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Pommie Labour Party cringe towards Israel and Jews

MM Online:

UK Labour leader sacks top colleague over anti-Semitism

Rebecca Long-Bailey (pic) has been sacked as shadow education secretary of Britain's Labour Party for sharing an 'anti-Semitic conspiracy theory' June 25, 2020

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LONDON, June 26 — UK Labour leader Keir Starmer yesterday sacked a leading left-winger from his top team for sharing an “anti-Semitic conspiracy theory,” in a move that risks reigniting bitter splits in the main opposition party.

New Labour leader Keir Starmer vows to lead party into 'new era ...

Education spokeswoman Rebecca Long-Bailey had retweeted approvingly an interview with an actress who claimed US police accused of killing George Floyd learned their tactics from Israeli secret services.

Long-Bailey, who stood against Starmer in Labour's recent leadership race, later clarified that she did not agree with everything in the article — but was asked to stand down.

“The article Rebecca shared earlier today contained an anti-Semitic conspiracy theory,” a spokesman for Starmer said.

“As leader of the Labour party, Keir has been clear that restoring trust with the Jewish community is a number one priority.

“Anti-Semitism takes many different forms and it is important that we all are vigilant against it.”

Starmer was elected in April to replace Jeremy Corbyn, whose time at the helm of the centre-left party was marked by internal divisions and two general election defeats.

Corbyn's socialist views attracted thousands of new members but his leadership team was accused of failing to act on repeated incidents of anti-Semitic behaviour.

They denied this, but the Equality and Human Rights Commission, a watchdog, last year launched a formal investigation.


Gideon Falter, head of the Campaign Against Antisemitism lobby group, hailed Starmer's “swift and firm action.”

But supporters of Long-Bailey, an ally of Corbyn and one of the few prominent left-wingers in the shadow cabinet, said she had done nothing wrong.

John McDonnell, who served as Corbyn's finance spokesman, offered her “solidarity.”

“Throughout discussion of anti-Semitism it's always been said criticism of practices of Israeli state is not anti-Semitic,” he said.

Jon Lansman, who founded the pro-Corbyn activist group Momentum, said her sacking was a “reckless overreaction.”

“Keir says he wants party unity, yet sacks her from the front bench for no good reason,” he said.

Long-Bailey said she retweeted the interview with actress Maxine Peake, a long-time Labour supporter she described as an “absolute diamond,” because of Peake's call for Labour unity.

“In no way was my retweet an intention to endorse every part of that article,” Long-Bailey said.

She added that she would continue to support Labour under Starmer's leadership as an MP and “work towards a more equal, peaceful and sustainable world.”

In the interview with The Independent, Peake's claim about US police tactics being “learnt from seminars with Israeli secret services” was challenged.

The newspaper carried a statement from Israeli police, saying “there is no tactic or protocol that calls to put pressure on the neck or airway.”

Floyd, an unarmed black man, died after a police officer knelt on his neck for almost nine minutes during his arrest.

His death has sparked anti-racism protests across the world. — AFP

This has been the socio-cultural-political problem of the Western World (USA, Western Europe, Canada, Australia, NZ, Christendom) ever since the end of WWII, a scary cringe towards anything resembling or touching on the Jew, no matter how remote the dreaded association would be. It's the cumulative Western guilt of the tragic outcome of the Holocaust.

In the Nazi perpetuated Holocaust, t'was not ONLY 6 million Jews who perished in that infamy but also 11 other non-Jews, most of whom were former Soviet (Russian) people.

Jews5–6 million[1]
Soviet Civilians5.7 million (excl. 1.3 million Jews)[2]
Soviet POWs2.8–3.3 million[3]
Poles1.8–3 million[4][5][6]
Spanish Republicans3,500[16]

If we examined the victims, citizens of the USSR who were murdered numbered 9 million (Civilians and POWs) whilst Poles were as many as 3 million.

Meanwhile, over in the East, from the invasion of China in 1937 to the end of World War II, the Japanese military regime murdered near 3,000,000 to over 10,000,000 people, most probably almost 6,000,000 Chinese - as many if not more than Jews.

The moronic argument has been that 6 million Jews constituting one-third of the Jewish population around the the world (which then had from roughly 16.6 million in 1939 to about 11 million in 1946) was far worse than 9 million Russians or 6 million Chinese killed. What about half a million gypsies? But you know something? Whenever statistics on the Holocaust are discussed, the Israelis or Jews would ensure the murder of gypsies remain studiously unmentioned. 

Yes, no one talks incessantly about Russian or Chinese or Polish deaths but only of Jewish ones. The term 'anti-Semitic' (applying to anti Arabic attitude or action etc as well) has been usurped monopolistically by the Jews as their bizarre badge of 'honour'.

Say anything adverse or even remotely a mild criticism about Jews, and that term 'anti-Semiticism' will be flung at you, something even far more evil than just 'Black Lives Matter'. 


Because the Jews turned the Holocaust into something useful to them as an invincible aegis, something Russians, Chinese, Poles and gypsies (Romani) weren't able to. That's the cleverness of the Jews which has been developed into what Norman Finkelstein, a cynical Jew himself, termed as The Holocaust Industry.

The Holocaust Industry

Wikipedia informs us that The Holocaust Industry: Reflections on the Exploitation of Jewish Suffering is a 2000 book by Norman Finkelstein, in which the author argues that the American Jewish establishment exploits the memory of the Nazi Holocaust for political and financial gain, as well as to further the interests of Israel.

Norman Finkelstein Image Quotation #3 - Sualci Quotes

Wiki continues: Finkelstein states that his consciousness of "the Nazi holocaust" is rooted in his parents' experiences in the Warsaw Ghetto; with the exception of his parents themselves, "every family member on both sides was exterminated by the Nazis".

Nonetheless, during his childhood, no one ever asked any questions about what his mother and father had suffered. He suggests, "This was not a respectful silence. It was indifference."

It was only after the establishment of "the Holocaust industry", he suggests, that outpourings of anguish over the plight of the Jews in World War II began. This ideology in turn served to endow Israel with a status as "'victim' state" despite its "horrendous" human rights record.

According to Finkelstein, his book is "an anatomy and an indictment of the Holocaust industry".

Dr Norman Finkelstein | Facebook

And that has been the disadvantage suffered by Rebecca Long-Bailey when she quoted a statement by actress Maxine Peake, a long-time Labour supporter, who mentioed US police tactics being “learnt from seminars with Israeli secret services”.

WTF! What wrong's with such a mention?

In reality, UK Police learnt many tactics about handling terrorism from Israeli police, as far back as 2005.

Contest! Design a logo to celebrate the IDF's 70th birthday ...

Allow me to recall the two-parts mention of my July 2005 postings:

An interesting item came to light when Massoud Shadjareh of the Islamic Human Rights Commission revealed that British police officers had been being sent to Israel to receive training on how to prevent suicide bombings. He stated that the impetuous killing was a direct consequence of Israeli practice, which was basically a shoot to kill attitude (when afterall the opposition were bloody Arabs and hardly Israelis).

A former London police chief John Stevens, who sent British police to Israel to be trained, defended the tactics (but of course he would, wouldn’t he?). He said that the terrible truth was that: "There is only one sure way to stop a suicide bomber determined to fulfil his mission - destroy his brain instantly, utterly. That means shooting him with devastating power in the head, killing him immediately."

Isn’t that feral approach typically Israeli towards a Palestinian? The Israeli connection in British police training may explain why I have been wrong in my faith in the British police rules of engagement. When one absorbs and adopts Israeli attitude to the perceived 'enemy', invariably one has to expect rather unmitigated excesses and brutalities.

But let's be clear about one point, Menedes, the bloke who had 'his brain destroyed instantly, utterly, with the devastating power of 5 bullets in the head, killing him immediately', as prescribed by John Stevens, the former London police chief who sent British police to Israel to be trained, was an innocent man, not a suicide bomber! So much for Steven's tactics, which imperilled innocent people like Menedes.

Considering that the wrongly identified person was already pinned down, couldn’t a bash on his head with the gun butt be sufficient to knock him senseless? And why the excessive force of pumping FIVE bullets into his head? Was there an element of unconscious hatred, either from the British officer’s own anger of the London bombings or inculcated by Israeli doctrine, which has always been hatred for the other side?

So WTF was UK Labour leader Keir Starmer thinking when he sacked Rebecca Long-Bailey who was coincidentally Starmer's opponent in the recent Labour Party intra-party leadership election.

Hasn't the Labour Party agreed that criticisms of practices of Israeli state is not anti-Semitic?

Carlos Latuff on Twitter: "IDF, the world's most moral army...but ...


  1. All the above deaths are tragic, but pales in comparison to what the Chinese suffered during Mao's Great Leap Forward and the resulting famine.

    One estimate puts it at 45 MILLION in China.

    But Bully is very sensitive to any mention of The Great Leap Forward, beloved Mao's Giant Portrait still hangs in Tiananmen Square, any mere mention of the deaths and you are in trouble...

    Remembering the biggest mass murder in the history of the world
    Ilya Somin
    August 3, 2016

    Who was the biggest mass murderer in the history of the world? Most people probably assume that the answer is Adolf Hitler, architect of the Holocaust. Others might guess Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin, who may indeed have managed to kill even more innocent people than Hitler did, many of them as part of a terror famine that likely took more lives than the Holocaust. But both Hitler and Stalin were outdone by Mao Zedong. From 1958 to 1962, his Great Leap Forward policy led to the deaths of up to 45 million people – easily making it the biggest episode of mass murder ever recorded.

    .......between 1958 and 1962. It is not merely the extent of the catastrophe that dwarfs earlier estimates, but also the manner in which many people died: between two and three million victims were tortured to death or summarily killed, often for the slightest infraction. When a boy stole a handful of grain in a Hunan village, local boss Xiong Dechang forced his father to bury him alive. The father died of grief a few days later. The case of Wang Ziyou was reported to the central leadership: one of his ears was chopped off, his legs were tied with iron wire, a ten kilogram stone was dropped on his back and then he was branded with a sizzling tool – punishment for digging up a potato.

    While the horrors of the Great Leap Forward are well known to experts on communism and Chinese history, they are rarely remembered by ordinary people outside China, and have had only a modest cultural impact. When Westerners think of the great evils of world history, they rarely think of this one. In contrast to the numerous books, movies, museums, and and remembrance days dedicated to the Holocaust, we make little effort to recall the Great Leap Forward, or to make sure that society has learned its lessons. When we vow “never again,” we don’t often recall that it should apply to this type of atrocity, as well as those motivated by racism or anti-semitism.

    ......the vast scale of Chinese communist atrocities puts them in the same general ballpark (as Hitler's Nazi party).

    1. cia said its a natural disasters. american we trust.

    2. Mfer, u sill haven't come clean on that CIA report & now u want to quote another dubious Russian runner in the like of so many China bashing coconuts!

      Maybe u should quote Gordon Chang who has been prophesied the collapse of CCP China since he found 'fame' on doing so.

      Multiple times too, with endless western propaganda media paraphrasing his these multiple revised/updated 'educated' studies!


      Ilya Somin! Perhaps he should write something more closer to home.

      Not the Russia he left but the current USofA.

      Shameless blogger doubles up as news commentator & conspiracy proliferator in the like of Minxin Pei - a professor of government at Claremont McKenna College and a non-resident senior fellow at the German Marshall Fund of the United States.

      Always claim to know more about China than their current resident host - just for that 30 pieces of silver!

    3. Whoah...this is simply too rich...blind mice who indignantly said "MCA at that time kwai-kwai swallow Toonsie's words like baby birds with their mouths open while their mother vomited food down their throats" ! And look ! who is opening his own bloody mouth so widely to swallow with great gusto the vomit of the West propaganda Bullshit ?

      45 million murdered ? Why not the 78 million which was waved about not too long ago ?

      How did anyone or any country could have known such a monumental number when there never was any fact finding audit of any corpus delicti implicating Mao or the CCP on the alleged killings ?

      [corpus delicti - the facts and circumstances constituting a crime....concrete evidence of a crime, such as a corpse]

      Unlike the overwhelming, almost obsessive, massive plethora of Nazi documentation kept meticulously intact, and discovered almost immediately by the invading victorious armies which defeated the Hitler, on what basis did our latter day "bloggers and historians" use to make such monstrous allegations on Mao ?

      China is said to be opaque when the need to accuse China of that arises. And yet the US and the West claimed to know tens of millions of Chinese were being killed by Mao in a China which was then CLOSED to immigration. Obviously the author of the lie was quite unintelligent. You could have the whole CIA employees sent to China and still they won't be able to count 1 million dead bodies, let alone tens of millions of them.

      In 2010, a German historian published a scandalous book claiming that Mao’s projects had starved thirty-million people to death, violently killed millions more, destroyed forty percent of China’s homes, and littered the country with ‘white elephant’ projects.

      The author noted the increased death rate in 1959-61, but ignored a warning by American demographer Judith Banister, “In all years prior to 1973-75, the PRC's data on crude death rates, infant mortality rates, expectation of life at birth, and causes of death were non-existent, useless, or, at best, underestimates of actual mortality.”

      The author insisted that, had Mao maintained his 1953 rate of population growth, China would have thirty-million more people, but a University of Chicago demographer opined that the missing millions probably never existed: the 1953 figure came from provincial estimates of a thirty percent population increase between 1947-53, a period of continuous warfare, famine and revolutionary struggle.


    4. continue...

      The author insisted that, had Mao maintained his 1953 rate of population growth, China would have thirty-million more people, but a University of Chicago demographer opined that the missing millions probably never existed: the 1953 figure came from provincial estimates of a thirty percent population increase between 1947-53, a period of continuous warfare, famine and revolutionary struggle.

      So what exactly went wrong with Mao's Great Leap Forward ?

      A three year El Nino event cut grain harvests in China and Canada’s prairie by 50% and the US IMPOSED a grain embargo in hopes of starving China into submission.


      Mao did not kill 78 million or 45 million or 30 million people. It is a fabricated lie perpetuated by CIA backed western historians to discredit socialism. Not everything went well in China, but this flogging of the dead horse is yet another wasted effort and not worth a detailed discussion. 
       Note 1 : 
      "It is interesting to tie the natural disasters both in China and Canada together. According to the US geological Survey, our New England area suffered similar serious drought. I guess it was a global phenomenon, at least across continents.THE 1965 DROUGHT in the New England Area. The 1965 drought actually occurred during 1961-69  ,according to the U.S. Geological Survey. It began in 1960 in western Massachusetts, where precipitation was below average. Then in 1962 eastern Massachusetts dried up. The rest of the Northeast got little rain or snow.From 1962 to 1966, 34 out of 46 months had below-average precipitation. The summer of 1964 was very dry. Overdrawn reservoirs weren't replenished.  Note 2Chinese Drought Claimed WorstPeking ( Reuters) - Peasants in the Hupeh province of Central China have battled their way to  recover from the worst drought in 70 years, it was reported Monday. But heavy crop losses have resulted in a campaign to relieve the food shortage by economic  measures and increased vegetables production, the Communist Party newspaper People's Daily says.The drought, which began in some parts of Hupeh at the end of June, spread over more than 14,000 square miles of the province's 16,600 square miles of the farmland. The major crops there include rice, wheat and cotton. 

  2. There is ZERO evidence that the policemen accused of murdering Floyd George had any connection with Israeli police, or admired them or learnt from them in any way.

    So the tweet was a piece of Bullshit, malicious Bullshit ( made with ill intent).
    Rebecca Long-Bailey richly deserves to be fired. ReTweeting an article without any comment, e.g disavowal, can be construed as promoting the ideas contained in the tweet. Her much later clarification is just after-the-fact Kerbau .

    Donald Trump has many times been attacked for doing that with retweeting Right-Wing conspiracy blogs, so the same standard should apply to the Lefties.

    Many millions of civilians died in World War 2, many by deliberate killing, many were also victims of military operations or the appalling conditions of war - starvation, cold, disease.

    The prosecutors at the Nuremberg Trials 75 years ago, long ago, laid out the reasoning why the Holocaust amounts to a special and unique form of evil, even amidst the horrors of WW II.

    Auschwitz ( I have visited there) , Treblinka, Dachau, Buchenwald, Bergen-Belsen, and the entire Nazi industrial state complex that funneled innocent victims there was a massive planned, premeditated and managed apparatus for industrial-scale murder.

    Research and development into the most efficient ways to kill, Gas Chambers, Crematoria to efficiently dispose of the dead bodies.

    No doubt other people the Nazis considered " undesirables" were sent to the death camps, but the Nazi documents themselves show no doubt the Jewish people were the primary intended target of "The Final Solution" in the Death Camps.

    1. So u have visited Auschwitz! Courtesy of the Germany govt!

      How big is the compound enclosed within that Auschwitz boundary?

      How many inmates were incarcerated there at any given one time?

      Mfer, remember what u have said about the millions of Uyghurs been kept locked up in the Xinjiang 'concentration camps'?

      Yr f*cked claim is based on what u read on the western propaganda medias! & their only 'proofs' r verbal claims of the inmates relatives. Substantiated by those satellite photos!

      Mfer, have u watched any of those satellite photos?

      Can those buildings shown on the satellite photos be the claimed 'concentration camps'? How many of them? What's their building sizes? How r they compare with those in the Auschwitz?

      Have it come to yr petrified mind if those buildings can sustained even 100k inmates then Auschwitz would be a free loaming playground!

      Unless yr measuring scale can be resized as yr biasness dictates! Thus, there r millions of Uyghurs been imprisoned in those buildings!

      BTW, "Jewish people were the primary intended target of "The Final Solution" in the Death Camps" is a fabricated statement by the Zionists.

      In actual FACT, the Death Camps were designed to eliminate ALL half-breeds deemed undesirable to live within the greater Deutschland!