Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Cops deny ‘temple demolition’ in Cheras, four arrested for rioting

Cops deny ‘temple demolition’ in Cheras, four arrested for rioting

Police have arrested four people for rioting during an incident in Kuala Lumpur today that saw a group attack a bulldozer and police personnel.

Cheras district police chief Muhammad Idzam Jaafar also denied that a temple demolition was underway during the incident.

“A video on the issue has been posted on Facebook for the purpose of garnering sympathy and has been exploited.

“In relation to that, the police urges the public not to make any speculation, assumption, or opinion that could cause confusion, anxiety, and threaten public order,” he said in a statement today.

He was referring to a video that was captioned to suggest that a Chinese temple in Cheras was being demolished.

However, Idzam said there was no demolition of any temple during the incident.

Instead, he said the Kuala Lumpur Land and Mines Office was there from 11.45am to 4.00pm to set up hoarding in preparations for constructing a road to a school.

According to the police, about 30 men and women then turned up armed with pieces of wood and metal.

“This group blocked and broke the bulldozer, and attacked the police on duty at the site of the incident.

“During the incident, the police arrested four people aged 19 to 50 to assist investigations,” he said.

He urged members of the public who have further information on the case to contact the investigating officer Mohamad Sukri Ishak at 013-2165881, or come forward to the nearest police station.

In the meantime, the four detainees are being investigated under Sections 148 and 186 of the Penal Code.

Section 148 deals with the possession of weapons or missiles in a riot and is punishable with up to five years imprisonment, a fine, or both.

Section 186, meanwhile, pertains to the obstruction of public servants from performing their functions. The crime is punishable with up to two years imprisonment, a fine up to RM10,000, or both, upon conviction.


  1. As Usual Deputy National Unity Minister Ah Ti Lian Ker who is in charge of Tokongs is nowhere in sight. Maybe after everything is over he will suddenly appear and make a wishy washy statement.

  2. There is something more to the incident than the superficial statement by the police.
    The fact that the Lands and Mines bulldozer crew turned up with riot police indicates there was already a dispute in process, likely involving the temple.

    Construction crew for a hoarding don't just turn up with riot police.

  3. Maybe there was no demolition this time but we know the total disrespect the Ketuanan Allah types have shown towards other race and religion in the past.

  4. What kind of fart is this excuse?

    "Kuala Lumpur Land and Mines Office was there from 11.45am to 4.00pm to set up hoarding in preparations for constructing a road to a school."

    Perhaps, a flier picked from the sky to cover up a harebrained sinister move by a equally blurred(?) police officer!

    Moreover, Land and Mines Office to build road for school! Ain't that the responsibility of the kl bandaraya in this part of the Cheras?

    Those people who live near this surrounding area would confirm this baloney!

  5. The activist seems to be under influence of drugs. Have police check the possibility of drugs abuse. The youth acts like immature kids. Check too if RBA was behind the ruckus.

    To not fan up fires but help extinguish them

    1. Wakakakakam

      Yaloh, the RBA is behind the rukus - as in yr wet dream!