Friday, May 07, 2010

I despair of Koh TK

When I read The Malaysian Insider’s Tsu Koon slams Azhar, Guan Eng I thought to myself: Wah, Ah Koon has finally found his balls to criticise an UMNO man, but [sob] alas, he was actually defending the subversive demagogue.

Note what has been reported by The Malaysian Insider:

The senator [that’s Ah Koon, an unelected unrepresentative UMNO underling who swore before the March 2008 election he won’t go into parliament or government through the backdoor] said that while Azhar had wanted to defend Barisan Nasional (BN) and Umno against attacks by Pakatan Rakyat leaders in the state assembly, he …"

Then …

“He has thus opened himself to further attacks by the opposing side, ..."…

“Although he may have genuine concerns about potential adverse reactions from the Malays and Umno members towards DAP’s repeated provocation, …"
But Koh said a telephone conversation with Azhar yesterday saw the Umno man defending himself, saying that he had made the statement under “serious provocation” by Lim and that the alleged agitation was made “with racial undertones”.

Koh hit out at Lim and the DAP leaders for their repeated “harsh, crude attacks and allegations against the BN federal leadership and agencies on every matter.”

Cheh … ptui! Just like still an UMNO lapdog!


  1. KT you once said you wont address him as "Raja Bodek" again immediately after 12th GE, may be you want to term him so again ?

  2. I just always wonder how low he can go under the limbo bar.... lol

  3. he's an ex penang CM for goodness sake! he had bring penang prosperity for the past years! without him, intel and motorola probably had move out, and penang will be no more malaysia's silicon valley.

    why are you preaching to be ingrate to our leader. where's your kesopanan dan kesusilaan.

  4. Why you want to waste time on choon toi koon?

  5. He is still waiting to be appointed as the Sultan of Pulau Pinang. Dream on, old cock

  6. KTK reminds me of eunuchs of China imperial court.

  7. KTK is such a disgrace .
    Better resigns and go back to teach lah.

  8. Despair ?
    Is there a typo error ?
    Did you mean despise?

  9. despair = I'm sad, regretful that KTK could be so bodek-ish, which as my matey LC Teh mentioned: how low could he go, and guess what, he surprised us just how low!

    despair >>> despise