Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Why hasn't Mahathir been charged for 'contempt of court' yet?


Home minister orders cops to probe 'coat of arms' on book cover

KR1M 2.0 opens more business opportunities - The Malaysian Reserve

Home Minister Hamzah Zainuddin

one of Mahathir's personally recruited 'frogs' from UMNO, despite Atuk's pre-GE14 promise to PH not to accept UMNO frogs.

Of course Mahathir lied (as usual), welcoming Hamzah with open arms into his 
 PPBM (UMNO III) to strengthen his racist Pribumi-only party 

The Home Ministry has ordered the police to probe a party which was said to have duplicated the national coat of arms.

Its minister, Hamzah Zainudin said it is an offence to imitate the coat of arms under Section 3(1)(a) of the Emblems and Names Act 1963.

Image result for Malaysia national coat of arms

"I have instructed the police to carry out the investigation and to take stern action immediately.

"The government will not compromise with any party who performed this unpatriotic and irresponsible act," Hamzah said in his Facebook posting today

MOHA Orders Police To Probe People Behind Book That 'Disrespects ...

What has been offensive to our national pride

Just recently, apart from the above insult-offence against the national coat-of-arms, police are also investigating Malaysiakini's readers' interactive comments deemed to be offensive and embarrassing to the judiciary to be posted.

MM Online reported:
KUALA LUMPUR, June 29 — Several former Malaysian Bar presidents have urged the attorney general to reconsider the contempt proceedings against Malaysiakini and its editor-in-chief Steven Gan over several comments left by readers in the news portal’s comment section.

Reporting the News for Change: Steven Gan / Co-Founder & Editor-in ...

Steven Gan, Editor Malaysiakini

The former presidents comprised Datuk Kuthubul Zaman, Datuk Yeo Yang Poh, Datuk Ambiga Sreenevasan, Ragunath Kesavan, Datuk Lim Chee Wee, Christopher Leong and Steven Thiru.

They argued that under a ‘new normal’, societies all over the free world have come to both accept and expect readers to post instant and unscrutinised comments on the internet notwithstanding unwelcome consequences arising occasionally as a result.

“Such features and platforms find their rightful place and value in public discourse, in contemporary societies, as part of democratic space.

“Thus, our laws today must be able to accommodate this new normal, and refrain from holding an internet-media agency or its editor culpable for its readers’ comments, unless it intentionally retains the comments after a complaint is brought to its attention.

“To do otherwise will have the unhelpful and counterproductive chilling effect of causing internet media agencies to disable all comments columns.

“It will be analogous to closing all roads because accidents do happen from time to time, despite the best of rules being in place,” they said in a statement here.

They also said the overarching principle was to ensure that freedom of speech is not compromised when one contemplates bringing contempt of court proceedings

OK, if the government (or the supposedly independent AG) is so sensitive as to charge everyone every which way on 'offensive' remarks or acts, then why hasn't the AG charged Mahathir for his recent gross and overt 'contempt of court' for saying that the Muhyiddin (PN) government will 'kowtim' the charges faced by Najib Razak?

4 days ago MM Online reportedDr Mahathir who is seeking to return to office a third time claimed that Muhyiddin has reneged on his vow to end Najib’s rule and is now working to free the Pekan MP from charges instead.

“Far from fulfilling his promise of overthrowing Najib, Muhyiddin is now working tirelessly to ensure Najib walks free from his criminal charges to stand for the upcoming general election.

This is undeniably a very gross and very overt act of 'contempt of court'. So AG, do something consistent and not be awed by Atuk who has no respect and is known to show no respect for the Judiciary.

I wonder how the private conversations of a then extant-PM (Najib Razak) could be secretly taped but with no investigation into national security concerns? And I also wonder how the MACC (then under the Mahathir Harapan government) saw fit to release such UNVERIFIED national security issues to the public via the court?

We remember all too well how Mahathir, then as PM (1981 - 2003) had the most of the High Court (now federal Court) judges sacked - he did not spare the Lord President of the Judiciary Tun Saleh Abas as well, of course as usual blaming the YDPA for Tun Abas' sacking

Kutukan Dewata: Adik Sultan Johor Kritik Tun Mahathir!!!


  1. conman is our hero that fight a backdoor police state. nobody dare touch conman bec every rakyat love him, some even address him as ayahanda. i suppose xjp lover love backdoor muhyiddin as well, a ayahanda with chinese kharacteristics.

  2. KT wants the AG to charge Toonsie for contempt of court....

    KT's QUOTE
    .....why hasn't the AG charged Mahathir for his recent gross and overt 'contempt of court' for saying that the Muhyiddin (PN) government will 'kowtim' the charges faced by Najib Razak?

    but KT never asked the AG to do the same for Jibby....for accusing the court of being biased....

    Najib expects more ‘conducive atmosphere’ for 1MDB trial
    Wednesday, 04 Mar 2020

    KUALA LUMPUR (Reuters): On trial for corruption that includes the multibillion-dollar 1Malaysia Development Bhd (1MDB) fraud, former prime minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak said on Wednesday that the fall of the government that ousted him meant he now expected an atmosphere more conducive to a fair hearing.

    “I would expect that the atmosphere would be more conducive towards a fair trial, ” Najib told Reuters in an interview at his mansion in an affluent neighbourhood of Kuala Lumpur before heading to his latest court appearance.

    “I’m not alluding to anything, because there's no conclusion to the trial... But hopefully, you know, I will get a fair trial, ” he said.

    1. was Najib's remarks overtly showing contempt of court, like Mahathir's?

    2. The prosecution says YES.

      1MDB trial: Prosecution to initiate contempt proceedings against Najib

      Tuesday, 19 May 2020

      KUALA LUMPUR: The prosecution in the 1Malaysia Development Bhd (1MDB) trial told the High Court here that it would initiate contempt proceedings against former prime minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak over an interview he gave to a foreign news wire agency two months ago.

      Lead prosecutor Datuk Seri Gopal Sri Ram raised the issue at the start of the hearing, which resumed here before Justice Collin Lawrence Sequerah on Tuesday (May 19).

      He said the news report – published by Reuters on March 4 – carried remarks from the accused who said that he was expecting a more conducive atmosphere for a fair trial with the fall of the Pakatan Harapan government.

      “That is a serious allegation. It seems like Your Honour’s court emanated a bad atmosphere before the government changed.

      “It's a very serious allegation, ” Sri Ram said, adding that the prosecution would be making a formal application over the matter.

    3. “I would expect that the atmosphere would be more conducive towards a fair trial"
      Isn't that statement amounting to Contempt of Court ? Saying that the situation was previously not conducive to a fair trial before the change of government ? All but saying the PN government will Kautim him.

  3. These MCA idiots are DECADES TOO LATE.

    Toonsie has been making seditious and racial remarks about Chinese and Indians since his Malay Delimma book in 1970. Even though MCA was in government with UMNO and Toonsie for 50 years they never realised he was and always will be a racist?

    So finally in 2020 MCA wakes up and want Toonsie to be charged. What have have they been doing for half a century? Making billionaires like UMNO-putras?

    MCA duo lodges report over Dr M's 'extremely rich Chinese' remark
    Kow Gah Chie

    Two Pasir Gudang MCA leaders have lodged police reports against Dr Mahathir Mohamad over his allegedly seditious remark about Chinese Malaysians becoming extremely rich and owning towns.

    Division publicity bureau deputy chief Albert Tang lodged his report at Kulai Jaya police station yesterday morning while public complaints bureau deputy chief Ang Tun Chek did the same at the Masai police station in the evening...

    1. yes, MCA was not good, but hat could they do when they have a few piddling MPs compared to UMNO's 85+

      if only MCA has 42 MPs, wakakaka, then they won't be so Boe Laam Phar

    2. In 1957, MCA had proportionately more Dewan Rakyat seats than DAP has today.
      Thatbdin't stop MCA from being Boe Laam Phar.

    3. 1957? wakakaka

      MCA had a Finance Minister in the cabinet and a Governor of Malacca

    4. NOT TRUE, during 1955-1957-1959 cabinets pre and post Merdeka...

      Finance Minister - HS Lee (MCA) 1957-1959
      Minister of Transport - HS Lee (MCA) 1955-1957
      Minister of Health - Leong Yue Koh (MCA) 1955-1957
      Minister of Labour & Social Welfare - Ong Yoke Lin (MCA) 1957-59
      Minister of Communications & Post - Ong Yoke Lin (MCA) 1955-1957
      Minister of Trade and Industry - Tan Siew Sin (MCA) 1957-1959

      There were only about a dozen Malay Ministers, some holding multiple Ministries, see for yourself..


      So proportionately MCA was very powerful, around 5 out of 15 Ministries, and they controlled Finance, Trade and Health.

      But over time MCA Boh Lam Phar let the UMNO PMs like Toonsie 1.0 Bully and Rampas (ha ha ha) all the power....fortunately DAP managed to twist Toonsie 2.0 to yield back six.....but Toonsie play dirty...

    5. because the Chinese voters were influenced by dap and their votes for mca reduced

    6. THE DAP VOICE...that u may never heard

      Allow me to share a friend's thoughts who has deep feelers in the PH. It offers a different perspective when seen from the inside .. the workings of governance. By the time we get the news, it has been dished up, spiced up, agenda added and filtered so that we only see and hear what they want us to know.

      Let me give you an an example. The YTL power plant, Paka, is expiring. YTL wanted an extension for 30 years. Minister Yeo rejected the offer of extension as the Gov't now can operate the plant on its own.
      Sultan of Trengganu’s henchman wanted to build a new power plant in Paka. Yeo rejected it as Malaysia actually has excess power by almost 40%. Why do we need this power plant when the cabinet has approved that renewal energy should be at least 25% by 2025? The Sultan wrote to TDM who in turn endorsed the power plant and sent it to Yeo. She sent the paper to the Energy Commission which rejected the proposal citing the same reasons. Then the Sultan is believed to summon the members of the commission to the palace to get them to agree with his proposal. They had no choice but to submit a report to cabinet. DAP and Yeo refused to support as all IPPs in principle must be rendered and moreover we don’t need them.

      TDM lost face with the Sultan and told everyone that DAP was blocking it. A friend very close to TDM actually said the most reliable and clean party is DAP. The most hardworking Ministers are also DAP. Regarding the Covid-19 crises package announced by TDM during the weekend of the Sheraton move, it was the DAP ministers with Tony Pua and others who were burning the midnight oil for 4 nights preparing the plan and its details while Azmin and even his own party members were politicking for power struggle.
      Sometimes we only see what is reported and don’t know the fights and sacrifices that people are making behind the scenes.

      I was told that the DAP ministers were very vocal during Cabinet meetings.
      Let me give an example. Since the end of last year, TDM wanted to sell the entire PLUS Highway to Maju Group for RM1.5B, there were 3 cabinet meetings where the PM's Dept had prepared the paper for approval.
      During the first cabinet meeting, DAP voiced out ...how could they sell something to one party without tender. After that PMO invited others to participate in the tender. Tun DA I'm & others together with Widad Group offered RM5.4B. TDM was disappointed with the tender results. He was upset.
      In the 3rd cabinet meeting, TDM said Maju's offer for PLUS would also reduce the toll by 18% like the rest and was citing Malay agenda. DAP and Amanah spoke up against this as the total offer price was too low and PKR later joined in supporting DAP & Amanah. TDM was so angry and felt like the whole cabinet was against him and he did not have any control over the cabinet which differed from his original agenda.
      DAP allowed EPF, who is one of the biggest shareholders to speak to the press. Firstly, they said they had no intention to sell PLUS because EPF is already getting very good returns and EPF does not need this amount of money because within a few years they will get the kind of money Maju is offering. The whole matter was defused when EPF instructed PLUS & other concessionaires under its wings to reduce toll rate by 18%.

      To Page 2

    7. Page 2

      The ministers (read bus co-drivers) can only speak in cabinet because they are part of the government (read bus).

      Many people ask why is it that DAP is so ‘silent’ when in the Gov't compared to the time when they were in the opposition. Just imagine when you are a co-driver in a bus, you are shouting & screaming at all the mistakes the bus driver is making from driving recklessly to falling asleep. Once you are the driver or co-driver, you don’t criticize yourself but quietly take actions to improve your driving and give confidence to the passengers. Imagine if you go panic by saying that there is no brake or you yourself shout and scream at a treacherous bend ... Nobody likes to hear you screaming ; they just want you to drive safely. Similarly, when DAP/PH initially commenced governing, they were openly criticizing their own government .. which should not be the case as it didn't instil confidence until they realised they were the bus drivers. The Westminster system of government does not condone MPs criticizing the government in public except asking questions in parliament which is allowed. Many people don’t understand this and they also criticize all ministers, including DAP Ministers, for taking fat salaries and perks for position .. which is not really true. In public you must be seen as one football team ; in the locker room you may fight.

      Wonder why? They don’t want to be used by them. Furthermore, Mahathir has his own selfish battles, meaning he wants to be PM again as an ego trip because he has been betrayed by PAS and his very own party Bersatu. If he walks back with splinter Bersatu members back into the coalition then he would be nothing as PH has now appointed Anwar as the opposition leader and not him. If he can garner enough MPs to his side to kick Moo out, then they would support him, failing which they are happy to buy popcorn and watch the drama in the sidelines.

      He now needs Warisan as a block so that he has some leverage in PH. He may die as a bitter old man now as almost everyone has abandoned him. Deep down inside, he is angry with the Malays for betraying him, even the party members of both the Bersatu and Umno. it seems like all have enough of him and his selfish motives for he dragged on reforms when he had the time to do it and now time is no longer on his side.

      I think LKS is a very wise man. He knows when to talk and when not to talk as he does not want DAP to walk into a trap. As it is, PN is trying to make the Malays hate DAP/Chinese ... to distract them and get control of government.

      Look at Xavier .. he had antagonized the PN for what he spoke outside the Parliament after the Royal address ..
      where he is going to be grilled by going against the Agung. You must choose your battles. Know when to open your mouth and when not too.

      You will notice something that PKR, DAP and Amanah have distanced themselves from Mahathir as he is fighting his own party and other Malay based parties

      DAP has done a great job in 'checking and balance' within PH and would not allow TDM to bulldoze his way despite being accused of being mute and subservient to TDM by Chinese societies and MCA supporters .

      To Page 3

    8. Page 3

      We don't need be too swift to pass blanket judgment on All PH politicians for the failed state we are in.

      Look at the bright side.
      At least we now know who these architects of deep state are. They try to throw in the spanner at every progress PH is trying to make. So much good intentions for the country have been sabotaged by these elements. Now these elements have jumped ship as PH seems to be sinking. I would like to think of the PH ship has gone slimmer, has become a lean fighter, can move and maneuver faster than the oil tanker government of the present day. We still have a good number of men and women that is good enough to have a reset for PH . Let's not totally write them off yet.

      During closed door meeting, MCA never voiced against UMNO because there were many times Wee had been reminded that he did not win his seat on his own but due to UMNO’s generosity. In PH, no MP owes his seats to any party .. that’s why they can oppose and argue in closed doors. By the way, DAP has managed to stop some of the projects (the 3rd National Car Project) TDM wanted his cronies to do .. by not giving funds.They actually stopped the gravy train resulting in so many Bersatu and UMNO guys living on handouts .. becoming upset.

    9. Don't waste yr time. Nobody is listening!

      All these vocal mfers, u heard, r just trying to showcasing their pseudo-altruitic & politically collect rants. Knowing or just pure farts r irrelevant in their voicing out.

      Bcoz in bolihland, all the audiences like to watch political soap operas for all time amusement. Especially the ketuanan freaks, zombies & the blur-sotongs, these entertainments besides keeping them spuriously busy in jaga the administration, they r also the shadow plays of their all important racio-religious agenda!

      Good administration?

      Diligent & responsible MPs?

      Those that count to support the prosperity of the nation r not interested. They ONLY want to be kampung champions, syiok-sendiri court jesters & most importantly that few silvers + a pompous title for their tempurung living.

      Anything happened beyonds the tempurung boundary is immaterial & inconsequential to them!

      Live today & face the judgement when one is gone. That's the moral of their miserable lives!

  4. Ehhh..if private and unverified conversations cannot be taped and simply made public then how about the Sandakan video tapes....? KT always use it to attack semburit?

    At least semburit (try to) deny it is him in the tape but Jibby never denied it was him on the phone recording....

    1. private and unverified conversations OF an-extant PM, not a semburit

  5. KT should not waste his time trying to get a wasted senile 95-year old who is not even in the government charged and arrested.

    Instead KT should be gunning for the back-door PRIME MINISTER over yet another tape...ha ha ha...polis report already made, thanks to DAP...why Wee KHAT Siong so quiet and busy playing Sudah Aku Punya.....???

    We know KT supports the publication of unverified recordings, because he goes to town over the Sandakan tape, so how come he is not excited over this one....

    DAP Youth leader lodges MACC report over alleged offer of govt posts to Umno leaders
    Jason Thomas -June 1, 2020

    KUALA LUMPUR: DAP Youth national secretary Teh Hoong Kiat lodged a report with the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) today over an unconfirmed audio clip of PPBM president Muhyiddin Yassin allegedly encouraging the promise of government positions in exchange for the crossover of Umno leaders to his party.

    “Section 23 of the MACC Act states that any public official who uses his post for offers for himself, his family or those around him is committing a crime.

    “I hope investigations will be opened as soon as possible,” he said at the MACC office here.

    In the recording which began making the rounds on social media last Saturday, Muhyiddin is purportedly heard offering Umno leaders positions in the Cabinet as well as in government-linked companies.

    The recording was allegedly made at a PPBM Supreme Council meeting on Feb 23 – a day before Dr Mahathir Mohamad resigned as prime minister and chairman of the party.

  6. everyone boe laam phar but poor kt teh ka boe laam phar, cos nobody dares to touch his bff wakakaka not even his idol jibby when he was the all powerful pm with the biggest laam phar