Thursday, July 05, 2007

PKR - just in different sheep's clothing

Letter to malaysiakini by Aaron Yap:

Syed Husin Ali, what a fine, clear cut and thorough analysis with regards to the current situation our country are facing (Both Rafidah and Rommel wrong).

Dr Syed Husin is one of the most decent human beings there is – what a pity he is mixed up with a de fective person.

If I would just add, should PKR be a more professional and ethical party, I supposed we, the ordinary folks, will very much willing to extend our utmost support to PKR itself but after recently seeing the superimposed picture of the deputy prime minister being posted by one of your party colleagues, it just show that the ugly and unprofessional side of the party itself.

And why wouldn’t it be nasty – born and breed from the same cesspool, mere chanting of the reformasi mantra can't ever consecrate its true nature.

It is indeed destroying the credibility of the party image in the eyes of the normal and ordinary folks. Certainly, we do agree that the current administration is consist of a whole bunch of ‘jokers’ but if the opposition such as PKR are behaving no differently than those current bunch of ‘jokers’, how do you expect us to change our course to support your party instead?

As my blogging mate, Dr Darren Hsu used to say, same wine, new label, or, same people, different sheeps’ clothing.


  1. Yes, and you of all people should know

  2. old wine in new bottle.

  3. Mr K Temoc..

    I feel you have a strong prejudice against sdra Anwar Ibrahim. Please one is perfect myself , yourself and sdra anwar ibrahim and the whole world inclusive. What malaysians are undergoing at the moment is rotten leadership with the two top idiots. Nation needs you Mr K Temoc. Sdra anwar may not have been perfect in the past but should he not be given a second chance?

  4. Dr Syed Husin is decent and that is precisely why he is able to see Anwar for the man he is, not what the mass media and people paid to paint him to be.

    Think real hard about it ktmoc....

  5. anon, a decent Dr Syed Husin doesn't mean he sees all. Then again, maybe he has and notwithstanding his undoubted regrets in joining KeADILan to form PKR, is still hopeful - what to do, after having committed an entire PRM to what he had hoped would be a good cause - perhaps he still prays for the best possible outcome, but undoubtedly with fainter hopes each day as reformasi becomes refractory and democracy metamorphoises into de facto dictatorship.

    Look at Chandra Muzzafar (and other notables) who saw the light (or darkness) earlier and realised he wasn't on the rescue ship but one that flies a Jolly Roger.

    PKR can have a life without the nonsense of suffering subservience to, humiliation by and a total lack of democracy in being led by a de facto leadership which in reality is a 'dictator' - what then would be the difference between PKR under such a leadership and the UMNO you obviously dislike?

    Taru, you're right - no one is perfect, but should we countenance a person who has currently demonstrated behaviour and actions reminiscescent of his previous political life. That's not imperfect but insidious. So why enlarge the group of undesirables, especially one with a dangerous silvery tongue.