Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Our fighter aircraft needs

Prรฉsident Francois Hollande is correct, in that between the French Rafale figjter aircraft and the Euro-Fighter the former is superior in many ways.

But I am against buying fighter aircraft in drips and drabs to merely keep up with the Jonese.

Thought Najib has not committed Malaysia to buying the Rafale right now, at a cost of RM9 billion for 18 aircraft l would remmend that he does no such purchases until he has the money to buy 7 times more than a mere 18 aircraft.

He should be looking at 120 fighter aircraft to meaningfully satisfy our air defence needs.


  1. With bolihland's fame syoik-sendiri catching up with the Jones mentality, buying the best is a no brainer!

    Besides, the higher the price, the better is the 'commission', be it above &/or under table.

    Even when the current coffer CAN'T allow it, yr idol's big mama will think of something. Betul tak?

    120 is too many for parts cannibalisation for, again, bolihland's second to none 3rd world maintenance SOP.

    Remember that mamak's 48 Skyhawk jet fighters still stored at an air base in Tucson, Arizona???

    BTW, wasn't then yr idol the defence minister during that illogical & laughable defence purchase?

    What r u smoking during this looong hiatus.

  2. CK let me give you a lesson in the history of defence purchases. The 48 skyhawks ypu mentioned was the idea of a former general who was known to be very corrupt. He avhieved his bullshit under maddy.

    2ndly skyhawks were strike or ground attack aircraft, not air defence aircraft

    Know your fants before you tembak from your hips wakakaka

    1. TQ for the lession on the type of military aircraft used.

      But my point IS on purchase procedure!

      Baca betulx2 lah. Right?

      Ooop..That general was possibly making a proposal that needed a higher up to approve.

      Under that mamak, he could be closing an eye for what the DM finally recommended. Owning a past favour lah.

      Mukin, there were also some commission splitting - wakakakaka.

      Still unanswered question - was yr idol the DM then???

    2. 80 skyhawks purchased in 1971. 40 upgraded and delivered in 1984. Maddy defence ministrr from 1981 to 1986

    3. Typo - purchased in 1981

    4. Another titbit for CK - Najib married your fave gal only in 1987, long after the skyhawk purchase by maddy wakakaka

    5. Hippos inclusion into the pack, quicken & increase the quantum of the pilferage lah.

      U tak tau investigate & compare ke?

      BTW, I like the real hippopotamus in the zoo, definitely not this over-fatten wannabe!

    6. Yr arithmetic doesn't match!

      80 bought in 1971 & 40 upgraded and delivered in 1984?

      How come there r still 48, non-claimable & ownership lost, in the desert of Arizona?

      80-48=32 delivered ma!

      My info said closed to 20+, supposely in service, were tak bolih pakai. Remaining 10+ (low ten) were used intermittently via parts cannibalisation until parts exhaustion & had to be permanently grounded.

      Banyak cantik...Betul tak?

    7. We were talking about skyhawks. Now you have shifted the goalposts wakakaka. Be honest and admit you tembak secara liar ler

    8. Was I not talking about the 48 Skyhawks in Arizona?

      Or u r tembak-ing secara liar me!

      Prove my takes was hearsays lah.

      Maybe yr uncle would help u to dig up more dirts about that umno ATM of defence budget!

      BTW, why goes for high tech rafale fighter planes when a more relevant upgrade/teplacement of that flying coffin of Nuri helicopter is MORE appropriate as a multi-functional in the current need of bolihland?

      Bolihland IS not at war with anyone , r we?

    9. What has hippo got to do with skyhawks? Raja Tembak?

      Why upgrade 50 year old Nuri? Best to change over to modern generation heli

    10. Walau-eh, who is talking about hippo's involvement with Skyhawks?

      I've ONLY mentioned that big mama will think of something to 'cream' the latest Rafale fighter deal.

      Baca betulx2 lah!

      Why upgrading the Nuri?

      Possibly no commission for a necessary military/disaster transportation. Especially the later cause!

      It's NOT kosher to hijack life-saving expenses. They r VERY afraid of the punishments in Nebraska!


  3. Oooop..from a reliable military source, that 48 Skyhawks, stored in Arizona CAN'T be claimed by bolihland airforce as the original purchase documents has been lost!

    So, no official prove no ownership!

    In fact, one can't find any inventory listing of that 48 Skyhawks in the bolihland airforce, even though that purchase was mentioned in the Hansard of the Parliament!!!

    Memang bolih!

    Billions of dollars, purchase + strange bolihland modification requirements, down the pockets of the ketuanan 'fighters'.

    Adding this bolihland military kerfuffle & monetary mismanagement on top of that mamak's forex (mis)adventure investigation WILL sure open a lot more can of worms to shock those blur sotongs about their alifbata provocateurs.

    Wakakakaka... Ouch!!