Wednesday, May 26, 2010

JAIS & Mufti of Selangor - silent on sports betting

Malaysiakini - Sports betting: 'Why are Jais and muftis silent?' - extract follows:

Shah Alam parliamentarian Khalid Samad hit out at the Selangor religious affairs department (Jais) and Selangor mufti Tamyes Abdul Wahid for being silent over the soccer betting license recently issued to the Berjaya Group courtesy of the federal government.

Their silence, Khalid said at a press conference in Shah Alam today, runs contrary to their earlier hardline and very vocal stand against the use of the term 'Allah' by non-Muslims.

Life’s a bitch, ain’t it, especially for JAIS and the Selangor Mufti wakakaka.

While I wouldn’t go to the extent of banning sports betting, I certainly wouldn’t promote it either. Thus, if it hasn’t gotten off the ground, then don’t approve it.

And who benefits if it does get approve, as it has already been!

Dear Vincent Tan of course - the dear close confidante of UMNO bigwigs.

Hmmm, I wonder what prompted RPK M2Day to allege that Ibrahim Ali owns shares in Ascot Sports, the gambling company owned by Vincent Tan.

Anway, Utusan Malaysia's Pak Kadir Jasin claimed that because Vincent Tan will benefit from the approval of football betting by as much as RM525 million, it proves that government largesse has gone mainly to Chinese – therefore he wants the government to give a fairer deal to the Malays, Aborigines and get this one (considering it's coming from an UMNO person, hope you don’t puke) Indians.

Pak Kadir has decided that from now on the once-marginalised-alone Indians (but good reliable BN voters) should have some company, namely the marginalised Malays and the marginalised everyone …

… except those Chinese who have been the principal ethnic group to benefit from government largesse.

What? You don’t believe him? Look at Vincent Tan!

Vincent Tan is typical of most Chinese, and most Chinese are like Vincent Tan, meaning they like him are blooming rich and powerful (mate of Dr Mahathir and various other PMs and Ministers – as we all know, most Chinese have PMs and Ministers as mates).

Anyway, once I wrote an article about the insidious cancer of gambling for CPI – see A disease deadlier than AIDS - I’ll post an expanded version one day.

I don’t suppose the Mufti of Selangor (and what about Mufti of Perak?) and JAIS would like to read my article?

Wakakaka – JAIS won't allow Christians to use the ‘Allah’ word but they closing one eye to gambling on football.


  1. As long as state government directs all local councils not to issue premise licenses operating sport betting, we are all safe !

  2. latest i check, those municipalities run by PAS has renegade against the Federal....

  3. Life a beach
    On the clear blue water
    Sipping cocktails, mock-tails and beers
    Lazy around the moneys spin

    The towkays win
    No matter how they spin
    Putting up side notices
    “Muslims aren't allowed”

    In reality every one can buy
    Tickets to a million chance
    Dreaming of the whole scene
    Only if they know how to plan

    Through the ages of Man
    Wealth creations the dream desire
    Pushing far into the scale
    Legal and illegal the business triumph

    In a way we make our own fate
    Pauper, rich or poor in life
    Whatever sins throwing into the ring
    We decide our sins......

    28/5/10 10.02am

  4. hello, JAIS or no JAIS, Najib takes preference.
    A frog can shout Ketuanan Melayu and Islam but he sits on the Board of a group of companies engaged in gambling and prostitute dens disguised as entertainment clubs. What more can you say, KT.

  5. Are we all our brothers' keeper?
    Muslims know that gambling, just like consuming alcohol is against Islam, so as Muslims sports betting is sinful. Let the non-Muslims, gamble if they want to (since the Syariah laws don't apply to them)why drag the Mufti and JAIS into the picture. Is this not freedom of choice? Isn't this the Democracy that the PR has been clamoring for? Let PAS/PR totally ban the sale of liquor and betting in the states under their control before their leaders/legislators make these 'holier than thou' statemants.

  6. Are you insulting or praising the Chinese by saying that 'Most Chinese are like Vincent Tan.' Are you saying he typifies the more than 1.5 billion Chinese world wide or the Chinese in Malaysia? If your statement has any substance, would the Chinese have voted for the opposition PAKATAN against the BN/UMNO if they were all doing as well as Vincent? Do not disparage the Chinese by implying that they are not trustworthy and unreliable-accepting the goodies but not keeping to their word.
    You had written about the fuss created by the non-muslims not being allowed the use of 'Allah' in their religious books. Did you not yourself say that other names were used to mean GOD, names like 'Eloihim' in their teachings more frequently than the word 'Allah' itself?' Many of the Muslims, be they Pas/PKR/UMNO followers and JAIS have a genuine concern. Why keep picking on JAIS?
    Forgive me if I am not as well informed, but I did not read about the Christian Archbishop, the Buddhist Chief Monk or the Hindu High Priests commenting on the betting issue, why no criticism of them for being silent?
    Please try not to turn everything into a racial/religious issue.

  7. @i2iman: Wow! You need to upgrade your sarcasm detector. Read the 'Most Chinese are like Vincent Tan' passage again, but understand that it is obviously a fallacy. Now have a good laugh ;)

    Also, try and find out the meaning of the phrase "double-standards".