Friday, July 06, 2007

Bull from Yang Berbocor

malaysiakini may not have this news item but the Star Online did. It spoke of government backbenchers being angry with Tian Chua for his doctored photo of a French dinner for three.

The usual suspects provided their obligatory and furious reactions at the insinuation of a cosy dining ménage a trois. But the one that riled me in turn has been Bung Mokhtar Radin, the notorious MP from Kinabatangan, yes, Mr Bocor himself.

He had the thick skin to condemn Tian Chua for going ‘overboard’. He said: “The Opposition cannot simply spread lies to discredit national leaders. This is a criminal act.”

Well, may I say to him that “The government backbenchers cannot simply make disgusting remark to insult opposition members in the so-called august House. That would be worse than criminal acts”, for to abuse the trust and expectations of your voters is surely the greatest crime of betrayal for a politician.

Yang Berbocor could do well and serve his constituency best if he keeps his lips sealed, doctored if necessary.


  1. oh the big mouth kinabatangan MP. no surprise this coming from his mouth.

    criminal act? he was the one going overboard. if doctoring a photo is a criminal act, we will have lots of criminals out there in the cyberworld.

  2. strange no one thought of taking a step further to.... well sue him lah ! what is happening ? no balls ah

  3. You are right. The YB (Yang Bodoh) of the Yang Berbocor kind is a total disgrace to his constituency. Will they still keep him in the next election?

  4. Najib should sue, or Bocor MP should balls I guess. Or are they afraid of the truth

  5. The Bocor MP was looking for a cheap cheap publicity, trying to ammend his stupidity by scracthing Najib's back..... bocor will always bocor.....! anyway, i'll put my money on him, this coming election, he will still be the winner.... Why???? they have so many bocor(phantom) voters in Sabah, they have outnumbered the local voters.......

  6. Divine laws have a strange way of making "what goes around, comes around" come true! It's on the way...first Zam, then all those yang patient. Even the Great Earthquakes will wipe out those culprits setting bushfires and the haze problem. Wiping the islands off will be a good solution. A better solution than what our dozzzzing PM said, "It's normal...."(the haze).

    The Ge is heavily speculated to be end of this year.

  7. It is a case of the kettle calling the white kettle black!

    Shut up, Kinabatangan, so tat you do not prove yourself to be the fool that you are.

    I do not think the average Malaysian has forgiven you and your tutup mata kawan for being so recalcitrant as to offer conditional apologies when a full and unqualified apology was warranted.

    I am sure the above sentence is beyond both you and your friend from Malacca.