Monday, May 17, 2010

Najib O Najib!

Of all Malaysia’s PMs, it can be said that Najib is the most cosmopolitan, the most westernized, a person deemed as most au fait with cultural sensitivities …

… yet he astonished me (still do) with his unmitigated RM5 million worth of crudeness to Sibuans in his "Let's make a deal. If you deliver me Robert Lau Jr on Sunday, I will sign the cheque on Monday".

He also did that in a fashion with a Chinese school in Hulu Selangor.

In both cases the Chinese to whom he attempted to bargain with spurned his offer by not voting for BN (BN winning HS does not hide the fact of diminished Chinese support).

Whether it’s a bribe or not is beside the point – it’s crude, tasteless and inexplicable coming from such a sophisticated man like him.

These are words that a PM should never be involved with, let alone utter them.

If those words had come from Muhyiddin I would not* be at all surprised but ...

* thanks Anon of 5:16 PM, May 18, 2010 for pointing out my missing word ;-)

Alamak, I have been totally flabbergasted by his faux pas (twice at that).

Malaysiakini - 'Najib violated election law'.


  1. Najib's statement: "Let's make a deal. If you deliver me Robert Lau Jr on Sunday, I will sign the cheque on Monday."

    Where did your get this statement? What's your source(s)? Can you please quote your source(s) so that it can be perused.

  2. Altan's ghost has finally caught up with the White-Haired Devil

  3. Don't play-play KT. He did not utter those words.
    He only said: "I help you, you help me."
    Its a manja way of saying we help each other. There's nothing wrong with that.
    It's like a dad giving a toy to his kids.
    But it's sad that the DAP who did not provide anything to the people aside from making empty promises, gets voted in.
    And of all places in beautiful Sarawak with beautiful people.
    The ungrateful Semenanjug trait has seeped to them via osmosis by the DAP central.

  4. Hello Buttercup, just to re in force what you post, you are very wrong, the statement can be found in you tube. Our PM indeed said this statement.
    The 5 Million is not from his own pocket money, those money are from hard earn payer tax money unless you are not contributed a single sen, then you keep your mouth shut.
    Today if PR gonna to be a FEDERAL gorverment, they will not give money that way. Penang has shown a good example.

  5. Don't be personal.
    Everyone pays income tax.
    If you don't have nothing good to offer, SHUT UP.
    What good example has Penang offered except to discriminate against the Malays and Indians?
    They have not yet tasted power at the federal level. If they ever do, they will do worse thing.
    Dont be too smug.
    What is happening now in Selangor, pray tell?

  6. The empire is falling
    The cracks of crumbling walls
    Crushing silently the foundation weak
    In time the weaknesses pitch

    The history of falling empires
    The crude ways of dealing with people
    Offering bribes and kickbacks
    The temptation cracks the principles fall

    B-End has decades
    The party leaders never learn
    They always think they can fool the voters
    Offering money, projects and promises

    Even licensing a barking dog
    A racist and the likes of him
    It is ancient history yet he couldn't learn
    Harping on it as the stage has changed

    The steps of darkness
    Hulu Selangor got trapped
    By the long suffering of requests
    Sibu folks know the difference

    Money politics isn't the way
    Only good upright principles
    People's welfare and country's progress
    It's the way lighting up the country

    When empire going to fall
    The leaders play the dirty games
    They forget the people
    They forget promises

  7. Pristine and Pure10:59 pm, May 17, 2010

    Ah! Buttercup!! (LMAO!!),

    Please don't spread your stink around! Please, for God's sake, don't lie like your BN masters!! NAJIB ACTUALLY SAID THOSE WORDS!! As John Lee has noted, it's there in the clip of his speech. See 2:35-2:43 of the following, and as if to ensure that blatant liars like you got his message and words, he said it again in 2:53-3:08.

    But of course, liars being liars, would desperately try to paint a rosy fictional picture of Najib which is out of keeping with his actual self.

  8. John Lee,

    "...the statement can be found in you tube. Our PM indeed said this statement."

    Can you provide the link to the you tube? Why didn't you provide the link? KTemoc has not answered my comment above at 7:46 pm. Or is it just talk?

  9. Pristine and Pure11:23 pm, May 17, 2010

    Just to add, Najib says the same thing again in the clip, both in English and Malay at 3:13-3:29, 3:31-3:36 and 6:06-6:21. Thus he repeats the same argument at least five times within the span of a short speech!! But of course, liars and congenital spinners like Buttercup won't listen, and instead accuse people who tell the truth of lying!! Typical BN con artist!!

  10. "Today if PR gonna to be a FEDERAL gorverment, they will not give money that way. Penang has shown a good example."

    this is big joke. where is the penang CM when he supposes to be in penang instead celebrating PR victory in sarawak. damn shame of him ... if pr didn't hype on sensitie issue and and focus on their manifesto and development sure they not gonna win, because there is no other party can bring development other than BN !

  11. @Pristine and Pure

    Woohoo, emotional eh? Thank you for providing the links.
    We read only MSM and some blogs.
    Don't want to corrupt our pristine and pure minds. (Thanks for using that tag which I first gave to KT).
    I don't see anything wrong in Najib saying that.
    Even the Lion Of Punjab was non-committal when asked on whether it was abuse of power.
    P.S.Also thanks for researching on the meaning of Buttercup. I choose the name because of the many meanings, okay.

    Have a good day tomorrow.

  12. Pristine and Pure12:12 am, May 18, 2010

    Ah! Buttercup again!! (LMAO!!),

    What a stinky, slimy, slippery liar you are!

    First you said:

    "Don't play-play KT. He did not utter those words."

    When you found out that he actually uttered those words -- and several times too, in two languages -- you simply dismissed it lightly (for sure, a lie means nothing to a BN supporter -- after all their political masters do it everyday!!!):

    "I don't see anything wrong in Najib saying that."

    Of course, you also see nothing wrong in BN spinning, fabricating, fooling the rakyat!! Well, you blatantly do it yourself, don't you??

  13. apart from youTube please read

  14. Najib is after all a dishonest man ( fake swearing in mosque , lying about meeting Saiful etc etc ) and a suspected mega thief ( the French are after him ) and has not been able to convince many that the Mongolian girl's death has nothing to do with him.

    Like many PMs in those SEA countries, a long and hard jail term is imminent

  15. Pristine and Pure

    You must be patting yourself on the back for the Sibu win.
    It's nice yeah to win by bringing in sensitive reliigious issues like Allah, burning of churches and Chinese education.
    Pat yourself some more for corrupting the minds of the Sarawakians who pride on peace and harmony.
    They want development. You dish out divisiveness.
    What a hollow victory.
    Politic orang Malaya has come to Sarawak. Auk.

  16. Politic orang Malaya is "I help you, you help me.". You collect their taxes and then say you 'help' them ?
    Real Third World mentality!!

  17. Pristine and Pure1:51 pm, May 18, 2010

    OMG!! It's Buttercup again!! ROTFL and LMAO!!!



    Auk to honest politics, and sik to dishonest politicians and their liar supporters like you!!

    Kitak mau kelakak sama kamek lagik??

    BTW, what is there to pat my back for? I predicted that the BN would win by 2,000 votes in their Sibu stronghold, and I was WRONG. Why should I pat myself for a failed prediction??

    "Politic orang Malaya has come to Sarawak." (LMAO!) Are you talking of Najib, Muhyiddin etc. and their daft attempts at vote-buying in Sibu? Yes, of course! No question about that! If they hadn't been silly enough to go there and done that, SUPP would have won, and my prediction would have been correct (perhaps far fewer votes than 2,000, but still the SUPP would win).

    Religion?? The Allah issue?? Who started it all?? Wasn't it the people in UMNO?? Wasn't the word Allah used by Christian Arabs, and wasn't the word used long before the rise of Islam?? (You must remember that the religious ulamaks in PAS correctly said that "Allah" could also be used by Christians and Jews). Who were the ones who banned the Iban Bible in 2003 (yes, their Bible was banned) because it used the word "Allah"? And who are still actively discouraging the Ibans from using the word "Allah" in their liturgy to the chagrin of Dayak members of the BN?? Who??

    And during the election campaign itself, who were the ones who warned the electorate that a vote for DAP would be a vote for a Taliban-style Islamic state?? It was Robert Lau and the SUPP of course!! Isn't this touching on religious issues (see the section on "SUPPression" in this article)?? But of course, the Sibu people were too smart for such nonsense: when the conservative turbaned figure of the PAS supremo Hadi Awang began his campaign speech with some Mandarin words, the crowd cheered him on.

    Buttercup: I am not asking you to think about the issues above, as I appreciate the fact that BN supporters are incapable of thought, but please, for God's sake, do not lie again when you are mentally challenged! :)

  18. Pristine and pure

    Nama berita? Still whining. Win also whine. Lost whine more.
    Ah well like the leader who plays behind, you resort to back-hand spin.
    And also quick to judge people as mentally-challenged.
    Kamek macam manok. Peck here, peck there.
    Please go to the police station and check how many reports were made by BN supporters for the seditious sentiments played by DAP.
    Police repeatedly warned against it. But the PKR simply did not obey.
    Kitak sik mau kelahik sama kamu lagi.
    Kati bisi di antu.

  19. KTemoc: Pardon moi for being a nitpicker, but in your sentence here:

    "If those words had come from Muhyiddin I would be at all surprised but ..."

    I believe you accidently dropped out the word "not". I think that sentence should read:

    "If those words had come from Muhyiddin I would NOT be at all surprised but ..."

  20. Buttercup, Pristine and Pure, plus others:

    Yoohooo, guys. Lighten up! Janganlah get too emotional for that will make you miss the forest for the tree.

    Ask yourself, didn't both the contenders - BN and DAP - in their respective campaigns promised to serve the constituents and bring development to the territory? Therefore, it doesn't matter which of these two parties get elected because ultimately it's the people in Sibu who is the real winner as they have been promised all these things.

    But, you ask, what if the winner of the election failed to keep their election promises?

    Aha! That's where the Internet comes in and why it is so useful and powerful a tool. You will then go on the Net to expose their unkept campaign promises and blast them nicely for their failings. No?


  21. Hi Pristine and pure,
    Thanks for your understanding, those people insist they are right, we leave it to them, we are here to share our seeing & believing just all.
    We will see this coming General Election, who will take over the FEDERAL Government. I think both of us are in the same ship..
    Well, I'm looking forward the PR will march into Putrajaya this time.."TIME TO CHANGE" & "ENOUGH IS ENOUGH"...