorrow’s voting results may be right down to the wire.

Bridget Welsh, who is associate professor of political science at Singapore Management University, tip-toed daintily through the Sibu tulips without predicting any winner (unlike for Hulu Selangor where she correctly picked the BN) – see her article in Malaysiakini
A town at the crossroads.

Bridget tends to be more cautious than my matey Ong Kian Ming.

Ong predicts
DAP to win Sibu contest by 500 votes, the small majority reinforcing my remarks that tomorrow’s election outcome will be very very close, and explaining why Najib Tun Razak is worried enough to dash there for the 3rd time right on the eve of the big day for the 3 candidates. You may be assured it's not just for Sibu's famed udang galah.

If Ong is correct and DAP wins it will restore a federal seat back to Pakatan to compensate for the recent loss of Hulu Selangor.

The federal leaders of DAP have been wise to let the Sarawakians take charge of the campaign – no one pisses off a local more than a thinks-he/she-knows-all Peninsulaan – see my April’s post
Some advice on pantang's about SNAP.

In the meantime kaytee has difficulty in deciding who to vote for among the four sweeties:

However, I share my uncle’s favourite Miss Malaysia as Maggie Loo (picture below taken many years after her crowning glory in 1973. I have always been attracted to more mature women ;-) - see my explanation in Lustful fantasies - yum!


  1. ktemoc, did you see the potshot gerakan took at PAS in malaysiakini - saying non-muslim should be PAS President?
    what a cheap way to gain some points with Najib. and propoganda for sibu by-election.

  2. If non-muslim must be PAS President, let PAS President be the DAP President. Change position ma.....

    It's fair if you do it that way.

    reject politicians using religion

  3. Yeah, Koh Tsu Khoon should be PAS President, and Najib, the real Pres of MCA, should also take over as MIC, PPP and Gerakan head

  4. Life would be a fairy tale if you make Ibrahim Ali the PM !!

  5. Dear All,
    looks like Gerakan's Tan Keng Liang want to become President of PAS.

  6. Gerakan: 'Let a non-Muslim head PAS'May 15, 10 1:17pm
    Kedah Gerakan Youth chief Tan Keng Liang criticised today PAS' launch of its Dewan Himpunan Penyokong PAS (PAS Supporters Wing) for non-Muslims as an insincere attempt to portray the Islamist party as multi-racial.

    Tan (left) was referring to a report in Berita Harian where PAS national unity committee chairperson Mujahid Yusuf Rawa described the launch of the Dewan Himpunan Penyokong PAS (Assembly of PAS supporters - DHPP) on May 23 as being a major policy shift for PAS.

    The move "will allow the non-Muslim wing to operate independently, as wings of the party just like the Dewan Pemuda, Ulama and Muslimat," said Mujahid.

    Mujahid was also quoted as saying that DHPP members would be eligible to attend party meetings at all levels.

    More significantly, the wing would also be permitted to field non-Muslim candidates in future polls under the banner of PAS.

    Tan, however, questioned the party's sincerity.

    "In its essence, non-Muslims under this move to create the DHPP, are still second-class members in PAS,” he said.

    Non-Muslim PAS president?

    "If PAS is sincere in being a multi-racial party, then it should give full membership to non-Muslims.

    "That is, non-Muslim members should also be eligible to hold any post in the party, including party president," he challenged.

    Without full membership, Tan argued further, the elevation of the PAS Supporters Club to DHPP is only an exercise in changing the name, as its members will remain marginalised and discriminated.

    "The slogan 'PAS For All' will only continue to remain rhetoric," he said.

  7. I will give it a BN win of 2,500- 2,700 majority.

  8. this is unbelievable. how can the loser of 2008 can win this time round when the candidate has the same name as the deceased, and PM is najib. if only the election postponed to next week to wane off thomas cup fever, i doubt PR can win - those PR leaders must blamed we lost thomas cup because of BN lah.....