Thursday, May 20, 2010

Re-introducing Malaysian Immortals to Kadir Jasin

The Malaysian Insider - MCA: Between largesse and being intellectual — A. Kadir Jasin.

Apparently MCA President, Chua Soi Lok (CSL), said the Chinese aren’t interested in largesse (or campaign bribes) but fair policies. Now, it doesn't require a rocket scientist to make this conclusion, following the post by-elections analyses for Hulu Selangor and Sibu.

Pak Kadir naturally attempted to shoot down CSL, to show that Chinese have benefitted enormously from UMNO's largesse, even more than Malays. He pointed out: From the outset I agree with him on the part about fair implementation of policies Had government policies been implemented fairly and effectively there would not have been the gaping income gaps among the races states and regions.

Pak Kadir went on to highlight that official statistics that accompanied the launching of the New Economic Model show that 60 per cent of households earn below RM3,000 a month, and 80 per cent of them are Bumiputera households.

However he remained silent about the scores of NEP created billionaires and the likes of Daim Zainuddin, and not forgetting the (Barry Wain revealed) multi-billion ringgit waste that the UMNO-led government had wrecked upon the Malaysian taxpayers.

Instead he centred on personalities such as Vincent Tan and Ananda Krishnan to show that government largesse have benefitted the Chinese and some Indians as exemplified by the above two tycoons.

He wrote: With one stroke of the pen by the finance minister allowing football betting, tycoon Tan Sri Vincent Tan is richer by RM525 million. His Ascot Sports sold 70 per cent of the business to his corporate vehicle Berjaya Group. If that’s not gargantuan largesse, I don’t know what.

Vincent Tan’s Berjaya Group took off when it was awarded the privatisation of Sports Toto in the 1980s while Ananda Krishnan became an overnight sensation when he was awarded the super-lucrative privatisation of the Jalan Ampang race course and a series of gaming and telecommunications franchises plus considerable seed capital from state-owned funds.

My dear Pak Kadir, you must be honest and ask yourself whose pals are these two? Or are you saying they're typical representatives of the non-Malay communities? Puhleeeze lah, at least be intellectually honest!

And in the context of CSL’s discussion, about the unaccepted pre election campaign of (as an example) RM5 million in Sibu, would you believe me if I declare that Vincent Tan is not really Chinese and Ananda Krishnan not Indian?

They are beyond mere ethnic classification, because they're Immortals, placed on Mount Meru by UMNO bigwigs to live with them.

Though they aren’t the only Chinese and Indian Immortals, they most certainly don’t represent the average member of the Chinese and Indian communities. OK, if you don’t like to use the term Immortals to describe them, then what about Puteras, and of course Puteris for the ladies.

Yes, you can call them the BN-Puteras or BN-connected Puteras.

Thus they’re actually Malaysian political nobility or politically connected nobility, not unlike people like Daim Zainuddin, Khir Toyo, Peh Mor (White Hair) and a host of many others, all of whom you would know.

Now, as a matter of interest, who are the important personalities who have just led Sime Darby into a billion ringgit cost overrun in 4 projects? Never mind, yawnnn, after all what's new in Malaysia?

And by the way, any chance of ordinary Malay, Chinese, Indians, Kadazans, Ibans, etc (qualified ones, mind you) getting on the Board or into the top management of organizations like Sime, MAS, Petronas etc?

Admit it, you have to be a 'chosen' one, a BN-beautified Immortal, to gain access.

When CSL talked about largesse he wasn’t referring to the Immortals' type of largesse which runs into several hundreds of millions or billions. CSL was talking about the crude form of pre election (attempted but unsuccessful) bribery, and he has been absolutely correct when he stated: ... the Chinese community is no longer concerned with bread-and-butter issues but with intellectual issues such as fair implementation of policies.

Yes, give us mortals and our children equality in terms of, for example, university entries and appointments, careers in the Malaysian Civil Services, Armed Forces and Police, and please don't put invisible obstacles or limiting stops in the path of the non BN people (not necessarily just opposition but non political Malaysians) in ascending on merits to any one of those top positions like the Chief of the Armed Forces or any of the Armed Services, the IGP, the Civil Service and university VC’s.

Make our streets safe again and our public institutions honest, fair and competent.

We in turn would be quite happy to turn over to you any further largesse that UMNO may be planning to give to Vincent Tan, Ananda Krishnan, Khir Toyo, Daim Zainuddin, his erstwhile protégés and all those BN and BN-connected fat cats like Razak Baginda and his astonishing commission in the purchase of submarines.


  1. i knew CSL can lead MCA to better party. MCA is blessed to put CSL on the helm, better lots than OTK....

  2. Batu Katil Masin is just another kaki bodek who will do anything to please his political master.

    No need to take him seriously.

  3. See, KT, how effective a leader is CSL.
    I dont know why you were supporting OTK before.

  4. Pak Kadir, like Rocky can't be intellectually honest, their soul beind sold.

    If Pak Kadir is really talking about fairness to ordinary rakyat, I challenge him to write on 10% flat bumi-discount to all and sundry. Get govt to abolish this IMMEDIATELY, replace with a really fair one for all qualified buyers. This is just for a start - we'll talk the many other improper discrimination if they can get this one done!

  5. Open alleged bribery
    The Chinese don't want it
    They have their morals and dignity
    It is behind the curtain the shadows sing

    In Sibu buy election
    The ameeno leaders openly suggested
    It sinks in the air without takers
    Ameeno lost crying in silent mode

    MCA leaders correctly rejected it
    In the open to say how sincere they are
    I doubt they will do behind close doors
    When projects worth hundred millions or more?

    There were many laws MCA supported
    Likewise with Gerakan, MIC and PPP
    These leaders past and present can't fight
    For the country and her people's rights

    We have all those draconian laws
    We have all those alleged open bribery
    And the people protests and complaints
    Nothing happen it is business as usual

    The corporate leaders we hear
    They are part of B-End products
    Projects and commissions flourished
    We, as ordinary people, beg for it

    Then we hear of puppeteers
    They come offering help as if they care
    In the beginning they just kowtow
    The master shouts they hide in corners

    Of course there will be supporters
    They want to earn commissions painting good reviews
    Of their political masters shadowing them every move
    Of the 3Ps – power, projects, prosperity

  6. Yes Buttercup, CSL is effective. From what I'm told (I haven't seen the video yet), he's also effective in bed. I'm sure a little of his bed sense will brush over to his on-top position in the dying (already dead?) party called the MCA. People in the know hope that he would not leave the party bloated and inconsequential as a result of his top-down actions, needing only a pin-prick for it to burst into smithereens.

    Seriously, with the MCA and the SUPP in their death throes, the Chinese are now turning in large numbers to the opposition. I can't blame CSL too much for the present problems of the MCA. The party was already in irreversible decline before he became its president, and the racist noises from UMNO and Perkasa are certainly not helpful, and virtually ensure that the MCA, with very little current support from the race that should prop it up, would be finished in the near future.

  7. DKJ is beginning to sound more and more like KKK Ali and Perkosong.

    I couldn't help but laugh when he wrote that the Malays and Orang Asli too want good governance, and in the process, like Maha Firaun, forgetting who has actually been in charge of the country since independence.

    More than that, in questioning the award of gambling licence to Vincent Tan, he's only pointing the finger at Najib and UMNO. Then again how many VT's are there in M''sia for DKJ to make sweeping generalisations about the Chinese.

    Yet another comment I laughed over was "The Malays, the Orang Asli and other Bumiputras too want accessibility to education and scholarships, not only to attend public universities, but also to enroll in private universities and colleges."

    Heck, who' ever stopped a Malay or Bumi fom applying to private collges and Unis? Us "others" have to qualify with minimum credits and then fork out $50,000-60,000 for a basic degree course!!

    we are all of 1 race, the Human Race

  8. I love you dpp.
    When you go to Kadir, Rocky or Sak's blog, your comments are very polite.
    When you are in KT's or Zorro's, you sang a differet tune.
    You can survive anywhere pal.
    Orang Melayu cakap pandai hidupla.

  9. KT.
    Sometimes this old buggers are behaving from a disease called old cockymahatis.They spew shit and rots with their senile thoughts trying to hoodwink us rahyaats.Typical of an old Straits Times letter set! before the era of spreadsheets !

  10. Did anyone expect anything else from kj.

    After Nordin Sophie, the NST and the mainstream media editors all had to have a warped mind to qualify for the job.


  11. AKJ idiot is just like that Rogue-ky Brew bugger, same shit.

  12. Ktemoc,
    You better write a story on the Kedah pow wow now. It seems that PAS together with 4 PKR & DAP ADUNs on stage saying the Pakatan Rakyat Kedah still stand
    Do wonder what happens to some Gelakan little pricks.....Yes, the one till now never allow people to comment