Sunday, September 26, 2021

PAS likes to intrude into non-Muslims' preserves but overlooks its own corrupt backyard

The culture war PAS is waging on gambling

YOURSAY | ‘Will PAS dare bang the table and quit the govt over this?’

No compromise over stand on gambling activities - PAS Youth

Vijay47: I have no problem at all if PAS and its youth wing consider themselves as the driving force behind efforts to advance social wellbeing and piety among the rakyat. After all, a cat may look at the queen and a hound may bay at the moon.

And being a non-Muslim, I should not be bothered if Islam prohibits gambling. Yet, I find it confusing and offensive that each time PAS embarks on some crusade to heal the world, it focuses only on matters that do not concern it at all.

If it is not gambling, it is the consumption of alcoholic beverages, if it is not crosses, it is Chinese lanterns. The things that these men can conjure up! You don’t like these facets of life, tough luck to you.

If you want to do good, why don’t you tend to the lost sheep in your own flock? Perhaps your efforts need to be directed to areas which should be more of a concern. For a start, you could try reducing the incidences of substance abuse and sexual crimes.

While you’re at it, perhaps you can also strive to bring down the level of rampant corruption.

Oops, corruption did I say? Mea culpa, a learned man has informed that corruption is not sinful.

BlackJaguar6029: PAS Youth chief Khairil Nizam Khirudin, since Muslims are not allowed to gamble, why do you still want to make this stand? What is the purpose? To deny others of their freedom as allowed by their respective faiths?

Why don’t you and your party take a firm stand against corruption and treachery, such as the betrayal of the rakyat's mandate by those who set up a backdoor government?

Is it because this does not bring you any political benefit?

Myviews: Khairil, you said there are other ways for the government to raise funds without increasing the number of these “special draws”. However, you did not state what the other ways are?

Don't just open your mouth without giving an alternative solution. Are you trying to gain attention and political mileage?

Perhaps you may also like to close down the Genting casino. Then thousands of its employees can gather in front of your house to ask for help.

Tyrion Lannister: First and foremost, the increase of special draws was approved by members of this Malay-Muslim government (which PAS is part of).

Secondly, if one were to gamble, it's done with their own money. Not someone else's money. So, leave them alone. They are contributing to the national coffers, which is used to pay salaries of those in this Malay-Muslim government.

Third, you should focus on eliminating corruption because stealing public money leads to shoddy work which can cause broken bridges, incomplete navy vessels, and missing fighter jet engines.

Iphonezours: Khairil, the government is short of money and these special draws are meant to fill up the coffers.

Don’t you know that the government is scrapping the bottom of the barrel and even increasing the debt ceiling to finance the battered economy?

While you preach about the negative side of gambling, you should know that only non-Muslims are permitted to take part in these draws.

WH3880: Putting aside religion and race, I agree that reducing the number of special draws or even the frequency of draw days will be good.

Look at Singapore. They just open one centre and two days of draws, which are Saturday and Sunday. Here, we have three centres and three draw days, plus a special draw day on Tuesday.

Anyhow, gambling is not good for everyone.

FairMalaysian: When all is said and done, PAS should show what the alternatives to raising funds from gambling are and how the proceeds from these alternatives will help fund the government.

They should showcase their ability to do this in Kelantan with a more robust, economically enhanced stand instead of looking for federal funds.

Gambling is bad. I even consider it evil. However, that call should not come from PAS as that will bear a religious connotation and PAS is known for slipping through even the smallest gap to attempt to score political points.

And why should PAS make a scene out of this? After all, Muslims are banned from gambling.

Gambling is a social problem and should be handled as such. However, non-Malays are not going to keep quiet when PAS pokes its nose into something where Muslims should not be involved in the first place.

Mosquitobrain: Khairil, your ‘no compromise’ on gambling means what? Will PAS dare to bang the table and quit the government?

Enlightened Globalist: Yes, PAS is all bark and no bite.

Pakatan Harapan reduced the number of special draws. And Perikatan Nasional (PN), where PAS is a senior partner, has increased the number of draws. So essentially PAS is an impotent partner.

Khairil, who is holier (according to PAS standards) - Harapan or PN?

Indeed, you are now in part of the government.

Why not organise protests as you used to against matters such as selling beers and rock concerts when Harapan was in power?

Anonymous 816263483: PAS has no intention of fixing the problem. It is just waging a culture war to gin up its base.

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