Thursday, May 13, 2010

Secret trysts lead to salacious tiffs?

I’m sick of reading all the salacious nonsense in Sodomy trial hears of trysts across Asia.

If there had been ‘trysts’ (what a f* word and excuse the unintended pun), meaning an agreement between two lovers to meet at a certain time and place, in their case, all over Asia, then it’s consensual.

Can’t the blooming media please spare our delicate eyes and ears from the intimate descriptions and the grubbier ones like ‘not washing his arse’ for days? Gawd!


  1. Dear pristine, pure Kaytee

    It's a court case, for Gawd sake. Sure all the sordid, dirty details will be out.
    Who ask that fella to play people's behind!!!

  2. Pristine and Pure10:49 am, May 14, 2010

    Buttercup reveals (as if s/he knows everything!):

    "Who ask that fella to play people's behind!!!"

    How do you know that fella has been playing people's behinds? Were you one of the "victims"? Unless you have first-hand knowledge of this fella's posterior activities, I will remain as pristine and pure as KTemoc.

    Anyway, in a case that does further serious damage to the Malaysian judiciary, even Saiful doesn't know that his behind has been "played". This irony is not lost on the Asian Sentinel reporter, who writes thusly: "Challenged over the medical reports [that there was no penetration of his anus], Mr Saiful protested that he could not see his own anus. The judge concurred."

  3. wahhahahaha... can't see his own a-hole!!! if mirrors haven't been invented yet, tell him to place a bowl of water under his behind and squat down lah!!!

  4. I stand by my belief that Saiful is the victim.
    Really pity the guy who came into contact with a back player.
    Entered Umno back-door, Stab others in the back. The worst was play the back of young boy.
    Must ask his ex-tennis pal Nalla whether the guy plays back-hand lobs too.

  5. My utmost sympathy to Wan Azizah for having to stomach hubby buggering Saiful in Hong Kong, Singapore and Bangkok.
    It takes a special kind of woman to endure hearing that in court everyday.
    Kaytee, you can't bear to read the salacious detail.
    What about her? She has to come to court to show the world that she's with the hubby.
    An honour is due her something like what Mother Theresa receives.

  6. Go and advise Anwar who loves butt to stop his hobby.

    take care of your own communist party

  7. Pristine and Pure5:13 pm, May 14, 2010

    Being the pristine and pure person that I am, I did not know what the word "Buttercup" meant, or indeed, why anyone would choose such a word for his or her nick! So I looked up the Urban dictionary on the Internet, and here's what I got:

    "a buttercup is when you cup your asshole with your hand and fart while closing your hand into a pocket hence creating an area of pure ass for you to offer to the nearest friend or foe to sniff..."

    Just in case you were shocked by the above (as I, in my innocence, was) the dictionary proffers another definition along the same lines:

    "When one cups his/her hand, puts their hand over their ass and farts into their hand. Then they close their hand thereby cupping the fart into their fist. Then, the person holds their hand over someone's nose and opens their hand. The unexpecting person get a good whiff of the fart."

    In order to ensure we use the word correctly, the dictionary helpfully gives us a sample sentence: "You better stop talking smack or I'll give you a butter cup."

    There are further variations of this word, such as buttercupped, buttercup boy, and buttercup swamp, but I guess that's enough for me for today, and I am beginning to be worried that my (and KT's) pristine pureness would be permanently sullied by the various permutations of this dirty word!

    Like KT, I am not a great fan of the de facto leader. But for God's sake, let us be honest and not unjustifiably malicious about his weaknesses and strengths! For whatever it's worth, now that I know what the word Buttercup means (no thanks to the poster on KT's blog who goes by that name!), I can only say that Buttercup's suspicions are "buttercupful": it stinks like excrement, but it tells us more about the poster's own metaphorical posterior than about anyone else's actual obsession with that part of the anatomy!