Monday, June 08, 2020

Sheraton Move - one thing is indisputable, Mahathir wants a Malay-only government


Sheraton Move - different narratives, but one thing is indisputable

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Muhyiddin arranged 'surprise' pre-Sheraton meet at Dr M's home – Akhramsyah

Anonymous_1537050742: With all the recent leaks coming out from both sides, there is no need for both Dr Mahathir Mohamad or Muhyiddin Yassin to claim who is telling the truth.

Both sides are only telling half-truths. The people can piece together the real truth for themselves.

It is an indisputable fact that had Mahathir not encouraged and gave tacit approval to pull Bersatu out of Pakatan Harapan, there would not be any events leading up to the Sheraton Move on Feb 23.

Muhyiddin Yassin, Mahathir Mohamad and Azmin Ali | FinanceTwitter

By his own admission, he does not want, and cannot, accept PKR leader Anwar Ibrahim as the next prime minister.

Mahathir's dislike for DAP is also not in dispute. He only came up with nicer remarks on DAP recently because he is now desperate and he needs the support of the non-Malays who are DAP supporters.

So Muhyiddin's side is right to say that Mahathir is the one who wants Bersatu to break off from Harapan because he wants an entirely pro-Malay party, without DAP and PKR.

However, there is a caveat from Mahathir which Muhyiddin and Azmin either overlooked or did not take seriously.

To Mahathir, his only condition is that there is a handful of leaders from Umno who are a no-no; (viz; Najib Abdul Razak, Ahmad Zahid Hamidi and a few others who are facing charges in court or will be charged in the future.)

He wants Umno to drop these bunch of crooks, otherwise he will lose all credibility, not only to non-Malays but Malays as well. He does not want to come across as an unprincipled man.

However, when this condition was not acceptable to Umno, Mahathir decided not to show up at the Sheraton Hotel as planned.

On the other hand, Muhyiddin (egged on by a desperate Azmin Ali) have no qualms to accept Umno's term.

This "disobedience" is alien and definitely not in Mahathir's original calculation and this time, he really fell flat because of his over-confidence. Now, he is out in the cold and fighting for his political life.

The best thing for Mahathir now is to reflect and repent for his betrayal to the voters of GE14 and Anwar.

He should not dream of coming back as PM9 if Harapan++ becomes a reality. The best thing for him to do is to give his full support to Anwar as PM9.

Daylight: There are different versions of this ‘behind the scene’ story but the photograph tells only one version - that a conspiracy against Harapan and the voters who voted for Harapan cannot be disputed.

How do you otherwise explain the presence of Zahid, Abdul Hadi Awang and the Sabah and Sarawak leaders (who needed to fly to Kuala Lumpur) in Mahathir’s house?

Freethinker: It does not matter whether the Sheraton Move was Mahathir’s idea or whether he supported it.

The fact is, Mahathir had never wanted to stay with Harapan and wanted a way out (that does not look bad on him).

What’s important now is, Mahathir shall not helm the PM post once again if Harapan manages to wrestle back control.

MS: Interesting picture. But does anyone see a Malaysian in it? Or only a group of self-serving Malays?

Do you also notice the opulence of the room? No doubt the result of their continual struggle (perjuangan) for race and religion.

Meanwhile, at the rat-infested PPR (public low-cost housing) flats where Covid-19 lurks undetected and human beings compete for space with mangy cats, the Malay hoi polloi stare blankly out of their grimy windows to see masked Bangladeshis scurrying along to open his market stall selling everything from used phones to joysticks.

And so, the struggle for race and religion continues even as another one million ringgit of pocket money is deposited into a fat fellow’s personal account… as a donation, of course.

The Analyser: Come on, Malaysia. Who really cares what these foolish, silly, insecure little men do to mask their insecurities and boost their egos.

They are all a liability to the nation and of no benefit to anyone but themselves because the only thing they can think of is themselves... and our money.

We have a situation where we have two old men, close to death, fighting over access to the nation’s wealth. Meanwhile, everything else is coming to a grinding halt... except repression. That seems to be flourishing.


  1. no, i see a diff thing. conman wan a unity govt, he said that clearly on tv, he did not say or even imply he prefer a malay only govt, the result of what happened prove this point. actually my reading of the sheraton move is mahathir the only one that try to resist, yes he is playing divide n rule, but he never realized the backdoor pm wild ambition, n the degree king/sultan dislike him.

    since now is a number game, its up to ph/anwar, what conman did in sheraton is not relevant anymore. like i said, u can always do a psm, n wait patiently for ge 156789, but remember this, we r not american, no one here will riot for the cucu of a pendatang/hamba.

  2. One thing is indisputable....with the PN "government" and the UMNO-PAS Muah-Fart-Karat Nasional their platform is a Malay-Muslim government with the Chinese, Indian and Other races playing no role whatsoever, other than window dressing.

    At the next election MCA and MIC will have to contest in Malay areas, as no non-Malay will vote for them. Even MCA and MIC supporters will desert them.