Thursday, July 26, 2007

Then Mat Rempit, now Cyber-troopers

I am glad that Malaysia’s most influential blogger, RPK (sorry Jeff) has been allowed to leave the police station where he underwent 8 blooming hours of interrogation.

malaysiakini reported him advising his visitors to be more responsible when leaving comments on his blog. Their comments could well be stuff that under the Sedition Act could land him (RPK) in jail.

malaysiakini said that the Sedition Act is notoriously broad and vague in its references to sedition and leaves undefined such subjective terms as ‘hatred’ (a term I have heard often on my blog with regards to my posts on de facto leader) and ‘discontent’ (whatever this means within the context of sedition, but I would feel discontent when I don’t get any ... er ... char koay teow of course - what were you thinking?)

The vagueness of those definitions could mean trouble for char koay teow sellers if I ever become Minister of Security. It’s not unlike my auntie’s rules of mahjong – she would made them up as the game progressed, and by strange coincidence, those new rules would always benefit only her.

Yes, keep the Sedition Act deliberately vague so that when the net needs to be cast, the police would get more rather than less. And remember, depending on those vague definitions, City Hall could use the act to punish the victim ... er ... I mean ... the guilty by up to three years in prison and fines.

But look, don’t give RPK any grief, ok?

However, RPK admitted and indeed accused UMNO of setting up a special team of 'cybertroopers' under Sports and Youth Minister Azalina Othman to ‘compromise’ troublesome bloggers, meaning bloggers who opposed UMNO.

Sheeesh, Mat Rempit then, Cybertroopers now, so what's next?

The Cybertroopers would be tasked to leave incriminating comments on blogs like RPK's to 'compromise' the blog owner as having violated the Sedition Act. It’s not as much fun as pre-cyber days, when ‘compromising’ positions were more ... er .. interestingly compromising!

RPK said of the cybertroopers: "There are about 25 of them, paid RM2,750 a month to raid and invade They flood my website with about 500 to 600 unwanted and sensitive comments daily and I lose sleep every night cleaning this mess up by deleting them from my site."

Hmmm, I doubt they would pay heed to RPK’s appeal to visitors to his blog to be more responsible.

But Sports and Youth Minister Azalina Othman is the Komandant of Kompani Kacau?

Will cyber-sabotaging then be listed as a Malaysian sport?


  1. Skali Aje Ok?

  2. I feel discontent and hatred every time I hear Nazri opens his mouth.
    Shouldn't he be charged with the Sedition Act ?

  3. A Chinese quotation (saying): "The white dog commits a wrong, the black dog receives the punishment."

  4. Looks like UMNO is completely lost for ideas on how to counter the popularity of bloggers, preferring to throw filth.

    Compare Singapore's PAP, which also has a counter-blogging strategy, but they are quite professional at it. They use real names as commentators and post quite factual and well-written rebuttals to blogger's posts, whether you agree with them or not.

    Is UMNO capable of combating bloggers with facts, logic and ideas ? Somehow , I doubt it.