Monday, September 20, 2021

Was that why Saroja Devi Krishnan had to spend a night in police lockup???

Cops’ action against single mum nothing to do with me, says Perak rep

Jamilah Zakaria said she knew dog owner Saroja Devi Krishnan was a single mum and would not take civil action against her. (Facebook pic)

PETALING JAYA: The mother of the 12-year-old girl who was bitten by a dog in Taiping, and which led to a single mum having to spend a night in the police lock-up despite posting bail, says she had nothing to do with the whole episode.

Trong assemblyman Jamilah Zakaria said that even the police report against Saroja Devi Krishnan whose dog attacked the girl, was lodged by her mother-in-law as she was not at home.

Jamilah said that being an elected representative, she knew that such matters are left entirely to the police. She also denied claims that her office was behind the large number of reporters being at the court on that day.

“I don’t know why people are saying I used my influence in this matter. Everything was handled by the police. I did not call the reporters and I don’t want to comment on matters which I don’t have control over,” she told FMT today.

The Umno assemblyman said what happened in Saroja Devi’s detention was a matter involving her, the police and court authorities.

She was asked to comment on claims by locals that policemen accompanying Saroja Devi at the courts had paraded her in front of waiting reporters – who had been invited to the scene – because the victim was a daughter of a VIP.

Saroja Devi claimed that she was humiliated after being handcuffed and taken to the police station and held in the lock-up even after her daughter had posted bail.

Jamilah said her daughter suffered from a serious dog bite which has affected the nerves in her right hand and had gone through a traumatic experience, adding that her six-year-old son who witnessed the incident was also affected.

“My daughter went through surgery and has to see her doctor often. Because of this, my family members wanted me to take civil action against the dog owner. Like any mother, I was worried for my children.

“But I am not that cruel. I know that she is a single mother and cannot afford to handle the matter or pay compensation. So I decided against it,” she said.

Jamilah said this episode should remind dog owners to be responsible and careful in the interest of the community they lived in.

“It is everyone’s duty to ensure their dogs are licensed and restrained to avoid incidents such as this,” she added.

On Sept 10, Saroja Devi was fined RM2,000 after she pleaded guilty to negligence under Section 289 of the Penal Code, after the dog attacked and injured a neighbour.

However, she appealed for a lower fine and the magistrate fixed RM500 as bail pending the hearing of the appeal on Oct 25.

She was handcuffed immediately and taken to the police station from the court in Taiping despite settling her RM500 bail on time. She had to spend the night in the lock-up.

It took the intervention of magistrate Adibah Kadir the following day, a Saturday, to save her from the ordeal of spending another two nights in the lock-up.

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