Friday, July 06, 2007

Apotheosis or Apostate to a forgotten ideal?

Sorry PKR buddies, this was reported in malaysiakini so don’t blame me if your party has been reported to be imploding.

Anyway, before I get to that malaysiakini news article, do you remember my earlier posting
Anwar Ibrahim interferes with PKR polls? just two weeks ago, when PKR Youth secretary Johari Yasin made the most unusual, if fact astonishing accusation against party sacred party icon, its apotheosized Anwar Ibrahim.

Johari who was then standing for party election as Youth deputy chief after receiving 42 nominations, the highest for the position, accused Anwar Ibrahim of meddling in the party elections in (Anwar, as claimed by Johari) asking acting Youth chief Shamsul Iskandar to ‘find ways’ to ensure that Johari loses.

Johari then withdrew from the PKR Youth contest with a huff and puff because of his disgust at the interference by the ‘world’s greatest political reformer, the true Renaissance Man who is the incomparable paragon of democracy, virtue and ______’ (fill in blank)

I had deemed Johari’s allegations as astonishing because it would be akin to a Thai national giving the bird to the King of Thailand, committing an unthinkable act of lese majesty.

As I wrote, most PKR members, especially those of the younger set, have a fanatical devotion to Anwar. Some of them have displayed virtual kamikazi take-no-prisoner behaviour towards any critics of Anwar or PKR. So, Johari’s disgust with his once-idol must have been Godzilla-ish humongous.

It seems he wasn’t the only one because PKR former treasurer Abdul Rahman (KeADILan membership card No 3) left too, followed by Ezam Mohd Nor, once Anwar’s right hand man, who also resigned from PKR also with a huff and a puff, because he accused the ‘world’s greatest political reformer, the true Renaissance Man who is the incomparable paragon of democracy and virtue’, of being a dictator (another word for de facto leader). Then, one week later, half of the committee members in the Shah Alam PKR division including Johari Yasin, resigned.

Johari said he has lost faith in Anwar, and added:

“When he was in prison, we fought till (ex-premier Dr) Mahathir (Mohamad) eventually stepped down but since he was released, we have not seen him being critical against Umno or (the Prime Minister) Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.”

“Anwar claimed he has evidence of corruption against government ministers, but except for making criticisms, have you seen him expose any document so far?”

“If the party call those who quit traitors, I would like to respond by saying it is Anwar who has betrayed the members and this struggle.”

Well, I have been consistent in my suspicion of Anwar Ibrahim's sincerity as an opposition leader and his secret but ardent desire to
return to UMNO because that’s where the power is, and Anwar loves being at the top of the tree where he once was, 'ere he fell down like a nyior (coconut)

Reflect on what I posted in
Bringing Anwar Ibrahim back to UMNO?:

Once one has tasted and enjoyed the sweet sheer power of Malaysian top politics, as one would at the top echelons of UMNO like Anwar once had, one would be reluctant to do the hard yards again like those old plodding born-losers DAP idealists or the snookered PAS leaders, or god forbid, the PKR neither-here-nor-there leaders.

One of my friends saw him recently on Australian TV in an interview where he actually praised AAB for the latter's ‘compassion’. So it seems Johari’s accusation about Anwar’s tactic of ‘going easy on AAB’ may have some grounds, and probably with an objective.

I suppose it’s a case of not burning his bridges (back to UMNO), though ‘burning Najib’ would be good to make easier the achievement of his unspoken but apparent aspiration.

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  1. halo friend,
    While there are rooms for imagination against Anwar it is not the same to expect that there can not be rooms for dissent within PKR -esp when there is no clear leadership within the party. So to expect that there could not be dissent/criticisms agains the top leadership is itself a reflection of non-democratic mindset. Preferably such `dissent friendly' culture is a new virus to infect all political parties in Malaysia !

  2. Hey, who did you think released anwar from jail and overturned his half brother,s sodomy charges?

  3. I didn't realise you and SD Jo share the same paymaster until today.