Friday, June 26, 2020

Mahathir shows his true colours, but DAP is colour blind by power-craze


Finally, Mahathir shows his true colours

YOURSAY | ‘For someone to talk like this, I do not believe he would relinquish the PM's post if given to him.’

Dr M issues ultimatum to end ties with PKR, willing to explore other options

Vijay47: Without in any way attempting to be unkind, it is truly tragic that things have gone this way at this stage of your life, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

As an aside, this is the first time I have ever addressed you as such, as Tun Mahathir, here in Malaysiakini or anywhere else. While I did support you in 2018, I do not agree with most or at least much of what you represent.

As all of us must one day; you are looking at your life’s and work’s sunset days in more ways than one. You could have been a great, a leader who the world would have spoken of in awed whispers. But you preferred the road you took. That is your choice. After all, politics can be a vicious creature that often consumes the politician.

When a man reaches 95 years of age, it is sad that you seem to have lost your claim on the admiration that would have been your mantle of glory as you strode towards and into history. I do not wish to count your lesser acts, yet there is nothing wrong in wishing to be prime minister again.

I doubt anyone else has achieved premiership three times. But when you state that you want to serve only six months, after regrettable success in 22 years and further disappointments in 22 months, we cannot view your intentions without suspicion or worse, without concern.

I can only wish you peace and good health, sir.

FairMalaysian: Let him go. He has become too big for his shoes. For someone to talk like this, I do not believe he would relinquish the PM's post if given to him.

If he thinks that he can draw in the Malay votes, let us see whether he can hold on to the non-Malay votes at the same time. Does he want to go on an expedition to fish for Malay votes at the expense non-Malay votes?

The uphill task he has to go through will not be different from what confronts Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin. It will be his ignorance and mistake that Malays are going to run to him with open arms to embrace him and give him their votes.

This is the problem with these exclusive Malay parties. They all want the Malay votes but they are also at each other’s throats - talk about Malay unity but hardly show any of the unity as parties. They would have dissolved all Malay parties and form one instead if they are really serious about Malay unity.

I can’t really make sense of this "six months" thing, unless, of course, he has some other things that are running through his mind. He will have ministers, most probably selected by him and after the six months - if indeed he keeps his word and passes the baton to Anwar Ibrahim - then it is possible he may want his own team.

As Anwar has also pointed out, Mahathir doesn’t have the numbers too. He wants to ride on a small number of Malays using the large number of non-Malays. If that is what he wants, then to earn the trust of the non-Malays, make Bersatu or any party he wishes to stake on as a multiracial party.

Non-Malays had taken a wise and matured move to dump racial parties like the MCA and MIC, so why should they be now told to support another race-based party?

I am deeply disgusted with DAP and Amanah. Are they more interested in getting government positions or is it just talk only about being principled politicians?

It is true that the contribution from like-minded Malays tipped the scale towards Pakatan Harapan to Putrajaya but was it Mahathir or Malays who believe the Malaysians deserve better? There are Malays who are fuming that the Malay leaders have become so corrupt and are more interested in enriching themselves.

As PM, Mahathir still embraces the same old racial and divisive politics. The country has to move on without him.

The gross miscalculation these Malay parties commit, as I would put it, is the way they count their chickens. Just like Umno and PAS want to settle with a Muafakat Nasional first without the non-Malays in the configuration shows what non-Malays are to them.

Non-Malays are their "coolies" and they believe that non-Malays are at their beck and call - what they give is "rezeki" and non-Malays should not ask or question their decision. This is what non-Malays have reduced to in their own country.

We should simply ignore Mahathir's ultimatum - this "or else" ultimatum tells many stories.

Odysseus: Mahathir, you can't just say you want to be back as PM9. You need to tell us why we should allow you to return as PM9. What can you deliver in six months? Perhaps, you didn't agree to six months and you want a job that lasts forever.

Please go see Anwar and talk to him. Make it clear on your promise. Have eyewitnesses. Put it in writing. Bring in the numbers. Don't turn around later to say a leader of a multi-racial party cannot be Malaysia PM. Our constitution doesn't say so. Show your sincerity. I believe Anwar will reciprocate.

Fair Play: Many commenters asked this question. Why did Mahathir need six months? Mahathir is not called the old fox for anything.

In politics, if a person has his one foot inside the door, you cannot close it. This is a ruse to snare political enemies. The next move, Mahathir would walk in and close the door after him. But Anwar is not a spring chicken either. He had the door slammed closed right at his face twice before he could even take a step forward.

But sadly, DAP leader Anthony Loke thought that once he has a signed document from Mahathir, that would be ‘legally’ binding. But a political agreement is never binding. That’s why the frog jumping season is all year round, even in the dry months.

Jeez: DAP and Amanah, beware. Mahathir is already showing his true colours, he is not one who compromises for the sake of collective good. For him, it's my way or no way - that was how he behaved when he was PM the last time.

Don't let him wreck the Harapan coalition again and again. Let him take his paltry few MPs and peddle his wares elsewhere - go to Perikatan Nasional (PN) or Umno. Never mind that and stay as a strong opposition and let PN implode by itself. There are enough toxic politicians there and throw in Mahathir in the mix - they will self-destruct.

There is nothing anyone can do if the hinterland Malay masses continue to support those racist leaders and religious bigots. Let PN mess up the country. Sometimes we need to experience the pain and suffering before we can see the truth.

When there are no jobs, the government coffers are empty and every day it's a struggle to put food on the table, then the masses will wake up.

Godfearing: This man is obsessed with greed for power. Enough is never enough for him. He doesn’t realise he is already a dinosaur. He is hallucinating. This is no way to exit gracefully from the arena.

He will be remembered not for his premiership, but only for his obsessions and ego. He is shooting himself in the foot. It’s so sad. Maybe that is what he really deserves.


  1. Power crazy?

    Was Muhyiddin power crazy?

    Those who do not seek power don't belong in politics. Please join the boy scouts and do good deeds.

  2. dun put dap under microscope, they r no more in power. anwar must lead the fight if he wan to stay relevant, n tell conman to join pn for the sake of thief n robber unity.