Monday, May 31, 2010

The evil that is Israel!

Sydney Morning Herald's As many as 19 killed as flotilla stormed, says Israeli army reported that: Israeli naval forces stormed a Gaza-bound aid flotilla in international waters before dawn on Monday, killing up to 19 pro-Palestinian activists, most of them reportedly Turkish nationals.

‘Tis a conflict that has now seen the ruthless fanaticism of the (rightwing) Israelis, their callousness* with Palestinian lives and their determination at all cost to deny relief to Palestinians whether in the world’s biggest prison Gaza or the bigger but segmented 'other prison', the West Bank.

* In 1994 mass murderer Baruch Goldstein, a fanatical Israeli, slaughtered 29 Muslims at prayer in the Cave of the Patriarchs and wounded another 150 with a machine gun. At his funeral, Rabbi Yaacov Perrin stated that even one million Arabs are ‘not worth a Jewish fingernail.’

That’s how fanatic the rightwing Israelis are, that’s how callous they have been with Palestinian lives.

They’re no different from the Nazis. I have written on this in my post Australian Opposition Leader became stupid for Israel where I pointed out:

The Israelis have become no different from the Nazis who massacred their forefathers in Europe during WWII.

Then the Nazis ghetto-rised Jews in European; now the Israelis ghetto-rise Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank.

Then the Nazis imposed punitive group punishment on Jews; now the Israelis do likewise to Palestinians.

The the Nazis murdered Jewish children; now the Israelis massacre Palestinian babies.

At the heart of the tragedy of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, exist 2 words!

And what are they?

Judea & Samaria.

No matter what peace talks have been/are/will be proposed, or who pushed/pushes/will push these, the Israelis have no intention of participating in any such peace talks sincerely.

They want Judea and Samaria, the religiously scared lands of their ancestors back under Israeli flag. Any peace talks or a Palestinian State would put paid to that. That their so-called ancestral lands were stolen from others and therefore could hardly be religiously sacred is irrelevant – religious fanatics cannot be reasoned with.

Short of genocide - and we cannot put this beyond the rightwing Israelis as we have already seen dark glimpses of their willingness to perpetrate such by stealth in Lebanon (see my post Children of Qana) and recently Gaza - rightwing Israelis’ aim is to make Palestinian lives so bloody miserable that they would be demoralized and persuaded into migrating away from ‘Judea and Samaria’ - another form of ethnic cleansing.

In fact some years ago Ariel Sharon had openly and pointedly told the Palestinians to cross over to Jordan and make that their home.

On Gaza, some may point out that Ariel Sharon pulled the Israelis out of there, but that was only a tactical redeployment, to rationalize, facilitate and consolidate the Israeli defence until eventually they are ready to move forward again, and if they haven't succeeded in persuading those stubborn Palestinians to leave, then to push or pull the Arabs out completely from Judea and Samaria (West Bank as well).

It helps when they have a USA in their religious pockets.

Worst case scenario for the Israel would be for them to remain in a superior position to retain large tracts of Palestinian land (but sacred Hebraic Judea and Samaria) and control a vassal state of Palestine, preferably within Israel.

The biggest prize of all would be Jerusalem. Israelis and their kindred Jewish supporters have been secretly buying up large chunks of property in Jerusalem particularly from
Patriarch Irineous of the Jerusalem Greek Orthodox Church, which have infuriated Palestinian Christians and indeed Muslims.

The Israeli local authority has also been evicting Palestinians living there for eons, claiming that the Palestinians were illegal squatters. At the same time the Israeli government has been promoting illegal Jewish settlements around the city.

The aim is blatantly obvious, to secure Jerusalem totally in Jewish hands one way or another.

Yes, Jerusalem - King David stole this town from the Jebusites as he stole another man's wife, that of his most loyal general, Uriah before machiavellian-ly sending Uriah into battle to be killed, so as to secure Bathsheba completely for his sole enjoyment.

His descendants have the same propensity to break God's 8th commandment 'Thou shalt not steal'.

Jews (and most certainly Israelis) deem Jerusalem as the holiest city. I would not be entirely surprised that the Israelis have plans to re-build the 3rd Temple after the 'accidental' or convenient collapse of the al Aqsa mosque.

Coincidentally, each time the Israelis or their forefathers built a Temple, this was followed by a foreign invasion and a subsequent Diaspora. Could it be due to an ancient Egyptian curse made 4,000 years ago? For more, see my 2005 post The Curse of Jerusalem?

It's hardly surprising the Israelis have now resorted to Nazi-like atrocities to prevent the peace flotilla from reaching Gaza with relief aid – and their usual mantra? They were only preventing secret arms cargo (with their level of security they could easily check the cargo but no ... they're determined to deny at all cost any relief to Palestinians in the world’s biggest prison Gaza) and that they were only defending themselves against Palestinian attacks - machine guns against allegedly knives.

15 people mowed down by those so-called Children of the Holocaust!

The original Taliban - religiously racist!
Brothers of the Talibans
Clash of Civilizations, or Clash of Civilities?


  1. From the left-wing Haaretz:

  2. ...protestors on the Mavi Marmara used "extreme violence" in their attempt to repel the boarders, attacking them with two pistols, knives, iron bars and other makeshift weapons. He said one of the passengers had seized a commando's gun and opened fire on the Israelis.

    Read more:,8599,1992991,00.html

  3. Not exactly your peaceful protestors, huh!

  4. As usual, the Zionist regime put a spin saying that their armed forces were attacked first.
    Who on earth would believed that, since the aid convoy people are unarmed.
    The Israeli security forces outnumber them. They only used knives as self-defence.
    It's time Hamas and Fatah stand in unison on this transgression.
    The UN too must impose sanction now on Israel.
    The world awaits response from President Obama who is on a Memorial Weekend Holiday in Chicago.
    We also expect a statement from Najib since there are Malaysians in the convoy.

  5. Warsaw Ghetto then,
    Gaza now.

    There are reports that one person who joined the humanitarian mission to Gaza is actually a Holocaust Survivor!

  6. Sorry, forgot to sign my comment
    of 1:47 pm

    P.S. Jewish critics of Israel's racist and expansionist policies are also under attack. Example: the Jewish-American Rabbi Michael Lerner who edits Tikkun magazine.

    Phua Kai Lit

  7. On board were:

    members of parliament from Germany, Sweden, Ireland and Turkey. Among those on board: Nobel Peace Laureate Mairead Maguire of Ireland, Holocaust survivor Hedy Epstein, US diplomats Amb. Edward Peck and Col Ann Wright, not to mention peace activists from forty countries — including a US Navy survivor of Israel’s infamous attack on the USS Liberty.

    By some remarkable inversion of logic, all these highly respected humanitarian peace activists are portrayed as aggressors seeking a confrontation with peace-loving Israel, while their Israeli attackers are seen as defending themselves by opening fire on orange-vested civilians rash enough to resist their ‘tough love’ overtures. Israel naturally claims that there is no humanitarian crisis in Gaza. The Gazans are purportedly doing quite well under Israel’s benevolent supervision.


  8. ktemoc is going to join peace activists from all over the world to deliver aid supplies to osama laden and his "freedom" fighters holed up in the the mountains of North Waziristan. Anyone else care to join?

  9. Anon 3.12pm

    You are what Malays call seorang panjat dinding, seorang panjat bendul.
    Let's have unity on this issue.
    This is no play-play.

  10. The rogue state Israel should be sanctioned by the United Nations.

    Oh I forgot. UN is one of the tools of the Illuminati. They will not do anything of that sort.

    Apostate and tithe.

  11. Pakatan gets a reminder of unfulfilled local council poll pledge
    ARCHIVES 2010
    Friday, 28 May 2010 Super Admin

    By Athi Shankar, Free Malaysia Today

    GEORGE TOWN: A Gerakan youth leader today chided the Pakatan Rakyat state government for failing to restore the local government elections even after being in power two years on.

    Kedah Gerakan youth chief Tan Keng Liang said Pakatan parties especially DAP and PKR have pledged full commitment in the last general election manifestos to restore local government elections.

    “But to date, there is no indication that Pakatan will keep its word and hold the council elections in its states,” said Tan.

    He recalled that three months ago Pakatan state governments pledged to fulfil their general election promises to hold the third vote process in Penang and Selangor.

    However, he said even after two recent by-elections in Hulu Selangor and Sibu, the Pakatan promises as remained empty electoral pledges.

    He challenged Pakatan state governments to announce a definite timeframe to hold local government elections in Kedah, Penang, Selangor and Kelantan.

    “Pakatan states should not give any more excuses or remain silent to avoid the implementation of local government elections,” he said.

    Local government was suspended in 1965 following the Indonesian confrontation and later was institutionalised with a total ban under the 1976 Local Government Act.

  12. Anon of 1:15 PM, June 02, 2010, you're off thread - this post is about the Israeli military slaughtering civilians on a ship in international waters.

    Anyway, to answer your comments, how to? EC refuses to conduct the elections. And trust Athi Shankar (or Athi Veernaggan) to write it - he's anti DAP wakakaka. I learnt from a friend that Dr Rama (Penang's DCMII) had complained to MKINI before about his biased writing.

    Also see my last year's post

    OK, no more about this Gerakan noise maker or Athi Veeraggan/Shanker - let's keep the thread here on the Israeli atrocities.

  13. The Israeli spokeman said on CNN that the activist are terrorist supporter, what do you think?

    Why the aids mission choose a direct confrontation with Israel? Why can't the aids be send by other mean, or thru Egyptian side of the border, the Rafah crossing?
    Why the Egyptian Govt also closed their border to Gaza since 2007?

    I am not a supporter of Israel but in my opinion the peaceful aids mission is entering a war zone, and shuold expect the worst!

  14. Anon of 5:05 PM, June 02, 2010, obviously you have not been following the news in the Middle East. Israel restricts anything going into Gaza or the West Bank - embargoing building materials, limiting food, medicine. Egypt is under the constraint of American aid ($2 billion a year) and pressure to restrict movement across the Rafah crossing. Gaza and to a lesser extent the West Bank ae like prisons, ghettos - the aim of the Israelis, as I have written, is to make life so miserable for the Palestinians that most if not all will leave the country, and de facto leaving the land to the Israelis.

    The Israelis claimed the Palestinians do not require any aid yet now after the debacle, it is proposing to channel aid to the Gazaans. The Israelis are worried their American benefactors may not be able to stomach their Nazi-like conduct.

  15. Good piece of observation Ktemoc. To those who do not have frens from that part of the world, you will never know how they have been humiliated, though there are groups here being humiliated too, it is nothing compared to how Israel treats the Palestinians. Those who have not read how former PM Begin 60 years ago was part of a terror terrorist group out to kill and drive out the Palestinians from the land so that the so called victimised diaspora Jews could return to their holy land. The problems of the Middle East has very much to do with Israel as the main cause period. see rest at

  16. dun worry lah : kj is sacrificing his life to rescue the gazans !