Monday, June 01, 2020

Aiyoyo, why did Guan Eng ask then-AG to unlock Tycoon's bank accounts? Who was that tycoon?


Ex-AG agreed to Guan Eng’s request to unlock tycoon’s money despite only 12% return of 1MDB funds

Lim Guan Eng had written to Tommy Thomas asking him to lift the freeze on bank accounts belonging to a property tycoon, documents reveal 

KUALA LUMPUR: Former finance minister Lim Guan Eng asked the Attorney-General’s Chambers (AGC) to lift the restrictions on the bank accounts of a prominent property tycoon, frozen over some RM4 million worth of transactions in 1MBD-linked funds, despite failing to recover the bulk of the money, a revelation that comes less than a month after Riza Aziz was given a conditional discharge provided that he return part of the money he received from the state fund.

Details of Lim’s request last year, sighted in an investigation by FMT, showed the exchanges between him and then-AG Tommy Thomas.

In just two weeks, Lim had received a positive response from Thomas, who subsequently ordered the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) to lift the freeze on all four bank accounts.

This was despite MACC informing Thomas that the bulk of the money – some RM3.9 million – could not be recovered as it was no longer in one of the bank accounts said to have received the funds.

“For one, the procedure was wrong,” a source familiar with the case told FMT.

“Any request to unlock a frozen account should have been made through a representation from the tycoon’s lawyer. Going through the minister was not only a conflict of interest but also breached the confidentiality of our investigations to politicians.”

FMT has reached out to the relevant parties for their response.

The freeze order on the tycoon’s bank accounts was made under the Anti-Money Laundering, Anti-Terrorism Financing and Proceeds of Unlawful Activities Act, ahead of an investigation by MACC in June 2018.

A total of 21 cheques amounting to RM4 million from then-prime minister Najib Razak were said to have been deposited into the tycoon’s CIMB bank account.

However, the anti-graft commission found only about RM76,000 left in the said account.

In his reply to Lim, Thomas said the authorities could not make up for the RM3.9 million shortfall by forfeiting funds from the tycoon’s other three frozen bank accounts.

He also told Lim that the tycoon had agreed to return some RM330,000 “being the sum equivalent to the illicit proceeds received from the former prime minister, Najib Razak, in relation to the SRC scandal”.

“This means that the tycoon would only have paid about 12% of what he received,” another source from the AGC told FMT.

It added that the information on MACC’s investigation provided to Thomas was supposed to be confidential.

“The ex-AG’s letter to Guan Eng contained several details of the probe, which raised questions about a breach of confidential information, especially to a politician,” it said.


  1. At the first unverified report and WITHIN THE SAME DAY involving someone he doesn't like KT is quick as a flash to jump in and ask questions.

    But even after years of confirmed shenanigans at 1MDB, KT claims to be "no expert", buat tak tahu, play sudoku, cannot comment or ask questions....

    Guan Eng: I merely referred the matter to Attorney-General
    FMT Reporters -June 1, 2020

    PETALING JAYA: Former finance minister Lim Guan Eng, responding to allegations that he had requested action to unfreeze a tycoon’s bank accounts, said today that he had merely referred the matter to the Attorney-General’s Chambers.

    Malaysiakini quoted him as saying: “Cases which are not within my jurisdiction are referred to the relevant authorities. It is the relevant authorities who have the power to act.”

    He noted that the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission had acted speedily on FMT’s report this morning about the matter and said MACC “should be allowed to carry out their investigations”.

    FMT’s report this morning, based on documents sighted by FMT, said Lim had asked the Attorney-General’s chambers to lift restrictions on a property developer’s bank accounts, which were frozen to facilitate an investigation into money laundering.

    The report said that Lim had received a positive response from the Attorney-General, then Tommy Thomas, who subsequently ordered MACC to lift the freeze on all four bank accounts.

    Lim did not respond to FMT’s requests for comment. However, he told Malaysiakini that he believed Thomas had acted appropriately when the case was referred to the AGC.

    He said that it would be wrong if he did not refer such cases to the relevant authorities.

    “I do not have any access to such information or documents unlike FMT which seems to have full access to the matter,” Lim was quoted as saying.

    Earlier today, MACC deputy chief commissioner (operations) Ahmad Khusairi Yahaya confirmed that the agency had lifted the freeze on the tycoon’s accounts on the instructions of the AG at the time.

    He also said the agency would investigate how confidential details of its investigations over the RM4 million received by the tycoon from 1Malaysia Development Berhad had been leaked to a politician.

  2. But KT never asked Wee KHAT Siong any questions about the money Kojadi received form 1MDB, and why Wee KHAT Siong stopped the Kojadi President from cooperating with MACC.....KT never asked any questions then, or now, even after MONTHS.....but when it concerns Guanee KT jumps in on the SAME diligent.....ha ha ha..

    So will KT please ask Wee KHAT Siong on the status of the MACC investigations on Kojadi as mentioned below please....?

    Or sudah lupa that one, please investigate Guanee instead...?

    Government to probe claims on Kojadi
    By Nuradzimmah Daim, Nor Ain Mohamed Radhi, Teh Athira Yusof
    July 11, 2019

    KUALA LUMPUR: The government will probe claims that MCA-owned Koperasi Jayadiri Sdn Bhd (Kojadi) had received other funds via political influence, the Dewan Rakyat was told today.

    Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng said the cooperative had returned RM6 million out of the RM15 million grant obtained from 1MDB Foundation.

    “So, to say that the funds Kojadi received had nothing to do with 1MDB is not true as 1MDB Foundation’s accounts showed that RM6 million was returned,” he said in reply to a question by Wong Kah Woh (Pakatan Harapan-Ipoh Timur).

    Lim was reported as saying that 1MDB had disbursed funds to several political parties, including MCA, MIC and Umno.

    Kojadi had last month said the RM15 million grant had nothing to do with the accounts of former prime minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak.

    This followed a statement by its now-suspended chairman Ng Peng Hay that MCA president Wee Ka Siong had stopped him from meeting the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) over 1MDB-linked funds.

    Wee had said Kojadi board members would seek legal advice on a probe by MACC on a RM15mil grant given to the cooperative by 1MDB Foundation in 2012....

  3. anyone really understand this jigsaw puzzle type of article? i dont.

    1. Ktemoc doesn't understand the article either.
      Just blindly Hentam Lim Guan Eng for the sake of Hentam.

  4. Aiyoyo KT Jumping Jack Flash mock Guanee ON THE SAME DAY the unverified report is released.....why he never ask Jellyfish Minister Wee KHAT Siong over the closure of beer factories that time KT said "this closure happened only today, give Jellyfish Minister time to respond lah), now THREE MONTHS have passed but still nothing from KT.....?

    KT oso don't dare to ask why PAS want to ban alcohol over drunk driving deaths, is it because Wee KHAT Siong the Transport Minister does not dare to release accident data which shows only a tiny number of deaths are caused by drunk driving compared to the overall? Why does it take a Consumer Activist to highlight this data...?

    How many motor-cycle riders are killed due to their unsafe riding habits...but no one is demanding we ban motor-cycles....

    Drink-driving caused 47 out of 55,000 road deaths in nine years: Consumer activist
    Martin Vengadesan

    Published 1 Jun 2020

    Alcohol industry and community activists are unanimous in their criticism of drink-driving related deaths but have also panned Federal Territories Minister Annuar Musa's call for the government to freeze the issuance of licenses for the sale of liquor pending new guidelines and laws.

    "Taking the wheel while drunk is not to be condoned. Drink-driving is irresponsible, dangerous and leads to deaths," said Deepak Gill, a spokesperson for the Alcohol Consumer Rights Group.

  5. Aiyoyo, quick KT, blog about this "unconfirmed" audio recording of Muhyiddin too...TWO WHOLE DAYS have passed.....

    DAP Youth leader lodges MACC report over alleged offer of govt posts to Umno leaders

    Jason Thomas
    June 1, 2020

    KUALA LUMPUR: DAP Youth national secretary Teh Hoong Kiat lodged a report with the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) today over an unconfirmed audio clip of PPBM president Muhyiddin Yassin allegedly encouraging the promise of government positions in exchange for the crossover of Umno leaders to his party.

    “Section 23 of the MACC Act states that any public official who uses his post for offers for himself, his family or those around him is committing a crime.

    “I hope investigations will be opened as soon as possible,” he said at the MACC office here.

    In the recording which began making the rounds on social media last Saturday, Muhyiddin is purportedly heard offering Umno leaders positions in the Cabinet as well as in government-linked companies.

  6. Aiyoyo.....RPK sudah kantoi, by revealing the letter he has exposed that it was MACC which negotiated and agreed with the Tan Sri....nothing to do with Guanee or TT.

    By the time Guanee asked the question to TT, MACC had already investigated, negotiated and agreed with the Tan Sri. So please ask Latheefah for details.....

    Nowhere in the letter does it mention that Guanee was involved in the decision. He merely asked the question of TT, and TT replied that MACC made the decision, as the investigative body, their findings were referred to the AGC.

    So clearly the question must be asked of MACC, not the TT or Guanee. And now MACC is asked to investigate Guanee for abuse of power? What logic is that?

    P/S....this quote is from KT's tag-team for sure KT can't miss it....ha ha ha....

    QUOTE (CAPS mine)
    ...It is further noted that Tan Sri, on 26th February 2018, agreed to return a sum of RM330,384.00, being the sum equivalent to illicit funds received from the former Prime Minister, Najib Razak, in relation to the SRC scandal. This was pursuant to an agreement reached BETWEEN MACC AND TAN SRI, WHICH MUST BE RESPECTED. The said sum of RM330.384.00 has been paid to MACC......

  7. MACC, not Guanee or TT, needs to explain this, since they were the one doing the investigation and making the conclusion / decision.

    KT needs to pay attention here, don't claim buat tak tahu, not expert later....ha ha ha....

    .....the amount subject to forfeiture under the (AMLA) Act is limited to RM76,645.64, even though the illicit proceeds received exceeded RM 4 million.....

    So only 76k was subject to forfeiture, not 4 million. And the Tan Sri had returned 330k, or more than 4X the forfeitable amount.....

    And BTW this TS has admitted receiving illicit funds and returned 4X. When will Wee KHAT Siong and MCA return the millions received by Kojadi from 1MDB....? Tak Malu ke...?