Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Jail or fined an extra RM1,000?

Malaysiakini - Polygamy: Bung Moktar jailed 1 month, fined RM1,000

Even if convicted, his position as BN MP for Kinabatangan is pretty safe because he would only lose it if sentenced to not less than one year's jail or fined not less than RM2,000.

But Tian Chua and Gobalakrishnan, both PKR MPs, may lose their federal seats because of a fine of RM3,000 each.

Which is worse, a jail term or a fine of a mere RM1000 above the 'magic' line of RM2000?


  1. Malaysia BOLEH standard , where taking alcohol are crime worst than corruption and murder.

  2. bung mokhtar is great mp. he brings laughter in the parlimen, better than anwar and lks. it's unfair to jail him, but law is law.... i'm going to miss him :(

  3. Bonk Botak bugger will be let off the hook with just a fine when the higher court hears his appeal.
    Double standard as usual in Bodohland.

  4. Incidentally he is one of the original Bocor-ites - disgusting!

  5. Ktemoc

    The 'bocor' MP has his wrongful marriage "bocored" for the world to see.
    I am not going to repeat his shameless antics in a religious court which I posted at length in other blogs.
    The roaring man in Parliament sheepishy grinning in the arms of a starlet posing for the camera.
    Disgusting. If it is us, we will be squirming and finding a hole to creep into.
    Now I have more respect for the Alam Flora man.
    He may keep his seat. But from now on, whatver he says in Parliament will be credible no more.
    The women NGOs picketing outside the court were right in asking him to quit because he is a law-breaker, not law-maker.
    As a lawmaker, he should jolly well know that you cannot take another wife without permission from the first wide and the court.
    But what amazes me is how did the Kadhi who conducted the Akad Nikah did not ask him to provide the neccesary document before performing the ceremony.
    Even a young single man who wants to marry must get certification from his head of department that he's single and send it to the religious department.
    Is there a separate law for ordinary Muslims and an old MP turned actor.
    That Kadhi who closed one eye must also be booked!
    Bung, savour your less than two years as an MP. That is if your party or Najib did not sack you.
    Zizie, do not ditch him when he is no longer wealthy and an MP.
    Take good care of him when he's old and weak.

  6. Dear Buttercup,

    Your tantalizing comment about "his shameless antics in a religious court" made me deeply curious and set my imagination running wild.

    What did he do? Did he unzipped his pants, hauled out his "thing" and waved it threateningly at the ustaz?


  7. KT why waste your time on Bonk Moktar wanker, who is one of the most despicable buggers in Malaysia.

  8. HH, my aim was to show the ridiculous disproportionate punishments for Tian Chua and Gobala who may lose their parliamentary seats because they were each fined RM3,000, compared to a man who may be jailed (plus fined RM1,000) but would still retain his parliamentary seat.

  9. New UMNO signee (at lust!)4:49 pm, May 20, 2010

    My dearest Buttercuppy,

    Why are you against Bung Mokhtar? Isn't he also an UMNO member? Why should a blind UMNO sympathiser like you antagonise an UMNO MP? I can't understand! Moreover, he's not just an UMNO member. Don't you know that he was deputy chairman of the Barisan Nasional Backbenchers Club? You should be singing praises of him, and dream that you were Zizie Ezette (if you were female) and earnestly desire to satisfy his lust.

    Anyway, please inform me when Bung is finally jailed and Zizie is not undergoing one of her bocor periods... I'm just trying to ensure that she'll be satisfied, and doesn't do anything silly during this trying time.

    Yours lustfully,

    New UMNO signee

  10. Roz

    Haha nothing of that sort.
    You mean you did not see him on TV?
    What beliaspeak say gedik, geli. Meloyakan.
    Come on you are an old MP, please act with decorum, not touching here and there, holding hands, really touchy-feely.
    He was so star-struck (more like c....t struck), grinning like a bashful boy in the first flush of love.
    Its really shameful for his wife and kids to see this very unbecoming behaviour.
    I think if this Member Of Polygamy is no longer MP,Yusof Haslam can cast him as a Datuk or Tan Sri yang gatal which he he is very fond of in his drama.

  11. I am expecting this kind of silly remarks.
    If you are a blind DAP cadre, I am not a blind Umno supporter.
    If it's wrong, its wrong. If its right it's right.
    Of course I know he is Deputy Chairman of the Back-Bencher's club. That makes it more sickening.
    What I am hoping he will be brought before the Parliamentary committe of Special Privileges which have the power to sack him.
    But I dont know if the Chief Whip will do that.

    And if you are a lustful animal, dont place me in your category.
    I am a discerning person.

  12. hello UMNO courts know whichside to butter. dont talk about laws when it is politically linked. Its UMNO which will decide.