Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Duplicitous Mahathir speaks with a forked tongue


Duplicitous Mahathir speaks with a forked tongue

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YOURSAY | 'He is becoming predictable. Good thing Anwar and PKR refuse to endorse him as PM this time.'

Anwar doesn't have majority, but I would like to 'help' him, says Mahathir

Kim Quek: I can’t help feeling amused at Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s latest hat-trick over why he must be PM for six months before handing over the baton to PKR leader Anwar Ibrahim. The more he tries to justify the unjustifiable, the lower he will descend on the credibility scale.

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Perhaps it is time for him to take a rest on the issue and give some thoughts to where the country is moving from here, and how he can help to prevent the country sliding from bad to worse.

Unless the right intervention is taken now, all Malaysians will suffer for the foreseeable future. I hope he finds the right answer and acts on it to benefit himself, as well as the entire country.

Joseph_183: Mahathir, according to you, Anwar does not have the numbers and you want to “help” him by becoming PM.

What kind of twisted logic is that? You admitted that once you step down, it depends on whether Parliament will support Anwar to be PM. But once you step down, your supporters will turn away from Anwar and he is back to square on.

And you wonder why Anwar refuses to support your bid to be PM again?

IndigoTrout2522: Most of what Mahathir said is simply contradictory. He said he didn’t want to be PM but he was asked to. By whom?

DAP and Amanah released a statement earlier that it was Mahathir who proposed himself to be PM for one year and then this was cut to six months. Who is telling the truth?

Mahathir further said Anwar could not be PM because a lot of people are opposed to him. Then, how is he going to be PM in six months? And what can Mahathir do in six months and how is it beneficial to the rakyat?

Mahathir is saying after six months, he would be willing to hand over the premiership to Anwar, but it is up to Parliament to decide and not him.

If people do not support Anwar and want Mahathir to stay on, then he will have no choice but to stay on. This is the same thing he has been repeatedly saying about the transition since GE14.

It is already publicly known that Anwar does not have the numbers, but Mahathir also does not have the numbers either, without Anwar and PKR.

Multi Racial: "No. I have made my promise. I will step down but after that, it is up to the members of Parliament to give their support to the candidate." That was what Mahathir said.

But when Anwar and Harapan supported him to be PM, they didn't say it was up to Parliament to give their support to Mahathir to be the PM. They just supported him. Why can't Mahathir do this honourable thing to return the support Anwar gave to him.

It is obvious, he got no intention to support Anwar as PM. His Bersatu will withdraw their support. Later Mahathir will say, “I don’t have any control what my party's MPs decide.”

Mahathir is becoming so predictable. Good thing Anwar and PKR refuse to endorse Mahathir as PM this time.

They will be deceived again and six months down the road, either Mahathir will refuse to hand over the baton or he will simply withdraw his support by asking his supporters not to support Anwar and PM.

Harapan is better off to stay away from Mahathir this time.

Fredtan: Indeed, why must Anwar have to go through Parliament for a "vote of confidence" before Mahathir is willing to hand over the post to him? Why set another condition (more of a stumbling block) if Mahathir is so willing as he says?

Just among the majority of governing coalition parties are good enough to present the proposal for the change to Agong; that is the usual practice. After Anwar is made PM then it is up to the opposition parties to move a vote of "no confidence" and not the other way round.

Once Anwar is made a PM, you can be sure he can keep the numbers to safeguard the government. If Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin, not much of a flair of a great leader, in so much weaker position, can still keep his government intact, don't you think Anwar can do the same?

So can you see the trap laid out by ungrateful Mahathir for Anwar to stop Anwar to be PM?

JW: Mahathir says he has no desire to become prime minister for a third term but is being asked to do so. So, you don't have a tongue to say no, is it?

"There are certain people who are so strongly against him (Anwar), that if he is named, they will not give the support." Mahathir also reportedly said.

Well, old man. If you really have no desire to be PM again, you can always muster your persuasion and influence to win over those so-called "certain people" to accept Anwar.

We have enough of your years of bulls**t, old man. The truth of the matter is simply that you just do not have the desire to say no to be PM the third time.

The more you try to talk your way out of this, the more you are showing how much you still want to make PM your own personal throne.

Middle Path: Mahathir speaks with forked tongue. He is one to watch out for and one to be steered clear of. It is he himself wanting to be a PM for the third time and he uses the excuse that are people wanting him to be so? Really?

He has this feeling that only he alone can be PM for the country. DAP and Amanah should wake up from their stupor and not be so gullible.

POWER CRAZY Bog rat | Make a Meme

XoXo: Thanks and no thanks, Mahathir. If you are not going to support Anwar as PM, then it is definitely more palatable to the voters and supporters of Harapan in GE14 for Anwar to give his support to Muhyiddin and he, Anwar, to be the deputy prime minister.

This should be the next best alternative, now that Umno and PAS are contemplating to dump Muhyiddin.

Anwar and PKR, together with DAP and Amanah, should give Muhyiddin support on two conditions; 1) Muhyiddin must commit to the reformasi agenda of Harapan, and 2) Muhyiddin must get rid of Azmin Ali's faction of PKR traitors.

Otak-Otak: If he is not eccentric, what is? He resigned, which means he doesn't want to be PM anymore, and all this while he made it 'clear' that he would never allow Anwar to be PM, and now he cannot accept Muhyiddin as PM too.

If he thinks only he can be PM as long as he is living, then why on earth did he resign in the first place?


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