Saturday, June 27, 2020

Mahathir's 55 years of resentment against Chinese Malaysians

Extracts of a Mahathir's interview with Asian Times:

We have a problem with Malaysian Chinese

Congrats Mahathir - PPBM Humiliated And Lost Tanjung Piai After ...

Meanwhile, Mahathir also addressed the wealth disparity between the races in Malaysia when quizzed on his stand to push back against Chinese influence in Malaysia.

“We have no problem with China’s Chinese, but we have a problem with Malaysian Chinese. [Laughs] They have very dynamic people, they have become extremely rich in Malaysia and they own practically all the towns in Malaysia. This is not healthy.

“You know, even if there is a single race, the disparities between rich and poor have led to revolutions, to violence and all that. We find that in Malaysia, the disparity between town and country is amplified by the disparity between the Chinese in the towns and the Malays in the rural areas. We need to correct that.

Meanwhile at home, Malaysiakini publishes:

Liu: Dr M back to ‘same old tricks’, pitting Malays against Chinese to woo support

DAP's Sungai Pelek assemblyperson Ronnie Liu has accused Dr Mahathir Mohamad of pitting the Malays against the Chinese in the latter’s bid to woo Malay support.

In a Facebook posting, Liu warned that the former prime minister’s “highly inflammatory” words could lead the Malays to turn against the Chinese community.

“#TunM (Mahathir) is up to no good again. He is now using the same old trick to win Malay support.

“This is not the first time that Tun M has called the Chinese rich as if it's a crime. To claim that the Chinese own all the towns will inevitably stir up sentiments of the Malays.

“Who are you trying to fool, Tun M? Or do you still believe the Malays are so gullible that they will turn to support you just because you have pitted them against other fellow Malaysians?” Liu’s post read.

In an interview with Hong Kong’s Asia Times, published yesterday, Mahathir addressed the wealth disparity between the two races in the country, making the claim that the Chinese have become extremely rich and “they own practically all the towns in Malaysia”.

“This is not healthy. We find that in Malaysia, the disparity between town and country is amplified by the disparity between the Chinese in the towns and the Malays in the rural areas. We need to correct that,” the former premier of the recently collapsed Pakatan Harapan government had said.

In his statement today, Liu, who has been vocal in his criticism of Mahathir in the past, pointed out that not all Malaysian Chinese are rich.

In the same vein, not all Malays are poor, including Mahathir’s own children, he claimed.

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“So many Chinese SMEs are now struggling for survival thanks to his (Mahathir’s) poor administration and Covid-19. And the 800,000...out of job certainly include the Chinese.

“...You must be condemned for your racist slurs
and you owe all peace-loving Malaysians an apology,” he said.

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Mahathir disokong kaukau olih the KHAT faction of DAP


  1. KT, there r more to that Asia Times interview of mamak.

    U have ONLY quoted what u like - especially the wealth discrepancy between the Cinabengs & rural melayu.

    U have IGNORED what mamak mentioned about the melayu elites in utilising the NOMINAL wealth disparity between the two races to grasp for their individual kleptomaniac feasts.

    Don't do like what that 犬养 mfer did with selective extraction of interview lah.

    1. select no select stilllll telling the same thing, conman do no wrong, conman the greatest, its others fault, conman son born with bizman genetic, similar to ccp gangsta second third generation.

    2. Just like yr busted views about CCP China!

      Anything more to shout from under that fart filled well?

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    4. R u really knowing 'something' about comparative philosophy?

      Or just using bombastic words to upstage yr 南魔萬 England usage?

      Reading from that regurgitated & irrational diarrhea u have just showcased - it's just proven conclusively u r just one know-nothing farting on issues u hardly understand!

      Go & announce to the world lah that u r disowning yr daughter bcoz she supports CCP China despite yr years of demoNcratic intoxication! That would also showing u r coming clean with yr diehard demoNcratic claim of freedom of choice!

      Ooop… don't try to hard with yr 南魔萬 England, one-liner sentence too. Hp6 Mandarin can do too. After all, garbages dressed up with colourful packaging R still garbage, right?

  2. The political minions of the sly old fox in DAP have a lot to explain why they love this old fox so much ... longing for power and positions which the old fox had given.
    Time for the young and real DAP supporters to speak up against the depraved leadership.

  3. All are conman.Some are better at it than others!!!

  4. Bravo to DAP for supporting the Snake to be PM9

  5. The Malays have to wake up that's all. Nothing to do with the minorities in this nation irregardless of their race to succeed in their business ventures & social standing in this country. With so many restrictions & unequal treatments & opportunities they still trived is because of their perseverance & hardworking attributes which the governing system that trainee them to be. It's all about those Malays in power lying to their illiterate own race that contributed to the disparity amongst their own race. We have enacted a Federal Constitution which the ruling government can choose not to adhere to. What more do you want me to say ?

  6. Exchange position by sending all chinese to the rural areas and malays to the cities. See what happens in 20 years!