Monday, July 02, 2007

The truth of Brahma's faces

I am aware that Proarte is a regular letter writer to malaysiakini, though I haven’t been keeping track of his leanings.

His descriptions (extracts) of the de facto leader seems to coincide with mine. Proarte said of that person (all underlining below are mine):

Anwar Ibrahim has squandered all the goodwill he generated in the aftermath of his sacking and persecution. He tried cleverly to reinvent himself as a 'reformist' hoping that the ‘rakyat’ would easily forget that he was a Mahathir and Umno man, responsible for much of the unhealthy division in our society using Islamic demagoguery and Malay chauvinism for political advancement.

I hope those naive believers in him would read Proarte’s description of the de facto leader as being “responsible for much of the unhealthy division in our society using Islamic demagoguery and Malay chauvinism for political advancement”. The term 'de facto leader' is in itself already a blasphemy to his oft-preached democracy - what hypocrisy!

Anwar must realise his 'all things to all men' modus operandi is downright dishonest. He cannot use the language of secular idealism and democracy including the 'Jeffersonian Focus' in the West and when addressing a non-Malay crowd, and then be an Islamic demagogue who feels it is right that Lina Joy a Christian convert should be tried for apostasy in the syariah courts which he feels we should have 'more confidence' in. This duplicitous behaviour will be the unravelling of him and his party.

“... duplicitous behaviour ..” says it all. I had described him as Brahma-faced.


In the The Witch of Ijok I lamented the fate of a blogger who was foolish enough to criticise the PKR debacle in that by-election, where for her bold words, she was subsequently torn to shreds in the most feral and sickening ad hominen attack by a horde of intolerant cyber-jihadists. In that posting, my concluding paragraph stated:

But her greatest sin was
To do the blasphemous

To question, blame, sneer
At the one & most holy Grail,
The one with the pious wail
Four face Almighty Brahma
Hi to my dear buddy Paul
Assalaimu Alaikum yaa akhi
wo men dou shi yi jia ren
demi bangsa, bangsa & bangsa

I have also posted another poli-poem about the Ijok campaigning titled IJok – of, for & by the Fairest.

Proarte continued:

Anwar has also betrayed the people of Sabah over the Ma Zu issue in Kudat. Anwar has been silent on this issue. Abim, an institution which Anwar co-founded, has supported Sabah Chief Minister Musa Aman in preventing the Ma Zu statue from being erected.

So much for his 'wo men dou shi yi jia ren'.

The opposition however is divided and PKR has an unprincipled person as its de facto leader. The non-Malays in the party, including the self-conscious 'intellectuals' of PRM have been taken for a ride. Those who remain are pawns or opportunists who are drawn to delusions of grandeur and powerless party positions.

Wake up!

Sadly, they could not resist their human desire for power and limelight, and were easily seduced by Anwar's rhetoric of justice, the primacy of human rights, freedom of conscience and upholding the secular nature of our constitution.

Urghhh, I need to wash myself!


  1. Hi KTemoc,
    Anwar Ibrahim has had no executive position in the Malaysian government for 9 years now, 6 of which he spent behind prison walls.

    How much responsibility for the country's current ills can you honestly pin on him ?

  2. Not blaming him for today's ills but for his actions and refusal to accept some responsibility for his past. Yes, his record as a minister would be more than enough, in fact far too much, for us to stomach.

  3. Hey Tmoc, I agree with the assessment on Anwar Ibrahim. I wouldn't want a leader like him as he is an opportunist. Heard a lot of stuff about him and he is not, to say this nicely, a person who promotes diversity in Malaysia. I don't know why people especially the non malays support him, as I'm sure there are many Malay leaders worth supporting than him (I'm sure there are more Malay leaders to come, I'm young ...well fairly, so I can wait a bit though not too long!;-) ).

  4. Ktemoc,

    I have said it many a times - a leopard never ever changes its spots.

    And Anwar is one true leopard.

  5. Perhaps people should have a re-think about the very basic ide of how the Malaysian society should operate....

    An alternative society?

  6. Wgy do you equate lord Brama with AI? Its an affont to hindu dignity. Are you mentally sick, derange or a moron?