Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Worst fuel crisis in Britain in decades - but plenty of nuclear powered submarines

Worst fuel crisis in Britain in decades

At least two-thirds of Britain’s gas stations are empty after a severe shortage of transport truck drivers across the UK.


  1. Totally unrelated issue....blur sotong indeed.

    1. Totally unrelated issue!

      What happened to those planned renewable energy schemes, where the EV, r part of the pommie plan for a carbon free future?

      Lacking of truck drivers is a foreseeable consequences in a well-thoughtout, plan welled govt policy. Yet the series of pommie administrations have conveniently ignored this key factor while contemplating brexit!

      But for a old moneyed mfer, new tech to salvage old practices r never in its thinkings - don't mess with what's working but archaic!

      So keep to yr heirloom. & hope it would last past u!

  2. Bullyland has Plenty of Nuklear Powered Submarines armed with Nuklear Warheads based in Hainan to threaten Nations of the Southern Seas, but their own Bullylanders have to live in the dark at home.

    China electricity shortage: industrial production grinds to halt and traffic lights fail amid rationing

    Half of China’s provincial jurisdictions mandate rationing of electricity, but poor communication and unclear timeline leave angry public in the dark

    One local government warns that entire power grid at risk of collapse if electricity is not rationed
    Orange Wang
    27 Sep, 2021

    Some traffic lights in Shenyang, the capital of the Liaoning province, suddenly stopped working on Thursday, resulting in severe traffic jams.

    China is in the midst of a power supply crisis that has turned critical in recent days – threatening entire power grids and prompting analysts to slash economic growth forecasts for the year.

    In the past month, 16 out of 31 provincial jurisdictions – from industrial powerhouses in the south such as Guangdong to the rust belt in the northeast – have rolled out electricity-rationing measures, triggering widespread alarm among much of the population and plunging the nation’s industrial sector into chaos.

    “The situation worsened over the past weekend,” Lu Ting, chief economist at Nomura, wrote in a note on Monday, adding that the widespread outages are not limited to factories.

    1. For a know-nothing who plays c&p trashy pieces, u want to fart about strategic sopo moves?

      Not in a million evolutions of yr petrified neurons!

      China has more than enough supplied electricity kWh capacity to cover the needs of the WHOLE national demand, if u care to check her total electricity generation capacities.

      The power rationing IS part economic WAGERS that the China central govt planned:

      1) to over come surging world commodities prices by managing key manufacturing factories shutdowns.

      China doesn't need to face this sudden material overheads increments to supply the external world demands.

      Major key electricity users in key provinces have been requested to organize their production to meet the electricity rationing plan.

      Normal households have no such restrictions, despite the many rounds of fake western propagandas flying around in fear mongering!

      2) western resource conglomerates have collaborated to fabricate major raw materials, both industrial & crops, rises multiple folds in the recent months during the covid-19 pandemic.

      This trend is AGAINST natural marketing forces as the economic lockdowns of many countries should have depressed demands.

      So, this is an orchestrated marketing profiteering during trying times!

      China wants no part of it. & all it could do IS to suppress her own internal demands.

      3) the shortage of containers from China to developed world, especially US, has increased the transport cost of many China exported goods.

      Though this cost can be passed on to the buyers if it's based of cif. But many too r based on fob, resulting in the Chinese producers losing profits due to tight margins.

      Besides, there r many malignant oversea buyers using the delays due to this container bottleneck to cancel their orders by siding delay contract delivery. These cancellations have multiple implications too, as the Chinese manufacturers have to buy materials in advancement, labour planning & delivery schedulings. All these result in money losing operations, especially for the SMI!

      The central govt wants to avoid the meltdown of these small & vulnerable SMI. Thus the planned electricity rationing would force them to down tools periodically to wane off this difficult period by serving only internal demands.

      4) the shortfalls in the Chinese manufacturing capacities WOULD hit hard with the developed economies, especially in the coming festival seasons. Most of the goods would see prices rising up with limited source of supplies. The catches r there r no other alternative sources except China!

      This would cause inflationary pressures on multiple developed countries, key of which is US, which depends heavily on Chinese goods!

      Coupled with the US planed budget ceiling increment, the accumulated fiscal pressure would explore sooner than expected in US, causing a new round of world economic chaos!

      5) the reduced trades with US due to the planned electricity rationing would drastically reduce the expected economic impacts on the Chinese economy. The reduced dire economic scenario to the general Chinese citizen who might be facing some short term inconveniences vis-a-vis their long term well-being.

      The CPC China r known for their long sopo-economical views & plannings while sacrificing short term goods!

      Enuff said…

      Blurred mfer, do keep to yr f*cked c&p for yr coming wet dream (ooop… nightmare). U need a hallucinated thought to excite yr bored daily existence!

  3. Oz has plenty of coal. Bullyland can buy from them, winter coming soon...ha ha ha....

    ‘Unprecedented’ power cuts in China hits homes, factories
    28 Sep 2021

    Power outages in northeastern China have plunged millions of homes into darkness, triggered factory shutdowns and threatened to disrupt the water supply in at least one province.

    The Global Times tabloid on Tuesday said the “unexpected” and “unprecedented” electricity cuts in the provinces of Jilin, Liaoning and Heilongjiang were caused by power rationing during peak hours.

    The rationing began on Thursday amid coal shortages and took place without advanced warning, the Communist Party-owned tabloid said, adding that the lack of power has sparked public anger and shut down traffic lights and 3G mobile phone coverage in some areas.

    A utility in Jilin also warned that the power shortages could disrupt water supplies at any time, while state broadcaster CCTV said a factory in Liaoning had to rush 23 workers to hospital due to carbon monoxide poisoning when ventilators suddenly stopped during a blackout.

    “Power cuts eight times a day, four days in a row… I’m speechless,” one frustrated user from Liaoning wrote on Weibo, a Chinese microblogging site.

    Another complained that malls were shutting early and a convenience store was using candlelight.

    “It’s like living in North Korea,” they wrote.

    The lack of electricity has also affected industrial production in the world’s second-largest economy, halting operations at factories, including some supplying Apple and Tesla.

    Dozens of other companies, including a parts supplier to Tesla, were also told to halt production this week, according to stock exchange filings.

    Meanwhile, Goldman Sachs estimated that as much as 44 percent of China’s industrial activity has been affected by power shortages, potentially causing a 1-percentage-point decline in annualised GDP growth in the third quarter, and a 2-percentage-point drop from October to December.

    It said in a note published on Tuesday that it was cutting its 2021 GDP growth forecast for China to 7.8 percent, from the previous 8.2 percent.

    Nearly 60 percent of the Chinese economy is powered by coal, and the electricity crunch has taken hold amid disruptions to coal supplies due to the pandemic as well as a trade tiff with Australia.

    The coal shortages, toughening greenhouse gas emissions standards and strong demand from industry have pushed coal prices to record highs in China.

    1. Wakakakakakaka…

      Truly know nothing fart of the extreme proportion!

      The Chinese brought Oz coking coal for her iron&steel industries.

      China's installed coal-based power station uses domestically produced
      bituminous thermal coal - which she has the largest world depository!

      Indeed, the winter is coming - a economic one for the developed west!

  4. In October and November 2020 Bullyland "banned" the import of Ozzie coal, leaving dozens of their vessels stranded offshore unable to unload.

    Go On, ban it again because of AUKUS. Winter Coming.

    China fulfills its demand for coal by purchasing it from regional neighbors. In 2019, about 96.3 percent of China's coal imports came from Australia (77 million metric tons), Indonesia (47.8 million metric tons), Mongolia (36.1 million tons), and Russia (29.2 million metric tons).

  5. Wakakakaka…

    Let's play numbers with a blurred mfer!

    In 2019, China produced about 3.7 billion tonnes of coal and imported 300 million tonnes (mainly used in steel industry), according to pricing and research group Fastmarkets.

    Oz's 77 million tonnes is only 77/300=25.7% of the imported coal. This has since reduced to ZERO in 2020! The required coke coal is now been replaced by import from US!

    Yr quoted total imports of 190.1 million tonnes. Who makes up that shortfall of 110 million tonnes? Wakakakaka…