Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Home Minister must sack an unrepentant Selangor CPO

I am flabbergasted by the outrageously insensitive assertion by the Selangor CPO for demanding that Aminulrasyid Amzah's family should apologise, not him.

He responded in the most unbelievably obscene manner to the family of the 14-year old unarmed boy shot dead by his police. The dead boy's mother had demanded the police apologizes for the unwarranted killing.

It’s shocking that the CPO has the unmitigated gall to argue that Aminul’s family should apologize for allowing Aminul to drive without a licence, thus endangering the lives of the people of Shah Alam.

Did he mean that driving without a licence was a bigger injustice compared to killing someone for driving without a licence?

I wonder how such a person gets to become a CPO of one of the most important states in Malaysia? And I wonder when the Home Minister will finally find his backbone to sack this man!

The CPO even dared to borrow an American military excuse in the police killing of the unarmed 14-year old kid, namely “suspected” criminal.

Whenever American soldiers or airplanes shot or bombed innocent women and children they would quickly announced that x number of “suspected” terrorists were killed in an operations in PQR region.

Their press strategy was/still is to pre-empt any journalists from finding out and making adverse headlines, like for example, “USAF drones killed 27 Pakistani children in Pakistan NW region by mistake in a botched attempt to kill Talibans”.

By making the announcement first but using the word “suspected” in a press release that says “USAF drones killed 27 suspected terrorists in Pakistan NW region in an operations against the Talibans”, they would give the botched or callous operations an initial sheen of justification and thus control the headlines, at least for a while until any interest in or disgust over the murderous incident would have abated or be forgotten over time.

In Vietnam it used to be “collateral damage” but today this term would imply to their domestic front (the Yanks don’t give two dimes over what people overseas think of their callous aggression) that their military hasn’t taken adequate due precautions, and that they failed the due diligence test.

The adjective “suspected” carries a more legitimate justification than “collateral damage” for gunning non-Americans down.

The Selangor CPO has thus classified Aminulrasyid as a “suspected” criminal, perhaps to be gunned down?

Now he should explain why he thought Aminul speeding away was a “suspected” criminal that justified shooting at?

Couldn’t the driver of a car speeding away be a licence-less driver? Is it police standing order to shoot at licence-less dirvers?

Or perhaps even one with say, 250 gm of heroin to peddle? Question to ask in the latter scenario would then be, would such a drug peddler be deserving of being gunned down?

What kind of training have the police received with regards to discharge of firearms? What kind of values such as respect for the lives of even unarmed and non-hostile criminals have they been indoctrinated in?

The CPO (he disgusts me so that I can’t bear to allocate him a human name) urged: … all parties to “stop talking about the matter” as it has “gone to court. Let the court hear the case and decide what is appropriate.”

Yeah right!

Consider, if people had not talked about the matter, would the authority (not the police) have taken the investigation to this point when a police corporal is now charged with manslaughter, when originally, according to those police, Aminul was an alleged wannabe cop-killer for attempting to mow down innocent cops with his reversing death machine?

But we, the people, aren’t satisfied yet because we want the hides and heads of both the IGP and the Selangor CPO who had the outrageous lack of integrity to lie about the true situation leading to the shooting, especially more so when the CPO continues to be UNREPENTANT!

And we need to reiterate here that it have precisely been people including brave witnesses talking about the tragedy that have brought out the lack of integrity by these two senior police officers and most tragically of all, the truth about an unnecessary and unwarranted killing of an unarmed 14-year old child.


  1. Yes, he must go voluntarily or be taken out and dumped kicking and screaming!!

    A CPO who has no heart, a sense of diplomacy or understanding of who he works for is not worth his salt! More so one who jumped the gun with "criminal" and planted "machete!!"

    we are all of 1 race, the Human Race

  2. 5 reason why Bolehland police choose to use gun in "law enforcement" than using baton.

    1. Bullet travel faster than sound. It is cool.
    2. Bullet leave no beating marks, much easier for "Pathologist" to vindicate their negligence roles
    3. Police don't need to run and chase "suspect" in baton. Save their sweat.
    4. Many policeman that chasing the "suspect" in baton is NOT COOL.
    5. Baton can be reuse, but bullet cannot. So Bullet is COOL.

  3. Bro

    At the same time, do check out today’s electrifying testimony in court by Saiful that he met up with Ezam Md Nor (now senator) and Mumtaz after the alleged sodo mee on 26th June 2008 and before visiting Pusrawi Clinic and KLGH on 28th June!!

    The conspiracy is about to be finally and fully exposed!!

    we are all of 1 race, the Human Race

  4. Thats a bad joke !

    The home minister should sack himself first !

  5. come on, the case already brought to court, what's more do you want? the cpo entitled his own opinion, and he's a good leader to stand up for his force.

  6. The police should use baton so that vicious criminals that have guns can kill them first.


    chinese racist are not good actors

  7. This man must be an ardent disciple of George (suspected)W.(MD) Bush. He uses the same reasoning.

    And Anonymous @10:22 PM, May 12, 2010, his own opinions are his private views like the sweet nothings he whispers in his beloved's ears. When he is on duty or wearing his uniform, he is speaking as the state CPO so he should can his own opinions !

  8. you peoples are more becoming like a traitor and we still tolerance with you, but you still keep on harping on petty issues.

    In Indonesia you will surely get a whacking from Indonesian mobs, but here you can walk freely, you eat pork as you like, you can worship your how many gods that you have, you can get married to whomever that you like, actually you are free to do anything, it seams ISA has been sidelined, no more cruel arrest...

    But you still rising issues that are not for you to discuss, if anything should happen to Malaysian in general I will blame you peoples who are so racist in nature, don't know how respect others, less tolerant and not willing to accept others' opinions...shame on you peoples...


  9. why mustthe CPO of Selangor be sacked.



  10. okay, let's propose to gomen to have 'kerahan tenaga' especially non-Malay youth in the age of 21 - 23 should joined PDRM traffic division for 3 years, let them feel how it's like working under the scorching sun and heavy rain in the name of 'too serve and to protect' and let them know how many peoples will try to bribe them and who they are.

    Ada berani???


  11. "In Indonesia you will surely get a whacking from Indonesian mobs, but here you can walk freely, you eat pork as you like, you can worship your how many gods that you have, you can get married to whomever that you like, actually you are free to do anything, it seams ISA has been sidelined, no more cruel arrest..." Anon 11.13.

    What a load of crap!

    In Indonesia you can eat prok anywhwere including Bali and Jakarta, marry anyone you like and worship whatever gods you want. They don't arrest anyone there for these things.

    There's nothing unique about that in Malaysia.

    we are all of 1 race, the Human race