Thursday, January 28, 2021

Anwar Ibrahim for PM9 - our only hope

I have just read a posting over at my matey (RPK)'s blog, in which Anwar Ibrahim has been condemned kaukau. It's democracy that we practise (apparently, wakakaka) in Malaysia so Anwar just has to accept that criticism like all politicians. 

But I left a comment on that post in RPK's blog, to wit:

Wakakaka, matey, in the Kingdom of the Blind, the one-eyed man is King, even with a black one, wakakaka again. Yes, in our failed world of politics, Anwar might not be perfect and even have mucho warts, but he remains the only hope in our diminishing options for political leadership. Anwar also stands out as the only Malaysian leader who will be respected by the East, Middle-East and the West.

Undoubtedly Anwar Ibrahim is today the most feared (and envied) politician in Malaysia, feared by Muhyiddin, Mahathir, UMNO, or anyone. Whether he will be PM one day or be destroyed kaukau through endless campaigns against him will be his unenviable fate, his Kismet, Karma, Nasib.

And part of this anti Anwar campaign are the anti-anybody who supports or are suspected of supporting Anwar, blokes like Zahid and Co, wakakaka.

Today, we read of him & Co spreading chaos within UMNO which in itself is obviously a kerbau anti Zahid (thus Anwar) campaign. Consider, even Ku Li, Nazri Aziz, Ahmad Mazlan, Khalid Nordin and Ahmad Jazlan Yaakob are against Muhyiddin bossing PN in a most incompetent way where Moo-Moo's most shining performance has been in Machiavellian moves rather than policies of benefit to Malaysia and Malaysians - no doubt aided by the alleged gay sex pembelot.

And the MM Online in one of its reports today publishes:

... Ahmad Jazlan stated that 143 out of Umno’s 191 divisions had told the party leadership they no longer want to cooperate with Muhyiddin’s Bersatu at the next general election.

Another party insider said, however, that the Umno president had to abide by grassroots’ opinion after they openly rejected any further continuation of the relationship.

“Zahid has to follow the majority voice of the grassroots and division leaders. The decision is not his alone as many Umno members are demanding that we break it off with PN and head into the elections with PAS”

Anwar is your-our man to be PM9 lah, and eff Atuk, sorry KHAT and Chye-Chye, wakakaka.

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  1. Eh...wasn’t Anwar part of Toonsie’s team in the 80s and 90s when all those scandals that KT like to remind us about took place, many of them when Anwar was FM? Now today Anwar is our only hope?

    Ketuk Father and Son for “supporting” Toonsie in GE14 and during Harapan’s 22-month tenure. Didn’t Anwar do the same? What yardstick is KT using?

    But never mind, DAP will be patient for DPM, still 42.

    Father will not rebut-rebut any position, and alas Son will go to jail on something or other, to counter-balance the Malay kleptocrats heading to Sungai Buluh. Malaysia Muhibbah....ha ha ha...