Monday, May 03, 2010

Police - once eagles, now turkeys

There was a time when the Royal Malayan/Malaysian Police was trusted, respected and relied upon by Malayans/Malaysians.

They walked around armed only with truncheons. Malayans of my uncles’ vintage laughed at the police of neighbouring countries like the Philippines, Indonesia and Thailand because those law enforcers wore pistols - they were sneered at as 'cowboys', not like our officers. In Malaya then, only those who were directly operating against the Malayan Communist Party (MCP) had cause to carry armed weapons.

Even the Special Branch was regarded with pride as the unit that would always obtain the required intelligence, whether in domestic or overseas operations.

Two SB police inspectors in the late 70’s infiltrated the MCP, living with the insurgents for years. With the intelligence they provided and the internal dissent and split up they were reputed to have fomented in the MCP, it could be said they were responsible for the eventual breakup of the MCP and its debilitation. Such was the standard of police officers. The two were Paul Kiong and Sia Boon Chee, who were both awarded Malaysia’s highest award for valour, the Seri Pahlawan Gagah Perkasa, by the Agong.

Today the Police is not even a pale imitation of its former glorious self. It is sub-zero in the eyes of the average Malaysians.

Armed to the teeth, they terrorise candlelight vigils instead of communists, while crime rates soared through the ceiling. Their SB focused on innocent Malaysians or Pakatan politicians and supporters while Israeli spies and illegal migrants slipped through our borders to live among us, committing political espionage, political voting and non-political crimes.

They are quick to arrest opposition politicians and human rights activists like Irene Fernandez, just because she published a report on the living conditions of the migrant workers entitled "Abuse, Torture and Dehumanised Conditions of Migrant Workers in Detention Centres" while criminals and Mat Rempits roam the streets.

They have become more fond of photographing naked women in police lockups than the Israeli spies and criminals in our midst, both nasties alleged to have very intimate association with top police officers.

And what have the police done to solve the murders of Nurin Jazlin Jazimin and Preeshena Varshiny?

Now they have shot dead a 14 year old kid, Aminulrasyid Amzah for speeding away in his sister’s car.

And just what did the IGP threaten to do when shocked Malaysians call for a Royal Commission of Inquiry into such an abhorrent consequence of police shooting?

Precisely what his predecessory had threatened when AAB wanted to establish the IPCMC, and who was allowed to get away with his insubordination and public mutiny of threats to AAB's government, and bizarrely was even given a hero's farewell when he retired, with a Tan Sri title. A f* amazing example of what a defiant and mutinous IGP could achieve against the effeminate ineffectiveness of our police ministers.

Please tell me, how have such a once glorious force, trusted and respected by Malayans/Malaysians become a distrusted, despised and dreaded body, reviled by the average citizen? Indeed, how are the once mighty fallen!


  1. Forget about the turkeys....Chase after the oilfields.....Deny Najib/Muhhyiddin the oilfield money....The end for BN

  2. Pursuing of wealth
    Mixing with the underworld
    Knowing how easy cash is made
    Greed gets the better of it

    Collecting hot information
    Use it to bargain in career moves
    Not once many times over
    Blackmail has no etiquette

    International balls carrier
    It always work in any organization
    Once the work is laid
    Things will move quite easily

    Badge of honour
    It never brings rain of wealth
    It is the soul believing in God
    It is into it honesty dwells

    Go for short term goals
    Enjoy the short paradise of bliss
    When it is done, where life will be?
    The journey is lost

    Badge of honour
    Some bad apples discoloured it
    Bringing the force a bad name
    Only change of government a new direction

    4/5/10 9.56am

  3. Oilfields? Brunei is going to purchase back the whole of Sarawak

  4. Sarawak and a great portion of Sabah once belonged to the Brunei Sultanate. It was their own (earlier) Sultan's fault for trusting the British especially one particular bloke by the name of Brook that saw their own sultanate reduced to its present size.

  5. Please cut the police some slack. Also please let the family grieve in private. There are vulture lawyers, two infact, that are itching to take the case.
    For sure it's King Karpal and prince Gobind. The other is N. Surendran,
    Now they are using the pal who was with Aminul to be on their side when he is supposed to be the star witness.
    With all this circus, the family are really confused.

    Here's a song for fou Ktemoc. Old Turkey Buzzard by Jose Feliciano.
    Go catch that gold.

  6. Btw, KT, we eagerly await the story of your uncle.
    You seem to be quoting him in most of your postings.
    He must be a great man for you to be citing him.
    We too will want to know him.

  7. I've more than one uncle. When one's dad died while one was young (about 6) one grew up invariably with dad's brothers and cousins as the substitute father figure.

  8. Thank you. Sorry for your loss at a very young age. I am really interested because in many political write-ups, you said my uncle said only said my uncle, never one of my uncles.
    So I assume your uncle is some big-shot in Malaysia or was one of Malaysia's notable man.Someone in the know on Malaysian politics.