Friday, July 13, 2007

Polygamy prevents infidelity and enhances social prestige

Arbibi Ashoy wrote a letter to malaysiakini about the Altantuyaa Shaariibbu murder trial.

I like to read Arbibi’s letters because you never know where he would go or end up ;-)

He complained that reading the Altantuyaa case each day only convinced him that the news could only get more and more sickening. He bemoaned that the sorry court saga has the appearance of nothing more than a big farce.

So far so good, I agree with him, though I wonder whether he had factored in the equally sorry saga of a political party attempting to hijack the issue in an attempt to turn the murder trial instead into a trial of a political opponent for grubby interests rather than justice.

He said: “Something big is missing so far from the Altatunya case - it's motive.”

‘Motive!’ – wow, fantastic – straight right out from a John Grisham novel.

He continued brilliantly: “People don't commit crimes without a motive unless they are suffering from a mental illness. There is a suggested motive of the covering up of infidelity.”

‘...suggested motive of the covering up of infidelity ...’ - double wow, juicy juicy man, you’re hot with your analysis.

Then this was the part where he reverted to the Arbibi Ashoy that I have been more familiar with ;-)

He said: “However, this is a non-issue with regards to Muslims. After all, Muslims can have four wives. It is only in Western society that infidelity is a major issue as unfaithfulness leads to divorce, separation from children, loss of wealth, damage to career, loss of respect, smaller circle of friends and a departure from mainstream life.”

Hahahahahaaa – he’s actually saying that Muslims can’t succumb to infidelity because they have four wives.

Well, on second thoughts, I am not sure whether he understood what infidelity means?

Now, this takes the cake – he said: “This is not the case for Muslims in Malaysia as polygamy brings admiration and a higher social standing especially if in the process, a non-Muslim spouse converts to Islam.”

Man, this is great news that polygamy brings admiration and a higher social standing. Did you guys know that Chinese used to practise polygamy, until those Western imperialist spoilsports ruined every decent Asian value ;-) with their Anglican tightass concept of monogamy, which is OK for Ang Mohs but not for us.

I am gonna elect Arbibi Ashoy for President (or Ayatollah) of Malaysia.

And I love his belief that by marrying a non-Muslim spouse and then converting her/him to Islam enhances the admiration and social prestige further.

OK, I am available to any rich Muslim sweeties (with rich and powerful dads) – by marrying me, she would only be adding to her family’s social standing ;-)

Arbibi, you’re a gem.

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  1. I have read this Arbibi Ashoy's numerous letters in Malaysia and I would conclude that many would agree with me that he talks through his arsehole. Sometimes one wonder whether the man is senile or needs immediate treatment at Hospital Bahagia Tanjong Rambutan or the Mental hospital in Tampoi. At one stage when debate raged in the Malaysiakini letters section, in his blind defence of his religion Islam not too long ago, Arbibi ranted and raved about being so cocksure that murderers like Mao Zedong, Hitler, Stalin and others were roasting in hell for the simple reason that they are non-Muslims. When someone wrote in Malaysiakin asking him whether he was sure Saddam Hussein, Osama bin Laden and all the Muslim fanatics were also in roasting in because they were also murderers like Mao, Hitler or Stalin, Arbibi does not know where to hide his face. Perhaps in the jamban. If I am not mistaken I think he also condoned hypocrisy among Muslims, especially converts, so long as they don't show this in public.

    With clowns and idiots like Arbibi Ashoy, comedians like Mr Bean would be out of business. Keep spewing more shit through your arse Arbibi!!

  2. ;-) I've just added "The Arbibi Ashoy Collection" to the posting - enjoy

  3. All aboard the ROLFcopter! Arbibi pulls another LOLocaust with more crazy (ill)logic!

    But my dear Arbibi, if a married Muslim has sexual relations with someone who isn't legally married to him/her, then thats adultery. Simple as that...

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  5. I've deleted the comments above by Anon which didn't add to good discussion or intelligent debate - besides he was spamming hate items from an Israeli anti-Islam site.

    The issue is about what Arbibi Ashoy said, not what Islam is or alleged to be, according to the perverted hate-views of Islamophobes.

  6. Personally I'd keep those types of comments, if only to point and laugh at them and mock them endlessly. But your blog, your rules.

    "And I love his belief that by marrying a non-Muslim spouse and then converting her/him to Islam enhances the admiration and social prestige further."

    When my grandfather found out his daughter was going to marry my Chinese dad, he tried to have him transferred to the other end of the country. That's social prestige for you.