Thursday, July 26, 2007

Hey Dubya, they're in Pakistan, not Iraq

Extracts of a Sydney Morning Herald news item:

George Bush has made provocative new assertions about al-Qaeda's role in Iraq, using recently declassified information to make his case that the global battle against the terrorist network, and the safety of Americans at home, hinges on keeping US troops in Iraq to fight.

The US President's comments were greeted with scepticism by several terrorism experts and former intelligence officials, who said he had exaggerated or even misrepresented


"Here's the bottom line," Mr Bush said.
"Al-Qaeda in Iraq is run by foreign leaders loyal to Osama bin Laden. Like bin Laden, they are cold-blooded killers who murder the innocent to achieve al-Qaeda's political objectives."

Rand Beers, a former senior Bush and Clinton administration counter-terrorism official, said Mr Bush was exaggerating the al-Qaeda connections.

He "is oversimplifying what is happening there in Iraq", he said.
"He is misrepresenting where the major front of al-Qaeda is, which is in Pakistan."

It's like his Administration lie of Saddam's alleged link with al Qaeda, after the WMD lie collapsed, as the casus belli for attacking Iraq.

Yesterday, just as Iraqis celebrated their soccer team's historic Asian Cup win, two suicide car bombs marred the rare joyous moment by
killing 50 and wounding 135 in two car bomb attacks.

God bless America, with such a moronic obdurate stay-at-home-during-Vietnam president.

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  1. Bush's reply: "Hey Dude, Pakistan's got no oil; Iraq has."