Sunday, July 29, 2007

Life & friendship

Life is kinda farnee
Bright one day like
A veli veli shiny
Polished mirror
Tho' tomollow may c
Greasy thumbprints
Onli to be wiped away

As useless graffiti

Life is only what
We make of it
Yar lor, c-ing

Thro’, h
New challenges
New dee-lek-siun
Some lousy lows

But best with pals

Life can be veli cruel
Inexplicable moody
As a quirky tempest
Smashing to bits
Painstakingly erected
Foundations & truss
Of friendship, alas
No further use liao

Life is great when
You feel so sian one
A pengyu is by thee
Like a mountain
Unmoved by tsunami
Of vogue-ish whims
Then no nid 4 soli lor
Just nighty nite nite


  1. Worried about blogger crack-down, post some poetry to throw them off the scent.

    Don't worry, you are (almost) considered a pro-UMNO blogger...LOL..

  2. didn't you know kaytee is an aspiring poet (of what distinction doesn't really matter) - see my other blog KTemoc Komposes

    AS for kaytee being pro UMNO ... hahahaa, in you PKR people's eyes, anyone not supporting your great de facto party leader is pro UMNO

    You guys don't understand what is meant by an "independent" blogger.

    You just want bloggers to hantam UMNO, MCA etc but not PKR or DAP

    Why should I blog for your party's interest? I put in the effort (even though only as a hobby) for my own pleasure, and one of my pleasures is ... ;-) ... well, I have a favourite target and he deserves it - call it Nemesis Retribution

  3. Hohoho...KT, I was being deliberately flippant on a lazy Sunday afternoon...don't get your blood pressure up...