Friday, March 10, 2017

The man who immensely dislikes the police?

My dearest Tian Chua (correct Chinese name is Chua Tian Chang)* is in trouble now as he has been fined RM3000 (or 3 months in jail) for insulting a policeman.

police above probably looking for a mouth guard a la Hannibal Lecter, wakakaka 

hope our mata2 have had their shots


* for the reason he came to be known as Tian Chua, please see my Kongsamkok post What's in a name!

A parliamentary representative fined RM2000 or more is disqualified from his parliamentary seat.

I believe Tian Chua had been previously fined RM2000 but for some obscure reason(s) he did not lose his seat then, an outcome which surprised even the late Karpal Singh.

There was mucho debate on whether the judge had just fined him RM1999.99999999, wakakaka.

And the reason he was then fined was for biting a policeman, wakakaka. Didn't he know that dogs and presumably dog-like bites would be haram to Muslims? Perhaps the policeman was a Hindu, Christian or wakakaka an atheist like kaytee?

But how did an erstwhile activist for SUARAM come down to biting an officer of the law?

Methinks Tian Chua would be better off being a member of Internationale des FΓ©dΓ©rations Anarchistes (IFA) or The International of Anarchist Federations, wakakaka.

It would seem he disliked policemen or treated them with both primitive and modern ferocity, biting one then and insulting another now, wakakaka.

When he was studying in Sydney, he was very much a student activist and at one time was detained by the Sydney police for demonstration.

In 1999 he joined the reformasi movement to protest the sacking of Anwar by Maddy.

Perhaps he saw in Anwar a kindred spirit in which I am sure some of you would remember that Anwar, before he became respectable as an ensconced high flying minister etc and DPM, was himself a student activist too, and became a leader of ABIM. And he was a leader in the so-called Baling uprising in 1974. 

It was in 1999 Tian Chua became famous or notorious for putting himself frontally and deliberately as a target of police water cannon during the reformasi demonstration in KL in that year. Wan Azizah invited him to join PKR where he became a party VP.

True story - A Malaysian sweetie once told me she detested Tian Chua for that attention-getting notoriety, as she believed Tian Chua was one of those wannabe martyrs who looked for personal glory even to the extent of deliberately hurting or harming himself.

If my memory serves me correctly I recall that some years ago someone from PKR drove his car (4-wheel drive?) through a locked gate set up by the local authorities in (?) to prevent access to that land. Was it Tian Chua?

Tian Chua has been known for his artistic hobby which saw him at one stage photoshopping a fabricated dinner for 3 in Paris, wakakaka, such must be someone's desperation to 'prove' the G.A.N allegations of Altantuyaa meeting with Najib in the French capital, so as to provide a link between Najib and the murdered Mongolian as a few of my visitors insisted did occur.

Well, much to their disappointment, the French authorities confirmed Altantuyaa was not in France during that time. Hmmm, maybe she slipped through the borders?

On the flip side of fabrication, I also recall that in March 2013, when the Pinoy terrorist intruders killed two policemen in Lahad Datu, Tian Chua alleged the armed conflict was staged by the Malaysian government to intimidate people.

Despite the two cold bodies of our policemen, he refused to apologise for his crass insensitive and indeed highly politicised comments that the standoff was allegedly diatur by the government.

But why hurt the police in the process? Was it just his dislike for the police which saw him so heartless to their sacrifice?

I have to say Tian Chua has mellowed over the years, and like his idol Anwar, once ensconced in some degree of respectability, has minimised his wilder days.

He now concentrates on just how to back stab the DAP, wakakaka.

But to be fair, you really can't blame him for his dark side because he has alas joined, for him, the wrong party where he found himself not within the core group.

If DAP succeeds humongously he realises it's not only the MCA (and MIC) that suffer but his own Chinese section of PKR. His group will be without a significant community role. Hmmm, maybe that's what had driven him mad, wakakaka.

Maybe he has an alternative plan?



  1. Replies
    1. u mean this photo remind u how principled is dap?

  2. In politic one gets all kinds of characters.

    No exceptions, whether developed or developing.

    So, if u REALLY want to concentrate on the behaviour of politikus, Tian Chua is a norm!

    For a bleeding heart, yet, u miss a main point of the contention in this laughable judgement.

    It tells. That's the competency of this judge in bolihland.

    Besides her 'incapability' in strike a balance in making fair judgement, one can conclusively drawn two pink elephants, often neglected by the reading Joe M'sians.

    1)she is trying to tell her superiors openly that she is available to do their bettings. Thus, setting possible fast-tracking of her career.

    2)her inability in displaying her dislike of diehard opponent of the current power!

    With trash likes this, one can throw the independent of judiciary down the drain.

    KT will be going to the town to blame Maddy for this too. Wakakakaka.

  3. I have noticed that over the last few years, Tian Chua has been mostly off the radar as far as PKR is concerned and once in a while surfaces in situations such as these either over controversial statements or prosecutions such as this.

    Meanwhile, Dr. Syed Husin Ali has been off the radar for many years too.

    Moreover Nathaneal Tan quits PKR over some disappointment.

    Che Gu Bard gets booted from PKR or was sidelined for a while.

    Adam Adli has been rather quiet after he was fined RM5,000 for sedition, though he emerged briefly during Bersih 5.

    Adam has said that he is not a member of any political party, though it looks like Che Go Bard's those black clad S.A.M.M. and Hishamuddin Rais' Universiti Bangsar Utama are left-leaning NGO-types who support PKR/Pakatan or Anwar.

    They too seem to be rather off the radar after Che Gu Bard was suspended or booted from PKR.

    These guys seem to hang our around an arty farty political space on Jalan Kemuja, Bangsar Utama but it does not look like this "Jalan Kemuja Liberation Front" as I have dubbed them, who turn up at street protests in the name of "the people" but I often wonder whether they have had much success in winning the hearts and minds of the lower income group living in their back yard - i.e. the "deplorables" in the low cost flats in Bangsar Utama.

    Also, I wonder what these guys have done about trying to win
    over the hearts and minds of the lower income group within Nurul Izzah's Lembah Pantai constituency - i.e. the parts of Lembah Pantai such as Kampung Kerinchi where the "deplorables" live.

    The Star's Datuk Wong Chun Wai wrote a very telling description of the glaring class divide within Lembah Pantai where he highlights the highly divergent interests between the middle and upper-middle class Bangsar wallahs and the struggling lower income group in Kampung Kerinchi. The former tend to vote Pakatan and the latter BN/UMNO, though since the 2008 general elections, Pakatan/PKR has had a slight edge over BN/UMNO.

    Given the global paradigm shift towards right-populism, I wonder who will be the Lembah Pantai MP after the upcoming GE14. Will the "deplorables" win over the elite in Lembah Pantai as they did in the U.S.

    I guess if Pakatan/PKR loses, their supporters will be out in streets protesting that the "erections were rigged".

    My gut feeling is that BN will gain back some seats in the next GE, given the infighting within Pakatan, the fallout between DAP and PAS, DAP's and PKR's controversial tie-up with Mahathir, Muhyiddin, Mukhriz, etc.

    Also, Azmi Sharom is upset that voting age youth are not keen to register to vote:-

    Adam Adli is concerned that youth are fed up with politics, so won't vote in GE14

    Bersih 2.0 is so concerned that many people have not registered to vote that they have gone on a campaign to urge Malaysian to register to vote.

    The Elections Commission reported that 4.1 million Malaysians of all races have not registered to vote as of February 2017, most of them 21 years old.

    All the above people who are concerned over the non-registration to vote or fedup-ness with politics are pro-opposition, whilst the BN does not seem to be concerned.

    That says a lot

    1. Thanks for your very enlightening info.

      Insofar as the poor regustration of new voters I somehow have to blame Maria Chin for going astray from her principal or main role as Chair of Bersih which job is being the election watchdog as well as the election process NGO.

      Instead she went at a tangent and became more interested in influencing the rise or fall of political candidates rather than focus on the election process.

      It's her right but then she shouldn't call Bersih an election watchdog anymore - she made Bersih into a pro federal opposition NGO

    2. pkr exist / survive not through racism unlike umno n dap, or religion n dedak-ing. anwar n his family symbolize victimisation under a authoritarian regime, n perhaps their only strength is the aspiration n ideology, which rarely appeal to lower income group, of course pkr wish to do more for the "deplorable" but how? any suggestion?

      i suppose most youth r with some anti establishment sentiments, the reason shd they not willing to register as voter would indicate the opposition performance in the last few years fail miserably to motivate them to do so, i dun know what tis have to do with bersih, dun tell me the youth have any interest toward how election process work.

      good education n self sustained is the main causal n drive for voters to "vote for changes", thus u see most chinese n the so called "elite" malay is willing to deplore bn/umno, however no way the opposition could entice enough "deplorable" as long as dap wan to lead, or being perceived to lead. but most dap elite could not or refuse to understand this reality. even a more objective writers (at least in the earlier stage) like helen being domonised by all this dap fanboy, for eg the "ah hoe" in mkini. dap fanboy, i repeat again, need a mirror.

    3. @ HY

      "of course pkr wish to do more for the "deplorable" but how? any suggestion?"

      Pakatan have been in charge of Selangor and Penang for nine years now, and given that land is a state matter, they could do more in terms of building low-cost housing for the "deplorables" and provide them with more lots and licenses to do petty trading but I do not see much evidence of that, until recently when Penang has begun to build low-cost housing. Until recently, all I have heard about Penang is soaring property prices and rentals.

      I live in Petaling Jaya and I see high rise development mushrooming all over, with apartments in mixed developments costing RM1 mil, whilst I know someone who bought an newly built apartment in Damansara Utama for RM 2 mil.

      When I see such hi-rise office block and mixed office cum condo developments rising in Section 13, Petaling Jaya, along Jalan Utara, off- Jalan Barat & Jalan Sultan and in Damansara Utama, I dread to think of the traffic congestion in the access roads to these areas during peak hours.

      From 1 January 2017 the Pakatan state government of Selangor extended the Saturday ban on free plastic bags to all days of the week, forcing people to either bring their own bags or pay 20 sen for a plastic bag. This was supposed to "protect the environment". Well they should have encouraged prepared retailers to adopt alternatives such as brown papers bags, light and affordable, reusable and washable raw cotton or jute bags, etc., instead of leaving us shoppers inconvenienced.

      This move was announced by Elizabeth Wong, Selangor executive council member in charge of tourism, consumer affairs, and environment. Prior to being elected in 2008, she was a Suaram activist and priort to that an environmental activist during her student days in Sydney. Australia, where she reportedly paddled a canoe in protest of the import of "non-sustainably grown" timber into Australia.

      She reveals more about her political development in this video of 9 July 2013 where she addressed young activists in Malaysia.

      "(Pelajar) Elizabeth Wong: Take Up The Baton, You Tell Us What Needs To Be Made Right In Malaysia"

      Well, this self-confessed, former bare foot hippie, arty-farty environmentalist in charge of Selangor's environmantal matters has not even introduced recycling bins for metal, glass, paper and plastics in Selangor or encouraged supermarkets, etc to install such bins on premises, unlike what I saw in Vancouver, Canada in the early 1990s and what I hear is actively being implemented in Thailand now, with awareness-raising amongst the public on how to recycle.

      This plastic bags ban is merely a token environmental protection, when more practical and effective measures are ignored.

    4. @ HT

      "Deplorables" will not be able to afford this monstrosity in Section 13, Petaling Jaya.

    5. @ KTemoc,

      The 4096 character limit did not allow for me to post the last part of my initial post.

      Third Force (Raja Petra Kamaruddin) wrote in an article:-

      "According to Singapore’s intelligence report, the opposition coalition might not even be able to win 70 parliament seats in the next general election if it does not pull its socks up."

      "The opposition needs to win at least 75 seats to deny Barisan Nasional (BN) its two-thirds majority in Parliament."

      "If not then BN will win back its two-thirds majority that it lost back in 2008."

      "The Singapore intelligence report says this might happen going by the current mess in the opposition."

      He gives no links to this "Singapore Intelligence report" and I haven't been able to find it on Rajaratnam School or the ISEAS-Yusof Ishak site, so I guess it is by the Security and Intelligence Division within Singapore's Minsitry of Defense - i.e. Singapore's external intelligence agency similar to Britain's Military Intelligence Section 6 (MI6).

      These SID operatives work out of Singapore diplomatic missions to gather information on the ground, including to quite legitimately attend political party public functions.

      I'm quite sure that those Singapore diplomats who were found attending a Bersih rally some years back were not there to support Bersih (a some pro-UMNO bloggers alleged) but to spy on Bersih in order to avoid having a "Bersih" protest in Singapore.

  4. Ma Tian Chua.. InsyaAllah.. Aamiin. Who knows. Actually, he can speak Arabic. God blessed.

    1. he did learn Arabic for a while but has admitted he has lost touch, just as he had learnt Norwegian, French and Sanskrit.

    2. tc is a man, a fighter, unlike me who could only write shit anonymously wakaka

  5. Low life cheap parlour tricks trying to ridicule a pendatang in Malaysia

  6. To me this is Najib bin Markos.
    Only his hands under the table,I guess it is bad habit of taking bribes under table,or perhaps he is doing something kincky! Tak Boleh chakap. Fitnah,ITU photo fitnah, orang Melayu Boleh tahan ITU,ta ada masala,πŸ‘ΊπŸ‘»