Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Australian Opposition Leader became stupid for Israel

Recently the Australian government in an unusual move expelled an Israeli diplomat for the Israeli secret service forging Australian passports to use in the murder of a Hamas leader Mahmoud Al-Mabouh in a Dubai hotel room.

I stated ‘unusual’ because Australia is even more supportive of Israel than the USA. One of the principal reasons for the strong support stems from the powerful Jewish lobby in Australia where, like their counterparts in the USA, they donate generously to both Labour Party and the Coalition (Liberal Party and the National Party).

Some years ago when Julia Irwin, a Labour Party backbencher raised an issue in Parliament supporting the Palestinians, Simon Cream the Labour leader (then opposition leader) rushed down swiftly to Melbourne to apologize (or reassure) the Jewish community that a Labour government would continue to support Israel.

So a Labour govement expelling an Israeli diplomat has to be considered a most monumental political step in Australian politics and international diplomacy.

But on the other hand, in recent times many countries like Australia and European nations have found that the conduct of the Israeli government has deteriorated to totally unpalatable, unacceptable and indeed heinous levels. The Israelis have become no different from the Nazis who massacred their forefathers in Europe during WWII.

Then the Nazis ghetto-rised Jews in European; now the Israelis ghetto-rise Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank.

Then the Nazis imposed punitive group punishment on Jews; now the Israelis do likewise to Palestinians.

The the Nazis murdered Jewish children; now the Israelis massacre Palestinian babies.

But so powerful is the Israeli lobby in Australia that the federal Deputy Opposition Leader Julia Bishop has become so unbelievably stupid as to defend Israel by ..… [guess what?] … yes, by condemning her own country Australia as equally guilty of forging passports of other nations.

Now consider this - the Australian Opposition is not like the Malaysian one where the ruling party ignores them altogether. In Australia, the Opposition is treated respectfully as the alternative government in waiting and accorded same entitlements and almost similar privileges (short of ruling the country).

So for an Australian deputy opposition leader to condemn her own country so as to defend a foreign nation, it truly boggles the mind.

And for what … yes, for a wicked evil Deutronomic Israel!

Julia Bishop should resign her seat and hang her head in shame. But her gross stupidity bespeaks the staggering power and influence of the Jewish-Israei lobby here in Australia, and also in the USA and throughout the European nations.

For more, see Sydney Morning Herald’s Australia forges passports too, says Bishop [news video available]


  1. i think you should come back to malaysia instead sitting your butt there since you so hate israelis....

  2. From Bishop's comments, it would appear that she would enjoy a lifelong career in Malaysian politics. Way to divert the issue, Julie!

  3. No one take Bishop seriously Downunder.She is quite shrill and had to be moved out of the financial/treasury portfolio for her gaffes.

    But it is not her fault alone. The Liberals are a mess, too. Makes me feel right at home in Malaysia!

  4. Mossad is surely pissed off with this unbelievable move. What kinda double standard is this when Australia does it too as said by the Bishop.

    Illuminati:Banking and money group.