Friday, January 29, 2021

Was MH370 shot down over Vietnam?


A new conspiracy theory – was MH370 shot down over Vietnam?

The flaperon from the wing of the MH370 found on Reunion Island on display in Kuala Lumpur. Investigative journalist Florence de Changy claims the plane was shot down mistakenly or in a planned attack. (Bernama pic)

PETALING JAYA: Almost seven years after Flight MH370 disappeared without a trace an explosive new theory has emerged — that it was blown out of the sky by a modern weapon.

In a startling interview with the Sun of London, investigative journalist Florence de Changy claims that the plane that disappeared on March 8, 2014, with 239 people on board, was shot down by a “fighter jet, missile or a new laser-guided weapon system being tested in the region at the time”.

She does not know if it was an accident or a planned attack.

Official accounts have concluded the Boeing-777 did a U-turn less than an hour into its planned flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing, before plummeting somewhere into the southern Indian Ocean.

But Florence claims it stayed on course and was shot down over the Gulf of Thailand, off Vietnam.

The writer of the book — The Disappearing Act: The Impossible Case Of MH370 — centres her theory around what she claims to be conversations between the crew and others before the plane went missing.

Florence claims an intelligence source had told her that MH370 was approached by two US planes between 1.21am and 2.25am. She, however, does not explain what US planes were doing over Thai or Vietnamese airspace.

She said another aircraft nearby made radio contact with MH370 at 1.30am. There was no sign of panic from its crew.

When air traffic control in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, made contact, the plane’s crew announced it would be landing.

At 2.37am, they told Kuala Lumpur control: “The aircraft is landing at (unintelligible).” Two seconds later, Kuala Lumpur replied: “Say again. Say again for Malaysian 370.”

The Kuala Lumpur controller shared the aircraft’s location on the coast of Vietnam, close to Da Nang.

Florence writes in her book: “Unfortunately, the transcript of that conversation stops there.”

By 2.43am, the plane issued a Mayday message saying the cabin was disintegrating and they needed to make an emergency landing. That message, according to The Sun report, can still be heard on a Taiwanese website.

In the official investigations, however, there is no mention of such conversations. The last message from the cockpit to Malaysian air control was: “All right, good night.” It was made at 1.19am.

The plane went off the radar at 2.22am, over the Andaman Sea after making a U-turn. A plane fitting the description of MH370 was tracked flying over Butterworth before the plane disappeared.

Florence, however, believes that the official version of events was a “diversion operation” and “the biggest cover-up in recent times” to hide the fact that the plane was carrying illicit cargo not checked before being put on board.

She again raises the debunked theory of mangosteens on board the planes.

While officials have made it clear mangosteens do not cause explosions, Florence claims the 4.5 tonnes of fruit on board could have been something else.

She said: “The mangosteens made no sense. It was not the right season; it was a ridiculous amount. Then I found ‘fresh mangosteens’ on every flight of MH370 for the following month.

“The largest hub for illegal trade between Africa and China is Kuala Lumpur airport. So mangosteens could be the cover for all sorts of things, including rhino horns or elephant tusks.”

Even stranger, she says, was 2.5 tonnes of small electrical items from Motorola on the manifest — lithium-ion batteries, walkie-talkie accessories and chargers.

Florence said: “It was supposed to be small things, not very valuable, not very heavy. The official report said this cargo was not X-rayed.

“This is a very big problem. The head of one of the biggest cargo airlines in the world said never in his life had he accepted cargo on a plane that had not been X-rayed. The reason given was that it was too bulky. How can walkie-talkies and chargers be bulky?”

Florence’s theory is that the mysterious cargo might have been why the plane was forced to make an emergency landing. She described “a cargo confiscation operation” with an aim to “force the plane to make a landing, confiscate whatever that cargo was and let it fly again”.

She added: “If you are surrounded by military planes, you are to follow orders. But if it is just an order over the radio, it is legitimate to refuse. No one would notice a slight delay into Beijing. But the captain would have to follow orders to make an unscheduled landing.”

Florence claimed that “the plane continued to fly for another 80 minutes, until 2.40am. A new laser weapons system was being tested at the time. The shooting-down could have been a blunder or a last resort to stop the plane’s special cargo falling into the wrong hands.

“Only military or intelligence sources could provide this kind of detail. The strength of my book is in the timing and the cluster of clues that prove a disaster around 2.45am in the north of Vietnam,” she said


kt notes:

The disappearance of MH370 is still a monumental mystery, more so in today's world where almost everything could be monitored, traced and pinpointed. But obviously MH370 remains an exception to the modern world's scientific-electronic surveillance.

Thus such a theory will surface from time to time, with its author claiming a startling major discovery. It may sound plausible with one exception, namely, the discoveries of bits and pieces of MH370's B777 washed ashore on Reunion Island in Western Indian Ocean, just east of Madagascar, Africa, and not on the coasts of Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam nor Indonesia.

If Florence de Changy's claims are sound, how then to explain the drifting of, say, the B777's broken-away flaperon from the South China Sea around the southern parts of Malaysia, up the Straits of Malacca (or alternative all the way down south to the sea between eastern Java and southern Sumatra) into the Eastern part of the Indian Ocean before it arrived at Reunion Island?

Sheesh, Atuk even had a better conspiracy theory which naturally involved sinister US involvement, wakakaka.

And Lim KHAT Sial showed his dark side, really very DARK side, when he posted (unnecessarily and nastily for a Malaysian politician) a newspaper article which would only traumatised the families and loved ones of the victims on MH370 - oh, for what purpose other than cynical exploitation of the emotions of the grieving, for only cheap political gains. T'was the beginning of the end of my respect and affection for him, even though at that time I struggled (most valiantly as a 'true believer') to defend Uncle's questionable action.

Sadly for us Malaysians, MH370 and its unfortunate occupants should and shall remain only in our memories.


  1. The passengers and crew are still alive, prisoners kept under tightest security in a remote place.
    Eventually, if no way is found that can allow them to reappear , they will be killed.

    Victims of some unspeakable geopolitical chess play.

    Just my favourite conspiracy theory..

  2. Why single out and drag Father Lim into this over a comment? Didn't everyone and his dog make comments at that time?

    So what if Toonsie made a stupid comment? Who was Toonsie at that time? Not even an MP. In fact in 2014 his heart was probably still with UMNO, although angry with Jibby; Bersatu was not even a twinkle in his eye...ha ha ha

    Why KT does not mention or hold responsible the Transport Minister at that time.....who was he......? Was his Ministry responsible for checking all cargo at KLIA and the safety of all aircraft?

    H2O was only "acting" Transport Minister because that post traditionally belongs to MCA who BOH LAM PHAR to handle this issue with very angry Chinese citizens in Beijing so KL sent a delegation of Melayus with a Malay General instead. Why send a delegation of Melayus when we have so many MCA leaders fluent in Mandarin? Kong Cho Ha and Liow Tiong Lai were the Transport Ministers straddling H2O who was roped in as Acting Minister. And who was PM then....Toonsie?

    In addition, Special Envoy to China at that time was MCA's Ong Ka Ting (Nov 1, 2011 to 31 Dec 2017) who was also nowhere to be seen.

    Free Pass to MCA as usual, but blame Father, Son and Holy Toonsie.

    Missing MH370: Chinese families shout abuse at high-level Malaysian delegation
    Saturday, 22 Mar 2014

    BEIJING: Angry family members of Chinese passengers shouted at high-level Malaysian officers when the team left the ballroom after a 30 minute meeting on Saturday.

    The team, comprised of Malaysian ambassador to China Datuk Iskandar Sarudin, RMAF air operations commander Lt-Jeneral Datuk Seri Ackbal Abdul Samad and Department of Civil Aviation air traffic services director Ahmad Nizar Zolfakar had earlier taken turns to answer the questions submitted by the families a day before.

    The officers then invited the families to send in written questions for further follow-ups.

    Family members, who came prepared with PowerPoint presentation to raise more doubts regarding the disappearance of MH370, were shocked and began to create a commotion.

    As the crowd grew increasingly unruly, Malaysian officials decided it would be most prudent to exit the ballroom.

    A brief ruckus ensued when the family members yelled at the team, demanding that they stay.

    "You've seen now how the Malaysian government treat us! How do you think they will treat our families onboard the flight?"

    "There are two killers here! One is the hijacker on the flight, and another is Malaysian government!"

    The family members' expressed their belief that the Malaysian government is hiding the truth and is avoiding the families.

    "Say no to lying! Announce the truth! Give me back my loved ones!" the family members chanted.

    A few family members were quick to take control of the situation, urging all to calm down.

    "They can't come and leave China as they wish. Chinese must unite.

    "Have trust in our own government. Our officers are dealing with them now.

    "We will not let them leave. Let's sit down and wait for them here."

  3. There r tons of conspiracy concerning mh370 spreading all over the DarkWeb.

    Here is a more logical & sensible outlay.

    All aircrafts flying their routes r identified by a especially registered unique code, known as ICAO hex code, for radar identification.

    Unless there is a physical eye vision, ALL the info related to that aircraft r totally AUTHENTICATED by that unique & individual ICAO beacon 15hex code.

    ie United States Air Force (USAF) RC-135W (hex code: AE01CD) departed Kadena Air Force Base for a South China Sea mission. Later on the same route appeared as a "Malaysian plane"(hex code:750548).

    The US spyplane has cheated by broadcasting a different "Malaysian plane"(hex code:750548) to hide its original United States Air Force (USAF) RC-135W (hex code: AE01CD)!

    This practice is illegal & highly confined by ICAO!

    The conspiracy speculates that mh370 was intercepted & hijacked by unknown entity, both on air & amongst the passengers, around the time over bay of Tonkin.

    During the takeover, mh370 locational transpoder was switched off & a new ICAO beacon 15hex code was used.

    Meanwhile another aircraft switched to use mh370 ICAO beacon 15hex code to masquerade its identity.

    The flying route of the original mh370 is unknown. Remember this "at 2.37am, they told Kuala Lumpur control: “The aircraft is landing at (unintelligible).” "

    But the masquerading mh370 made a u turn flying over Butterworth heading toward South Indian Ocean.

    WRT the B777's broken-away flaperon, there IS NOT unique factory code tying it to mh370. It's a B777 part, no doubt - but mh370 wasn't the only B777 plane around!

    Mamak DOES known something. But he isn't saying as most likely he has been courteously warned for his life. So r some of the top officials/investigators involved.


    Look no further than the current CPU war!

  4. florence the project, where did wuhanvirus come from if not wuhan.

    1. From the fart filled well populated by katak!

      So simple & yet still want to blank it over!

  5. Jibby oso like MCA. Boh Lam Phar. On his first visit to Beijing after MH370 went missing did not dare to meet the distressed families. Truly shocking. No remorse, no sympathy. Only sent a Malay delegation who could not speak Mandarin, led by a Malay General and MAS CEO Jauhari. But MCA's Mandarin speakers Transport Ministers (the real ones, not Acting), Kong Cho Ha, Liow Tiong Lai and Malaysian Special Envoy to Bullyland Ong Ka Ting diam diam duduk rumah, maybe eating Mee Maggi ha ha ha....

    But KT just focus on one remark by Father Lim and Holy Toonsie who were not even in gomen. MCA and Jibby so powerful then, got Free Pass as usual.

    Malaysian PM Won't Meet MH370 Families During China Visit
    May 29, 2014

    Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak will not meet with the families of Chinese passengers of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 when he visits Beijing for the first time since the plane disappeared.

    Najib will meet President Xi Jinping, Premier Li Keqiang and head of parliament Zhang Dejiang during a six-day visit ending Sunday to mark 40 years of diplomatic ties, a Malaysian foreign ministry official told Reuters.

    But Najib will not meet the families of missing passengers, about two-thirds of whom were Chinese. A spokesman for Najib's China delegation told Reuters on Wednesday he could not immediately comment on why there would be no meeting.

    “We've asked [Najib's office] today, we asked yesterday and the day before that. We've been demanding it for a month now with no response,” said a family member surnamed Xu. “It's not right, he has an obligation to meet with us.”

    The Boeing Co 777 plane carrying 239 passengers and crew disappeared en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing almost three months ago.

    Passengers' families have grown increasingly frustrated with the search and have complained that Malaysian authorities have not provided enough information.....

    “If he was in Malaysia we wouldn't ask him to come [and meet us],” said a family member surnamed Wang. “But since he has the opportunity to come here, why won't he meet with us?”

  6. Military training, intelligence....ha ha we understand why H20 who was Defence Minister at that time had to double-up as "Acting Transport Minister", (Transport was always under the purview of MCA, Kong Cho Ha was before, Liow Tiong Lai was after H2O). Why couldn't Mandarin speakers namely the MCA Transport Minister represent Malaysia in Beijing? Not even Ong Ka Ting our Special Envoy to Bullyland?

    Why send an RMAF General (Lt-Gen Ackbal Abdul Samad) and the Defence Minister H20, neither of whom speak Mandarin?

    Was there a cover-up? If so was MCA part of it?

  7. Nobody, except those within the know, that around late Jan 2021 (just before 20jan2021) there was a quick & bloodiest encountered between the US & China military around the sea outside SW Taiwan.

    Those who read need & read between the lines would know that at around 25jan2021 the US aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt strike group moved into the disputed South China Sea the same day China dispatched a fleet of 13 warplanes — including nuclear-capable bombers & electronic warfare aircrafts — into the southwestern corner of Taiwan’s air defense identification zone (ADIZ).

    At that time China also double up her military, both navy & airforce, to counter the US military presence.

    Then two days later, all visible confrontations were stand-downed. No official announcements were made by both US & China.

    Only later when China military spokesman made an ambiguous remark that the real issue surfaced.

    On 26-27 Jan 2021, the USS Theodore Roosevelt strike group was sent to the sea area around SW Taiwan to find/salvage a MIA submarine on active duty there.

    As the missing wasn't officialy reported & the presence of the USS Theodore Roosevelt strike group provoked Chiba to react vigorously.

    Late when the US seeked China help by secretly explaining their true missing of presence there. That unofficial assistance was that piece of info announced in that ambiguous China remark!

    In the DarkWeb, there r reports that an US submarine, possibly a nuclear type, was find lost in contact around that territory. Possibly due to electronic jamming interference.

    When the lost was confirmed, US immediately activate the search&rescue operation. Meanwhile Taiwan president ran into panic mode to exercise(activate) the emergency evacuation of the top officials to the nearest US Navy craft.

    The US military has conclusively identified that the patterns of signal losting is a signature of electronic jamming used in digital warfare.

    The fate of the submarine remains unknown when USS Theodore Roosevelt strike group moves back to Guam on 27jan2021.

    Why was the submarine been targeted?

    A conspiracy circulating was trump wanted to start a navy skirmish with China around Taiwan region before the biden inauguration. However, before the strike, the submarine was taken out for been intruding too closely to the comfort of the Chinese.

    Unlike surface encountered, undersea rendezvous is very difficult, especially around the treacherous Pacific ocean surrounding Taiwan. Thus to counteract an undersea attack, the best & effective counterattack is to 'blind' the submarine, especially the nuclear type that can stay under deep sea for prolonged period.

    The problem lies in locating the submarine & propagate a sharp beam of electronic jamming pulse (usually a EM surge) towards the target within the transitivity of the salt water.

    Apparently the Chinese managed to do both & the fate of those hundreds of those Yankee Navy boys r now lying within the care of Poseidon!

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