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Hongkies' "Defend the Constitution" - WTF is a 'Constitution' but American-based agitation

Star Online:

Hong Kong-based author Vittachi exposes Western hypocrisy over HK legislation

Nury Vittachi

(author and formerly journalist for the British Morning telegraph, a columnist for South China Morning Post and Far Eastern Economic Review etc)

The Star/ANN

HONG KONG (China Daily/ANN): Hong Kong-based author Nury Vittachi expressed concern about “elements of double standards” shown by Western politicians who opposed a proposed national security law for the city.

The journalist and columnist said the proposed law, which specifically protects sovereignty from domestic terrorism in the city, is being sensationalised to be something much more sinister by some Western countries.

The United States, the United Kingdom, Canada and Australia on May 28 accused Beijing of undermining Hong Kong’s freedom and autonomy as it moved to enact a national security law for the special administrative region.

“Pretty much every country has a national security law. It’s a default situation internationally, ” he said.

“Just like a spoon is a natural element of a cutlery set. Well, Hong Kong is saying now, ‘Everyone has a spoon except us.’”

Opponents like Chris Patten, the last British governor before the 1997 handover, are acting like, “They cannot have a spoon. They must be spoon-less forever!” Vittachi opined.

Even the British national security laws cast a wider net, partly because they are relatively old, said Vittachi, who was born in Sri Lanka and has lived and worked in Britain.

High treason, the crime of disloyalty to the crown, still exists in an archaic national security law of the United Kingdom.

“The British got rid of sedition laws for residents (in 1970s), but sedition is still illegal for non-residents aliens, ” Vittachi said.

They have a long list of outdated national security laws for both the state and monarchy, yet they are quick to condemn Hong Kong getting a security law, he said.

Vittachi, who moved to Hong Kong in 1987 from Britain, pointed to the 1980s when a committee was organised to draw up the Basic Law, a team which happened to include Martin Lee Chu-ming, one of the leading opponents of the proposed law.

Martin Lee - Wikipedia

Martin Lee Chu-ming 

Vittachi noted that at the time Lee did not appear to have any problems with Article 23, which requires the SAR to enact its own national security laws.

“The recent national security law tabled by Beijing has drawn a backlash of fury from opposition and the Western world. Some take the law as foreshadowing the demise of Hong Kong’s economic status. A similar deja vu foreshadowing is ‘the death of Hong Kong’ which led up to the handover in 1997, ’’ he said.

The article circulating now is “The Lonesome Death of Hong Kong” by Patten, which Vittachi said is almost the same as “The Death of Hong Kong”, published in 1995 by Louis Kraar, a correspondent who had reported on the tumultuous changes in Asia.

Chris Patten - Wikipedia

Chris Patten - his kerbau of Independence for HK chong-ed 7 million gullible Hongkies from demanding their rights to 'escape' to Britain as British citizens

Now he is stirring sh*t amongst Hongkies, still as gullible as ever

“It’s funny to look back at the 1995 article. All these predictions that were going to happen, and the exact opposite occurred. People were nervous that property prices would collapse, instead there was a boom and property prices doubled, ” he said.

In the opinion of Vittachi, a co-founder of the Asia-Pacific Writers and Translators Association, the proposed national security law only has a narrow focus — terrorism, insurgency and foreign intervention.

The veteran critic, who had been to many protests in the past decades, said “evidence” of foreign intervention can be found in the city’s prolonged, often-violent protests last year.

This intervention was blatant in some protests, he said, citing as examples placards saying “Defend the constitution” held by non-English speakers.

“That’s a phrase that makes sense in the US, but no sense in Hong Kong. We don’t have a constitution.
And what passes as a constitution is the Basic Law, and Hong Kong protesters hate the Basic Law. No one would make a placard saying defend it”, he said.

Macau Business

Nury Vittachi: what passes as a constitution is the Basic Law, and Hong Kong protesters hate the Basic Law. No one would make a placard saying defend it, hence such placards are “evidence” of foreign intervention 

Vittachi said that whenever he would stop and ask protesters what they meant by “Defend our constitution”, they would just back off.

He warns that intervention from the West is bad for Hong Kong, and no one seems to be doing anything about it.

Hong Kong: violence follows calls for Trump to 'liberate ...


  1. but everyone know ccp abuse law, those msian who live under umno regime shd know what that means.

    1. Same same with yr 蔡妹妹's Formosa!

      Same same as with uncle Sam & auntie pommie & guard dog Ozzie!


    2. if yes, then twnese american n british must learm from hker to oppose n demolish the evil law.

    3. Batty has bats flying in his belfry brain !

      Hong Kong Basic Law...Article 159 : The power of amendment of Law shall be vested in the National People's Congress.

      China had bent over backward to let Hong Kong government solve this problem by themselves, in order not to give "fuel" to these long-nosed gwailos who like nothing better than to poke their bloody nose into the affairs of China and cause chaos.

      But even after 23 years, Hong Kong was unable to get their act together...they have acts for arresting anyone for littering but totally failed to put in even the basic security law !

      Now China has rightfully taken action, having giving them way too much leeway. The West, particularly the US, is of course are they to continue their destabilization operation if China, with this law finally in place, can now legally evict all their 1200-strong spies, not including those M16 from that perfidious sneaky UK ? How to continue making use of these Hong Kong students like they did in 1989 in Tiananmen using students to rise up against the government ?

      Why would Mainland abuse the new law ? To even compare Umno to the Chinese Govt is just showing off your stupidity.

      Hong Kong today is not of any importance to Beijing or to anyone else except those usual suspects with their spies. With the new security law, nothing will be changed...except less shattered glass and blood on street; Come July 1st, the annual protest march will still go on, chanting anti-government slogans but no more cockroaches on terrorist spree, which will earn them a prison sentence ( no foreign judges to set them free immediately upon arrest this time)

      Hong Kongers will lead a more peaceful life with businesses undisturbed and undamaged. Just chill la Hong your rent to Li Ka Shing on time and all will be fine.

    4. Don't just fart!

      Exercise yr contacts to do just that.

  2. Today, June 4 ....1989.
    Tian An Men Square.
    Thousands of innocents murdered.

    Lest We Forget, just for a fistful of CCP silver.

    1. 64 Tiananmen incident was a riot turned ugly! Casualties were inevitable!

      "Thousands of innocents murdered"


      As in those fake western propaganda & in yr wet dream!


      June 1 2020

      Pennsylvania Avenue in front of the White House

      Thousands of peaceful protestors were 'cleared' by military arm forces

      So that the potus trump could have a photo-op in front of a church!

      Lest We Forget, just for an reelection publicity stunt.

      Mfer, cry for yr uncle Sam lah.

    2. bloodshed inside Tiananmen Square, cables claim (The Telegraph)

      1989 was a dangerous year: Deng was on his way out, and there was a potential power vacuum. The CIA already had a man inside the party ( Zhao Ziyang),  who, if put into position, would have welcomed bourgeois liberalism and US-style "democracy" with open arms. 
      When history writes the final version, the Tiananmen turmoil of 1989 will be seen as a Chinese tragedy that was hugely exaggerated and skewed by ill-wishers of the People's Republic to discredit and demonize socialist China. It is also one of the great propaganda hoaxes of modern times (see link at bottom). Here are the core myths surrounding the episode -- and the corresponding realities:

      MYTH 1: Thousands of unarmed student protesters at Tiananmen Square were mowed down by machine guns and crushed by tanks of the Chinese army PLA in the early hours of June 4, 1989. 

      REALITY: No one was killed in Tiananmen (TAM) Square in the early morning of June 4, 1989. Secret cables from the American ambassador in China, James Lilley, to the US State Department published by Wikileaks in June 2011 unequivocally affirmed the fact. The cables were based on an eyewitness account by Chilean second secretary in China, Carlos Gallo, who was at the square until he left with the last students that morning.

      “Once agreement was reached for the students to withdraw,” said Lilley in his cable, “the students left the square through the southeast corner. Essentially everyone, including Gallo, left. The few that attempted to remain behind were beaten and driven to join the end of the departing procession.” 

      One other source has confirmed the Chilean diplomat’s account. That was Eugenio Bregolat, Spain’s ambassador to Beijing at the time. In a book he wrote about Tiananmen, he angrily denies the massacre stories. He notes that Spain’s TVE channel had a television crew in the square most of the evening, and that if there had been a massacre, they would have been the first to see it and record it. He points out that most reports of an alleged massacre were made by journalists hunkered down in the safe haven of the Beijing Hotel, some distance from the square.

      A Taiwan-born singer and composer, Hou Dejian, who joined the student protesters at the square and negotiated with the Chinese army commissar for the remaining students to leave it, said categorically that there were no killings in the early morning of June 4. He stayed at the square until 6:30, after all the students had left. Hou told a press interviewer: “During the whole withdrawal process I didn’t see a single student, citizen or soldier killed in the square. Nor did I see any armored personnel carriers rolling over people.” 
      (continue next)

    3. MYTH 2: After Wikileaks’ release in 2011 of diplomatic cables from the Beijing US embassy to the State Department stating that no one was killed at Tiananmen Square, a revised narrative appeared: Thousands of unarmed civilians, including students, died after being fired upon by tanks and armed PLA soldiers in the streets leading to the square. 

      REALITY: On June 2 and 3, buses carrying PLA soldiers and armored personnel carriers were attacked by rioters with Molotov cocktails or petrol bombs. Hundreds of buses and APCs were torched. Dozens of soldiers were burnt to a crisp in the buses, and a few corpses were strung up in the streets. The rioters set up barricades and roadblocks by burning buses or armored carriers.
      Reinforcements of armed soldiers had little choice but to fire on the rioters carrying Molotov cocktails and even guns, in self-defense and to clear the streets leading to the square. Most of the rioting and bloodletting took place in Muxidi, about 3 km west of TAM Square. The official figure was around 300 dead, some 40 of whom were students. Most of the others were PLA soldiers, workers and rioters. More than 3,000 soldiers were injured.
      ( continue next )

    4. MYTH 3: The seven-week long occupation of Tiananmen Square was a spontaneous protest by students against corruption and lack of transparency in the Chinese government, with no involvement by foreign organizations.

      REALITY: The demonstrations might have begun spontaneously as a result of popular frustration and even anger at increasing corruption. Soon enough, however, foreign involvement became apparent. Said a report in the Vancouver Sun, attributed to AP: "For months before the June 3 attack on the demonstrators, the CIA had been helping student activists form the anti-government movement, providing typewriters, facsimile machines and other equipment to help them spread their message, said one official. The CIA declined all comment."The "equipment" provided by CIA likely included the Molotov cocktails used by rioters, or their main ingredient, petrol, which was strictly rationed in Beijing at the time and unavailable to ordinary people. Prior to the days leading up to June 4, they had never been seen or used in China.

      Lilley, America’s China ambassador before and throughout the TAM incident, was a veteran CIA officer who had served as a senior East Asia expert in the Reagan administration. He grew up in China and could speak native-level Chinese. He was thus well placed to spearhead a "color revolution" in China.

      Voice of America stepped up its Chinese language broadcasts from Hong Kong to China to 11 hours a day in the weeks leading to June 4. Many students at TAM Square tuned in to the US government station as a "reliable" source of news. VOA made provocative statements and dispensed advice to student demonstrators about their protests. In the final few days, VOA disseminated false rumors of Li Peng's arrest, Deng Xiaoping's near-death, and infighting among PLA factions.

      ( contnue next )

    5. George Soros' Fund for the Reform and Opening of China was allowed to operate in the country from 1984. The fund promoted cultural exchanges and sponsored research projects in conjunction with China's Institute for Economic Structural Reform, an influential liberal think-tank supported by Communist Party chief Zhao Ziyang. Allegations that the China Fund was a CIA tool had surfaced in Washington two years before. Moreover, the US National Endowment for Democracy had two offices in China, which conducted regular seminars on democracy. It also sponsored Chinese writers and publications.

      So the usual suspects of Washington-instigated color revolutions were present and operating in China prior to June 4, 1989. A known VOA representative was filmed talking to student protest leader Chai Ling in TAM Square, in breach of the martial law declared in Beijing. 

      ( continue next )

    6. MYTH 4: The Chinese government made a big mistake in suppressing the student protests. China would have been better off today practicing the Western model of democracy.

      China and its people today have much to thank Deng for. He saw through the Empire's design to split and recolonize his country. With Deng's decisive steps to end the Tiananmen turmoil, China was able to retain its sovereignty and preferred course of market socialism. The Western sanctions and temporary disruption to his reforms were a small price to pay.

    7. The students were all peaceful.

      The murderous rioters were the People's Liberation Army.

    8. "Most people who protest about Tiananmen do not have the correct set of facts.

      First, there is a Heaven and Earth difference between the Tiananmen Square Incident, the Tiananmen Protests and the Tiananmen Square Massacre.

      The yearly June 4th vigil commemorates the Tiananmen Square Incident, what the Chinese refer to as the 6/4 Incident. The infamous tank man photo was taken on the morning of the 5th, with an empty Square as backdrop. No, tank man wasn't rolled over or even hurt. The lead tank tried to go around him several times before passersby pulled him away. What happened on June 4th? The student protesters were peacefully dispersed from the square between midnight and first light. Was there a massacre? No.

      The Tiananmen protests refer to the wider nationwide protests that surround the months and weeks of June 4th. Fatalities in the low hundreds were reported, including soldiers and police set upon by civilians. But these deaths did not happen at the Square, and certainly not on June 4th or 5th. No death by tank treads too. Tiananmen is remembered more as religious icon rather than historical event. People will still attach the word massacre, and when challenged, defend the characterization with “even ten is a massacre". When pushed further, they may consult Wikipedia and offer up Muxidi, where a fierce confrontation erupted on June 3rd.

      What does the world care about Tiananmen when it is not even sufficiently understood, corrupted by decades of media disinformation that even the vocabulary used is muddied beyond explanation?

      To top it off, what was the protest about? Democracy? Freedom? Liberty?

      No. The people were protesting economic reform. As China moved from a centrally planned economy to free markets, social unrest fomented as market forces began to affect iron rice bowls. Society struggled to keep up with the pace of change as inequality began appearing. Structural change brought about the protests, and not ideology. "

      [ There is no shortage of videos/clips/films on this so-called massacre...all very suggestive, clever, creative....and people who watch it will develop the impression all the footage was captured in the square on June 4th.]

    9. Amazing that you guys actually believe this CCP shit... those foreigners who suck CCP cock really are dumb fools.

    10. What about u, a western demoNcratic cock-sucker?

      All western media reports t gospel to yr ear, right?

      & yet been proven time & again a recalcitrant liar of zilch thinking power.

      Keep to yr old ways & old money too.they won't last!

    11. Mmm...TrumpAss Kisser is totally impotent to even counter Wikileaks "no bloodshed in Tiananmen Square" as reported by The Telegraph in 2001. He only manages to fish out one CIA-bought-over (?) reporter who recant his initial report AFTER 25 years, hehehehe.

      What about those reports from CBS, BBC, Reuters ? All in Deng Xiou Peng's pocket eh ? wa ka ka ka ka

      Final advice : Suck harder on TrumpKOK and try not to embed too deeply into his butt hole...neck-deep is suffocating enough. Don't end up like poor " I can't breathe " George Floyd, you hear ? hehehehe

  3. Look at Wonderful Malaysia, we have MA63 or whatever with Sabah and Sarawak, we are one country with THREE systems. This agreement is not for 50 years but FOR EVER. Islam is official religion and Melayu official language but only in Malaya, separate immigration etc.

    If Malaysia Boleh, Bully Mesti Boleh Juga.

    1. Wakakakaka…

      A brain dead history bluff!

      What so wonderful about MA63 such that Sabah/Sarawak r asking for revival of the original terms NOW?

      For yr f*cked mind, ever since the formation of M'sia, MA63 is NEVER been implemented to the letters. Instead, there r constant erosion of the spirit of MA63 by the federal govt!

      BTW, how much u know about MA63 vis-a-vis the HK basic laws?

      Liken to smelling fart in that well?

    2. OMG...."Wonderful Malaysia..with THREE systems" !

      One doesn't know whether to laugh hysterically or be aghast.

      Good thing Singapore got away clean. Enough said.

  4. Singapore banks are already seeing a surge in deposits from Hong Kong.

    Record bank deposits in Singapore seen signalling risk aversion
    JUN 2, 2020

    SINGAPORE (BLOOMBERG) - A jump in Singapore bank deposits probably reflects investors' risk aversion and inflows from markets including Hong Kong given the country's status as a private banking hub, according to Bloomberg Intelligence.

    Foreign-currency deposits at local banks almost quadrupled from a year earlier to a record $27 billion in April, Monetary Authority of Singapore figures showed on Monday (June 1). Deposits from non-residents surged 44 per cent to $62 billion, also the highest level since 1991 when records began, the data show.

    "Rising tensions in Hong Kong, starting with protests last year and the announcement of a national security law last month could potentially cause flows to Singapore if Hong Kong's status as a financial centre is threatened," Diksha Gera, a banking analyst at Bloomberg Intelligence, wrote in the report on Tuesday (June 2).

    The increase in foreign-currency deposits may have been caused by factors such as deleveraging of private banking portfolios and fund managers' positions as risk-averse clients sold financial assets, Ms Gera wrote.

    Singapore and Hong Kong have long attracted the wealthy from all over the world to park their assets with banks including UBS Group and Credit Suisse Group. Since last year, Hong Kong has been hit by waves of protests against the government which have intensified in recent weeks because of the opposition to China's new laws.

    Hong Kong's local-currency deposits fell by HK$79.20 billion (S$14.35 billion) or 1.1 per cent to HK$6.90 trillion in April from a year ago, the Hong Kong Monetary Authority said in its monthly report.

    1. Good! The tide is moving fast now.

      Most of the asset value of the HK riches r in property. & Property is not very soluble to turn into cash. Even during fire sale, the value can be depressed many times lower.

      HK has been a haven for financial hedge fund vultures due to her free flowing foreign exchange & easy access to many Asia financial markets. These vultures r the banes of ANY financial health as they r constantly looking for bloodsucking opportunities to drive their financial leveraging hatchets to cut a huge profit.

      Due to the nature of hedge fund activities, liquidity is the key consideration of keeping large amount of money constantly available. Short term deposits & shares r normally the financial instruments of their choices.

      Many foreign holdings in HK PLC have seen large number of sellings lately. These r deleveraging of private banking portfolios and fund managers' positions as risk-averse clients sold financial assets, usually shares.

      The raising foreign-currency deposits at S'pore banks reflects could very well be largely due to these hedge fund vultures moving their funds to safer ground.

      But that moving of funds into S'pore can only be temporary as MAS has been known to not tolerating hedge fund activities within S'pore. MAS has been penalized & forbidden any persons/financial institutions engaging in such activities. There is no ANY records of hedge fund raids coming out from the RedDot even though S'pore is competing hard with HK for any financial one-upmanship!

  5. KT's good mate Kua Kia Soong Mudah Lupa....

    YOURSAY | ‘No nation is above scrutiny or reprimand if their actions so demand it.’

    COMMENT | Foreigners should stay out of Hong Kong and China's affairs

    Andrew Khoo: I am flabbergasted at some of the remarks made by Kua Kia Soong in his comments here (on Hong Kong protests against China), given that I have great respect for both himself and Suaram, for which he is an advisor. Amongst the excellent and award-winning work that Suaram has undertaken is detailing and documenting the abuses by the Malaysian authorities using laws such as the Sedition Act, the Internal Security Act (ISA), the Emergency Ordinance, the Security Offences (Special Measures) Act (Sosma) and numerous incidents of deaths in police or law enforcement custody and enforced disappearances. Indeed Kua himself, and many from Suaram and their supporters, have suffered from the abuse of these laws. Many of these laws derive from provisions in the Federal Constitution dealing with national security and times of emergency that allow for draconian legislation that has the effect of violating the human rights and fundamental liberties of thousands of people over the years. These are the same or similar over-arching provisions upon which the government of China is now relying, and which Kua appears to be defending. It, thus, comes as a complete and utter shock that Kua would suggest that the government of China should not be criticised because to quote: “China has not broken any human rights in Hong Kong yet.” Must we wait for the house to be burnt down before we accept the warning that it is dangerous to play with fire? And the point is, China does not come to this with a clean slate or clean hands. When you add to what is being proposed the kidnapping of individuals from Hong Kong who then show up in mainland China, either in detention or being charged in court, and the countless mainland Chinese lawyers prosecuted/jailed and banned from practice for trying to defend human rights cases or causes, you have no choice but to be very deeply concerned. Yet Kua is prepared to advise and adopt a “wait and see” approach and to grant the government of mainland China the luxury of the benefit of the doubt. Who knows, he seems to suggest. Wait till we see the actual wording of the specific law. Maybe it won’t be so bad. Sadly, it is a luxury the democratic and progressively-minded people of Hong Kong can ill-afford.

    Anonymous_1371512311: Kua is a China apologist. He is whitewashing China’s sins by diverting the focus on the sins of those who criticise it. There are plenty like him, making excuses for China's incarceration of one million Muslims in Xinjiang, its bullying tactics in the South China Sea or the way it handled the Covid-19 outbreak and the spread of the disease, and of course, its evisceration of the ‘one country two systems’ promises made to Hong Kong. There are many ways to oppress and violate human rights without sending out the army. People have been abducted off the streets and disappeared, protesters have been confronted with brutal force, laws have been passed just to legalise previously illegal actions by the Hong Kong government, which is a Chinese stooge. Kua chooses to see no evil in any of these actions and interprets the violation to suit his bias. No nation is above scrutiny or reprimand if their actions so demand it. Every day we read op-eds critical of US President Donald Trump and the United States and Kua is clearly okay with that. Why is China untouchable? If people who are beyond the heavy hand of Chinese President Xi Jinping and the full force of communist China do not speak up, then are we to stand by, watch and twiddle our thumbs while China crushes all who dare to resist? We're not just "foreigners". We're all part of the human race. "The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing" - Edmund Burke...continued...

  6. ...continued...
    Gman: So I guess, Kua, that no human rights were abused when the Hong Kong bookshop owners were kidnapped and then popped up in China to face false charges? No human rights abuses by China in Tibet? No human rights abuses against the Uyghurs? Your article has shown that you and Suaram have lost your ways. You should be standing up for those abused by the Communist Party of China. Will you support China claiming our territorial waters?

    Anonymous_3fe1: It seems China apologists always use some past episodes by western powers to sing China’s song. Going by that logic, the world should stand idly by if China were to take revenge on Japan for past wrongs. It just shows a lack of rational arguments. Lots of people being hypocritical here. When the Malaysian government detained activists under ISA, Kua was all in favour of democracy and human rights; when the people of Hong Kong are fighting for their rights, he sides with China’s government. Hong Kong is part of China, there’s no question about that, but China should also respect the agreement it signed.

  7. The TRULY democratic China will also see an influx of Hongkongers and their getting bolder and bolder.....ha ha ha...

    Bully now surrounded, make enemies all around....from Xinjiang and Tibet in the West, Taiwan and Riben in the East, ASEAN (and HK ha ha ha) in the South.......never mind, North Korea still your fren.

    Taiwan demands China apologize for Tiananmen Square massacre, Beijing balks

    Taiwan calls on China to 'reassess historical truth and sincerely apologize' for Tiananmen Square massacre

    By Keoni Everington, Taiwan News, Staff Writer

    TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — On the eve of the 31st anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre, Taiwan's Mainland Affairs Council (MAC) called on China to issue an apology for the incident, but Beijing quickly dismissed the idea.

    On Wednesday (June 3), the MAC issued a statement in which it called on China to re-examine the "historical truth" of the incident and issue a "sincere apology." That same day, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian (趙立堅) swiftly rejected Taiwan's proposal as "nonsense."

    Thursday marks the 31st anniversary of the Tiananmen Square Massacre in which thousands of civilian democracy protestors were gunned down in the streets of Beijing by Chinese troops on June 4, 1989. As has been the case since the bloody crackdown, China suppresses any acknowledgment of the incident, while this year Beijing-selected officials in Hong Kong have banned a traditional vigil for the first time in 30 years.

    In a statement directed at the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) leadership in Beijing, the MAC reminded the world that Chinese people were "fighting for democracy and freedom in Tiananmen Square in 1989," but Chinese communist authorities "used force to silence the people." The council then called on Chinese officials to "face up to the expectations of the people for freedom and democracy, start political reforms in accordance with democratic and just procedures at an early date, and reassess the historical truth and sincerely apologize."

    It asserted that the "one-party dictatorship" in Beijing has "long lacked a concept of governing that is consistent with universal values." The MAC then mentioned China's persecution of ethnic minorities in Xinjiang, religious groups, dissidents, and pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong, the latter of whom will soon be subject to a new draconian security law.

    The statement added that "We believe that those currently in power should have the courage to correct mistakes, immediately initiate reforms and return power to the people." The MAC then pointed out that in her inaugural speech, President Tsai Ing-wen (蔡英文) reiterated that "peace, reciprocity, democracy, and dialogue" are the keys to better interaction between the two sides of the Taiwan Strait.

    1. Blurred history pommie lover, u could have done a better job by quoting Foxnews, both US & Oz in writing this piece of shit!

      HK would see the passing of the national security laws as required under 1country2systems.

      Many of those HK废青 will disappear & reappear in Taiwan!

      Taiwan will be united with the motherland before President Xi's term is over.

      So, bully er?

      Eat yr heart out & continue with yr demoNcratic wet dream during our sleep.

      The next time u r awaken, the world would be different from what u wish!

  8. SCMP : Hong Kong's currency soars, defying speculation of capital flight

  9. HKD has been artificially pegged to USD since 1983, like the ringgit was pegged at 3.80, and today HKD trades within the narrow band of 7.75-7.85 against USD. Bloody leaches, float the currency properly lah, otherwise peg it to the mother-currency Yuan. Then see the proper value.

    1. Blurred mfer, u want to see the proper value of ANY currency of the world?

      Tagged them with the ONLY reserved currency of the world - US$. Dominated by masterly commodities leveraging (especially oil prices) by their financial vultures & unlimited dollar note printing with self preservation consideration only by their self declared reserved bank of the world.

      I strongly suggest u google 'seigniorage' & study its meaning before u fart again with yr superficial knowledge about currency pegging.

      Perhaps then u would know who's the regnant monetary LEECH of the world! Sucking at both ends just to feed itself gluttonously w/o a care of the world.